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We are going to cross another bridge, another journey which we all know it would makes us happier,stronger and the faith that POSITIVE  things will stand out during the test of times. For this year, we faced a lot of circumstances, horrendous experienced, but we finished it with gladness on our hearts. We stumble, yet the spirit of determination gives us strength to overcome it, and be successful in many ways.

 2010 is yet another history, a year that most of us Filipinos excel internationally! Indeed it was a positive feed backs that we were getting from foreign lands who admired how Filipinos worked, how hospitable we are. It is heart warming.

This year the world struggles. The richest countries were staggering in economic stability and financial as well. Countries that shines were now dim, and those countries who stagger, shines. It is a roller coaster genre. Even the worlds' richest country USA suffered financial hiatus, that leads them lending bucks to saved their dignity and pride.

Beyond the struggling times we faced. Philippines remained strong and vibrant on facing obstacles as we used to be. We are confident enough that we can get this over and we will be stronger and stronger as these trials hit us. Wonderfully remembered, how Filipinos remain HAPPY even though we were shaken together by typhoons, financial crisis, poverty and the corrupt government we had. So we thanked God for  this year- the new administration came!

So here are my list of  2010's Shapers...

Our Newly Elected President. Noy Noy Aquino, proved that fair and clean election will surely favored by many.

This curvacious lass, from the province of Bato Camarinus
Sur made her marked and proved scorners wrong from what they believed she is not deserving representing our country in the most prestigious beauty pageant in  the universe, she conquers the whole universe with her confidence of bringing home the crown, unfortunately she never bag the title yet she broken the 10 years of drought that our country had. She is the epitome of a strong woman, willing to take risk and fight for her right. Maria Venus Raj (Miss Universe 4rth Runner Up)

Undoubtedly  this girl can shake the whole world, with her super strong voice. "Small but terrible".. She never gained fame here in our country, as we all know, look matters the most on our Entertainment industry. She thought it was over, until the break arrived last 2008- then everything was a history!
Charice Pemepengco  (international singing sensation)
Well, she never brought home the crown, a fierce beauty queen, with a whole bunch of talents to offer. Giving the Miss International 2010 a justice to received two awards. (Miss Expressive, and Miss Talent) We Filipinos can be proud of her achievements, according to rumors she supposed to win, but unfortunately, the pageant was held in China- and the rest was history. Krista Kleiner (Miss International 2010 Semi- Finalist)

More is coming ;)


It wasn't so surreal to celebrate Christmas, according to the bible, Jesus Christ wasn't really born at this season, it says that during the time Jesus was born, the sheep was still outside munching the grass. So the basis was the bible when we talked about Christianity, and when did really Christ was born. But misconception is always the main thing in our lives. The rest is history.

It's Christmas time- the heart pounding counting- the time is fast approaching to celebrate the Christmas Eve this midnight. It is the celebration where  family are intact- friends are nicer- bosses are cheerful giver- lover are good kisser!  Well, everything changed, when this season arrives. The ninangs and the ninongs (god father and god mother) we're hiding.. This is the celebration of yummy food, gifts are just so adorable!

I will be celebrating my whole Yuletide season alone, my parents are too far away- ofcourse got friends but it is not the real score when you have your family beside you. It is more merrier and happier. You will celebrate it with gladness and with  excitement! The food that your mom prepares, though it's little but you are enjoy to much it up. But now, am crawling in bed, trying to forget the loneliness i have inside. No plans to go outside.



You are the main character. Once upon a time, to escape from your addiction to beauty queens and pageant forums, you decided to set up camp in a forest far away, deep in the woods with only the birds and the trees and the animals for company. Life was good and comfortable but life was lonely.


The chirping of the birds cheered you up but they could be your companions only for so long. The deer, the squirrels, and the foxes took flight upon seeing you. The flowers, the bushes, and the trees did not talk back at all.


One day, you set off deep into the mountain in search of firewood. But you took an unfamiliar path and soon found yourself helplessly lost. You kept circling and circling back to the same spot, unable to come across familiar ground. You tried to climb a tree to find your bearings, but you could not and fell hard toward the ground many times.

Then you spotted a little white rabbit looking at you curiously. “What a cute rabbit,” you thought, admiring its snowy, creamy fur. You had seen rabbits and hares before, and whenever you approached, they always hopped away. You took a step in its direction, expecting the rabbit to flee, but this one, strangely, did not.


You took another step, and it stayed unmoving, staring back at you while wiggling its nose. “Perhaps you just want some company,” you said as you looked down at the rabbit and as it looked back at you. You crouched down and moved your hand tentatively toward the rabbit. You touched and caressed its soft, white fur. It stayed still, relaxed.

You dug into your pockets and found a small piece of carrot that you had been chewing on as a snack. You gave it to the rabbit and the rabbit nibbled on it. To you, it seemed the rabbit looked happy.


You got up and walked away, happy that you made the little creature happy. You ambled toward the path again. The rabbit followed. “It seems I made a new friend,” you said to yourself, chuckling. You walked faster. From out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the rabbit hopping to catch up. You smiled.

The day was nearly over, and you knew darkness would soon set in, so you decided to find some place to stay the night. Perhaps a cave or large tree trunk would do, you thought.

Then, as you staggered out of the dense vegetation, you were surprised to find a small wooden cabin. It was empty. You walked in and found a bed, a fireplace, a kitchen and a toilet. “Everything I need!” you exclaimed.


The rabbit hopped onto the room, and you picked it up. “You must be my lucky charm,” you told the rabbit. It wiggled its nose in response.

You had supper, of cheese and bread, from your bag. You gave the rabbit another piece of carrot. “Here you go,” you said. It gnawed on the carrot merrily.


Then settling into an old rickety chair, you thought about how your day went. It was an adventure compared to your usual itinerary. You felt strangely proud of yourself. You looked at your new friend, the rabbit, and you playfully tugged at its ear. “I’m glad I got lost today,” you said.

Suddenly, you felt your stomach rumble. “Drat! I knew that cheese was no longer good!” you thought as you stepped into the toilet and sat on the toilet bowl. The rabbit followed and snuggled up to your feet, as you answered nature’s call. “What a loyal little fellow you are,” you said to the rabbit.


When it was over, you looked around the tiny space. Your eyes turned round like saucers.

“NO TOILET PAPER!” you screamed. You looked to your left and you looked to your right. Indeed, there was none. “I do NOT believe this!” you exclaimed, slapping your head with your right hand.

Silently, you seethed. Silently, you cursed the heavens. You thought long and hard.


You considered going out of the cabin to collect leaves. But it was too cold. You thought about using your bag. But there was still food inside. You thought about using some of the firewood. But it would hurt.

“What do I do? What do I do?” you asked yourself, growing ever more desperate. “What do I do in this situation?”

Then your eyes strayed toward your feet. You looked at the furry white rabbit. The rabbit looked back at you. “Your fur is reeeeally soft and white,” you told the rabbit.



No matter how good am i, on hiding something, what i feel i know it will outburst in times that i never expected it will. Loneliness hovers me, the hardest thing about it is- i don't even know what is the core of it. It just that i felt it this way. Sadness that dig the hole, it makes me weaker and weaker each day,  i tried to listen some great positive songs but still my heart is longing for someone, but i don't know who..

I hate goodbyes! i met this person just  last week, and we made a decision to brought  our friendship into another level.So we decided to be a couple with in that day, it was pretty harsh to know i guess, i mean it was not actually the usual system- knowing each other, then if clicks, that's the time we will have to bring it to another level. But we never do it that way..

So we meet daily, every night we used to met on our house, had a conversation and tryin' to planned everything about us and how our relationship would flow. That person is studying, busy as usual, but never failed to texted me about everything that was goin on his life. So i was stunned with the improvements of our relationship. Every night, i have to wait, because that person is eager to go to my house and talked to me. It was pretty awesome experienced.

So the examination week happened- that person became so busy and we decided not to meet two days before the exam, so that, that person will focus on the exam.

Oblivion really happened so fast- that person fades away- like a morning mist, it's gone.. Goodbye is not easy, but i am glad that, that person did it as early as now, for me not to got hurt so damn. It's bad to know, that there were people who wanted to have  relationship, trying to explore what it feels like. I was the specimen- so i became a victim. So sad..

Lesson to learned: Do not dwell on best words that bewitched you, it might be decoy- and it will make you cry.. Tim is a member of SMP..


What if  accidentally you got pregnant?

what if, your boy friend left you alone, with out any reasons?

what if you have HIV/ Aids?

what if you have Cancer?

what if you will meet your first boyfriend?

What if your parents got massacred?

What if your best friend died of car accident?

What if your baby choked of spoon?

What if you will lose your 5 million pesos on a bus?

What if you broke your laptop?

What if you have failed grades?

What if  you will DIE today, what will you do?

All of these are what if obviously, there is always a reason from everything that we do.. Wondering why we survived in everyday skirmish.


A New Horizon   taking it's way to help people to make their transactions easier than what we normally faced, every time we did our things like processing our loans, or  we are wondering why our loans costs us a lot of bucks, then we screwed up when we find out, it now hovers us all. So sad that a lot of people have been facing this kind of dilemma and paying such gigantic bills because of their unsecured debts and and without any know how to consolidate it.

A New Horizon's offer such wonderful idea for those people who suffered with this horrendous experienced about loans and a lot more. They helped making your financial status to flow smoothly while enjoying the benefits that they have for their clients who wanted to enjoy life as it should be. They can help you consolidate your monthly credit card bills, to make your finances under control with the help of their great people who would assist you further.Teaching you how the "saving techniques" for your  money.  And they also help you saving thousands of dollars by "reducing interests rates" and develop a realistic budget that you can enjoy.

A New Horizon is the answer to your need of consolidator, hurry up! They are just phone call away...


I was hopping with my peers at the "Pilipinas Got Talent" audition here in Davao, just happened this day. As usual, make ups, over outfits, guys,gays and girls are all in the package and dreaming to get into the next level of this competition. So good luck!

While waiting to be called, we decided to look for an interesting thing to do, we strolled in the whole area, looking for Ai ai delas Alas to come, or Kris Aquino- who knows, but so sad I find them nowhere. And my friend told me, "wag ka ngang engot, dadalhin pa kaya KAMI sa Manila at dun ko pa makikita si Ai ai"  take note, she is using "kami" (kapal din) hehehehe.. But i hope she'll gonna make it, she got this great voice and stand 5'7, good for beauty pageant though. She is talented indeed!

So we find this guy who shocked the whole place, creating such loud screams and all the stuff. Well no other than "Michael  Jackstone" the local version of our late king of pop Michael Jackson. The looks ofcourse you will really see how MJ inspired him so damn. LOL. We had a chitchat and his real name is Hugh Espera, internationally buddy..  He started following the moves and the outfits of MJ when he was 12 years old, and starting from that, he joined a lot of singing contests and  impersonation contest.

So guys let's give it up for Michael Jackstone !!!


Had you ever tried to listen the music which you loved the most, and then left it anywhere, due to numerous tracks we are getting from the music industry. Then suddenly you go back and scan it, then you remember many things from that song, either it was good or bad. Then tears started to fall, or memories of the past reminisced, then it became your habit to listen it again and again.

It was actually pretty normal to feel that way, we are human beings who live in this world full of deceit and surprises.

Do you remember the times that you are broken hearted, and you find nowhere to go, then you decided to stuck yourself in the room, so dark and the crouches kept on running, so were rats (eww).... Just to crack some jokes..

So you are alone, and you have this ipod then you choose a song, then suddenly it made you cry and cry and cry. Gosh! A baby?  Hmmmmm, not anymore.  Well it's usual.

So here is my songs, which i love the most, they help me thinking back the past, whenever i hear them everytime.


As the show started, i was really in a cloud nine thinking how would be this prestigious model search will make us smile and say "congratulations, you're still on the running towards of  becoming " Americas next top model". While choosing our favorite aspirant models who dreamed to be in a glitz and glam of the fashion industry we are so excited to see new faces and an avenger. This is the  one and only show around the world that showcases the ability of  a woman in photo shoots, go sees, runway trainings, and ofcourse  striving to fight to be on top, competing with other 13 girls who dreamed to be a model.

Screening, video recording, and ofcourse the demanding  fall in line just to be in the list, and will later stay in a a luxurious house where ever the producer let them stay. Ofcourse the famous  supermodel who started this famous model search is no other than Tyra Banks. 

Cycle 15 is yet another gigantic  blast for Tyra, as she unfold the biggest and the most influential people in the fashion industry. Matching with the most expensive  magazine "VOGUE ITALIA" or better known as Italian Vogue. Where  lots of supermodels had been featured, it is also a dream come true for a model to be featured in this magazine. So cycle 15 really got a first class treatment! The show opened, and the massive feed backs about new faces and ofcourse the drama in the house was exasperating. This cycle, they live  in an over looking beach house located at Venice beach California. And later as the competition's getting hotter, the contestants got a chance to see the wonderful Italy.

The battle of beauty and high fashion, as a model you should have the chameleon face to interpret the image that the photographer wants you to embody. Ann, 19, from Dallas Texas break the record as she takes great photos, and being the only model who has 5 consistent best photos of the week. This lady is just adorable as a baby, stands 6'2, and probably can break the record of Victoria as the lady with a smallest waist line  in the entire world. With her awkward move and weird personality, you couldn't find any model asset from her.  But she shocked the world with her ability to relate for the theme of the week. And so no doubt she was able to conquer and the break the record. Definitely she is one of my favorite so far in this cycle! And congrats to her, she made it to the top 2.. So here is Chelsey, 23, from Boise Idaho who just turned 23 in the middle of the competition. She had actually experienced modeling, so it was easy for her to compete. She is beautiful blonde girl, who stands 5'10 inches tall. And ofcourse competes well- she just won two challenges including the fashion show with Zac posen, the creation was called (Z spoke).

The two were chosen out of four, (Kyla and Jane) as the two delivered great shots and the personality to  to fit in, in the fashion industry. Just previously  Tyra created a motion photoshoot, which required contestant to pose but in a video. So the stunning girls pose and show their versatility but only two of them made it to the final. And that is Ann and Chelsey.

I am patiently waiting for this 2 gorgeous ladies, who will it be, who will be the next Americas Next Top Model. Will it be Ann- or will it be Chelsey?

                                                                     Ann from Dallas Texas

                                                                Chelsey from Boise Idaho

Let the battle begins!


Depression is allowed to human being- because this is the time that we cried for help, love and care. This is the time where everything never flow into a place where we dream it should be. Time to react on things that we normally not. Time to feel the pain and how terrible it is, hitting the lean right through the bone.  Depression is the ability to look back and reflect - but it is not the avenue where people should stay and still feel the pain though it is already vulgar that it is worth moving on.

In life, we tend to make huge mistakes . Mistakes that deliver the most engaging feeling to find such reflection to see the thwarting  part of it. How horrible it is when we made mistakes and when we faced the consequences, when we find no room for help from friends and even family. Because life required us facing it alone. Taking the battle to the shoulder alone.

All people believe, so am i that there is always a time for every season. Life sometimes sucks, but it is the way life should be, to mold us and to make us great. A lot of people complaining about the loathsome predicament that they have. And as well a lot of people suppressing the emotions though it is no longer good taking it in.

So the ill effect  is horrendous. As most of  the non-fiction writer said " We need to augments our mean and diminish our wants, so the emotion as well ." We have to augments the feeling of being happy, kind and inspired. And diminish the thwarting part of our lives where we stumble and fall. But stand up and let the battle continue. Because- it is YOU at the end will discover, you've lose everything by focusing on your mistake and not  moving forward.

Time is not a river -  it is a pendulum
(Arna Bomteps)


So if you feel down, think of someone who is dead, who will never ever celebrate Chirstmas, who will never ever see how wonderful the morning sun, that when it shines through, it makes you strong. When the breeze touches your skin, it glows. So when you see people smiling, it makes you alive.

Life is something that cannot be barter with anything in this world. Life  is the greatest gift from the creator.

When ever you feel sad, think of those joyful days where you give someone a joke, when you shared your answer to someone who couldn't understand. When you eat with only one bread in the morning, and it feels good when you take it, trying to imagine you are eating a huge fried chicken. Or when you visit a friend, and tell her how much she means to you. When you see your mama crying, when you see your lover excel, when you tried to impress your boss, and it works.

Life is Extraordinary! So let us love it...


I had blogged this video before, how awesome this is. How this song uplifted me, my life and my outlook in life, everything that happens to me. And how to move on. It will tell you good words to continue in life.

Cause someday it's gonna make sense.


                                                    Act like other kids do, but stunning when the camera is on,
                                                               Let's give it up for NOAH....

                                                   We just need to hear great words, that would help us
                                                     boost our confidence. So look at the outcome..
                                                     STUNNING LIAM...
                                     If you have time to hop on my other Blog you can find my post
                                      about this lass. Ladies and Gentlemen Hailed the Queen...
                                             Your Honor LEAH ........

It was one lonely afternoon  of all souls day when we decided to have this shoot. Leah just told me to took some simple photos for her, so that she could send it to Illustrado magazine for their data base. As we look at their simple yet stunning photos, we came up doing a lot of poses and  invited Liam and Noah to join. At first i am afraid, hello, take note Leah got this camera, and she already know what to do with it she is professional,  how about me, who is just an aspirant photographer. But nobody would took a photo for her, she first arranged everything then gave it to me. Bang! Bang! Bang! there you go, i got this stunning photos.. It was uncomfortable at first, but as the shoot goes on, i find it amazing.

Then  its Liam's time. Wow, she likes to smile in front of the camera, but i told her i wanted to have this high fashion photo shoot, i told her the techniques and wow, "she nailed it"... So was Noah!

I am happy to see this photos, I am glad that i see my self in a different way. I  also thank Leah for being so patient telling me everything, though i sometimes hit it wrong, but still she gave me her sweetest smile. "Thank You" Ley!


I was thinkin' what would be is my journey again, on the next two  months of this year. Since most of it was a mess, 'twas unproductive in a sense i couldn't gauge what to do, staying in the house was my hobby, reading books, sometimes hopping with friends, write on blog and so on and so for. The routine was kinda annoying for me.

So i started to lean back and figuring out what is the best thing to do, to maximize this two more months of this year. I was thinking of having a vacation, gosh! got no budget for it- why then staying with friends and do a lot of escapades, whoa, that would be hard again- a whole bunch of unproductiveness. The first blast of this year, was really terrific strolling in this big city without anything to do, my job was on and off. Got a lot o offers but it turned out to be nothing. I was making some fun of my self, that i myself couldn't find it well and good to have. Lending money, i never used to it anyway, trying my luck.

Then there goes a  lot of "rakets" but it is not enough for me to live, i got a lot of hang ups again and again. Jesus, what the heck was happening to me.

I was floating on a lake, i was stagnant to be specific. I felt tired of my life, i waste it really bad.

At this moment while writing this post, i am in this room where everything are visible, the alluring freshness of the air makes you feel better, as the hand of the tree moves, it is like a dream which is invincible. Ropes are red, signifies the life of being young and vibrant inside and out. The clouds shine as the ray of the sun hits every area of it. As the darkness slowly coming down, seems it would be another festive moment that every human should share. Every struggle were all worth it, they were all treasured in a box that as i gaze up on it i could reminisce every passages which i stumble and learned from it.

First blast of trials, i messed up. But everything happened for a reason- to make us mature in the battle of life. For every guts and every trick we did there would be corresponding lesson we get from. So we better do positive things, maximize kindness and share the love. Because once these thing will hold up, we cannot get them back and do thesame routine as they did. Every sprout of the morning sun, you have time to think back that "life is worth living".....

We must learn to appreciate the beauty that we have,  find great friends, inspire people and we have to find inspiration as well, on what we do, on every day life. As we struggles, let us always think that it might be tricky to solve, but that is a jargon to make us believed "we exists  in the world of the living"...  That everything in this world would come and go, we cannot stick from the past, nor lean on the present but we should never be afraid for our future. As old ones says "let the future problem itself"...

I summed up with this quotes:

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Happy Halloween!


As  we draw the centuries back, every woman  in this world deserved to be treated in a way that  they deserved of being who they are- a woman. You might be wondering why posting this, i am not a woman. But being a person who has a mother and a woman who nurtured me to  become who i am today, was a big deal for me. I love my mother and so are you. 

My fellow bloggers Leah  and Angie here in Davao seen this video about woman empowerment, though Leah already knew this matter, she just showed it to us and waited what would be our reaction to  it. Upon watching it,  a lot of ideas were coming in, and we jot down every possible things that we can do to implement it  and let women be uplifted, be encourage to feel beautiful about themselves.

So we came up with the idea of having a small gathering of Filipina women " an empowerment gathering" in which they would share about their experiences, achievements, struggles and a lot more. Ofcourse to uplift them well, we planned to have our speakers, that would give some encouragements about their lives and how did they achieved their position this days.

The Empowered Filipina- a woman of substance will deal with those women who are lack of self esteem, confidence, who didn't feel good about themselves, abused by their love ones and women who had tried to work abroad. What are their experiences while living  and working on other countries.

What do you think about Filipinas of todays generation?
What are the changes that happens to them, as the civilization is moving up higher?
Why did Filipina women were type casted as nannies/ what is your opinion with this?
The STERIOTYPING of Global Filipinas- and how we respond to it?
 How do you think Filipnas "perceived"  around the world?

These questions would definitely bring their enormous strength to prove that Filipinas were beautiful!

This small gathering will took place by December, and hope it will brought greater impact to our lovely Filipinas...

Because Filipinas are BEAUTIFUL-


As i battle with my health issues, i couldn't find any reason not to sometimes blame and feel  the pain that why did i allow my self doing those things which i knew before, it wouldn't brought great results.

Youth are aggressive! Indeed, i live with it, and that causes  a lot of hang ups that happen to me these days, i perceived this  as "reaping time" for what i have done before, my body just letting me pay what is the worth of it. Now that it wasn't great, losing weight, sleepless nights, wound, and those annoying sound of death, who croaking me every night. I personally have problems with financial, cause i live alone. Now that this dilemma happened to me, i don't know what to say or think.

As i gaze up and see the light of the sun, I thanked God that it is another night of survival. Another day that i should celebrate because i made it, waking up in the morning. It was not easy to cope up from something which you already know that it will happen once you did it really wrong way back. NEGLIGENCE, this is the best word that  i came up with, after i screened back my self, of which way i stumble and which way did i blunder. admittedly i "over used" my body, abused it terribly and felt no love for it.

As he is trying to recuperate i feel so damn hurt for the damage that i brought. Guys telling you, from 59 kg. last week now it drops into 56 kg.

Ofcourse YES! And this was the result that i got from:
                                                                                lack of sleep
                                                                                no exercise
                                                                                night owl
                                                                                not taking any vitamins
                                                                                bratt, bad behavior, and ofcourse too much SEX.

But should i be afraid for this challenge? It must be NEVER. Because, it is not yet too late, and it is not yet the time of my death, i know i will "bounce back". My health will be okay, and i can turn this holocaust into something that i am now getting lessons from it. I will survive! I will be healed. As  the Lord moves, he will touched me tonight so as you! He will drench me with his blood and i know i will be better.

To all those blogger who do thesame as i am, PLEASE  stop it as soon as possible, for that would cause something that you won't really like it. Take this as a lesson to learned, let me be your mirror. And start changing your lifestyle today! Do not allow any wrath to wrapped your life up, because it turns that way, you might can't get out of it. and you know what is next. Click here ...


Why then asking my self, evaluation is the best thing to do for whatever is happening to me this days. A lot of questions that boggled my mind and trying to justify every area of which i know i made a mistake. The mistakes that lead me into blaming myself, punching these words "why" and "if only". Well this is life and  we cannot gauge everything that's not yet formed  i mean we cannot assumed that everything that will happen would be right and there would be no wrong from the moment i came out from my mothers' womb.

A crazy thoughts, nerve wracking discoveries, and the painful experiences that i have been through this days is kinda frustrating for me.

Okay, i will not gonna hide the fact that i am losing weight, and having this boils "pigsa" on the whole part of my body! I lied to you that i am well, but the truth is i am still suffering from that holocaust. It was painful; it dishearten me every night, it gives this extreme feeling of distress. I think every month 5 or 6 will gonna surprised me and i will just gonna be shocked to find them either at the back, front, butt, or even on the most precious part of my body (face). It is gawky to showed up, it's embarrassing to go to malls  because it's uncomfortable to walked.

Most of my shirts got this messy stains,that marked, from it. Some people asked me about this, and i cannot even say any words to justify my self, because i know that is embarrassing, really does!

So i went to the doctor this day, and got checked.  I was at first afraid, of what would be is his initial findings, or is this an indication that i have HIV. (hehehehe) But thanked God, he never say any words as this. " do you sleep early, do you eat well and at the right time? " Ofcourse i should be honest, i told him, that all of that questions the answe would "NO". I told him about my boils and how it affects my daily life, and i am losing weight. He stare at me and said, " you might have "toxic goiter" or a "diabetis". Uh! Oh! that's frightening. Gosh....

Guys it would be painful for me to know if i have either of this two. But that  would determined my faith to God, and  i know He will helped me from this case. I believe that " For with God, nothing is impossible" (Luke 1:38)

I have to do this series of labs. CBC
                                               Fasting blood sugar
                                               Creatinine (free T4)

I don't know what are those, but i will keep you posted from time to time about  my situation. To those people who loves me, and who know me in this Blogosphere, i need your help. PRAYER!

Thank you so much...


The vivid color of autumn
And the vast collection of a morning mists
Drops in a thirsty city of life
that every crack close like satisfied baby....

insignificance it may  think
the era of every generation
qualms and clamor all will be heard
on riffraff whose hearts' bleed....

the tweet of a little yellow bird
the clanking sound of an approaching train
the sound of a new born son
is a marked of a new born plan.....

an old days had passed
but to reminisce is a choice
on a ruined happiness was
or the achievement's flashed...

the black zigzag road
the spark of a neon light
antique number and stains
are the picture of the untold skirmish.....


every emotions draws from your eyes
from pain or to happiness i see
every details of life you had
from bondage life to free....

eyes is your mirror, red or white
lens that see through with in you
lashes that shows determination
in every deadly evil  obstruction....

sight that see visions
views that catches clear and wide
points to points, destiny to destiny
a battle of staring, you will see...

shows love, fear and depressions
tiredness and lonesome i feel
revealed in this eyes of giants,
from simple feeling to drastic ending...

clearer the more i grasped
visions of pain and gain
from winner to loser
to stronger and weaker....

my eye is a stumbling block
from every details i am hiding
you will find the answers
by just closely staring...

what am i gonna choose?
if i will be in distress you will see
or in happiness that i am free
sealed and unsealed you can be......


A sweet little talk of love
A conversation that is pure
A much awaited topic of life
To conquer the peaceful night in dreams...

Loud and clear my vision  for fate
A destiny with bounty lessons
To learned and apply in life
To gain, care and share.....

No more tears, no more sadness
Happiness is all i obtained
From the east which i blare
To west which i spare....

The lonely night no more
The sparks of smiles i wish for
The rhythm of love and adoration
My wonderful life's compilation...


I was asked, what if i will die today, this very hour, will i accept it dear within my heart? I was stunned by this simple yet nerve wracking question. It wasn't good enough to tell someone that "yes" or a "no". It was complicated to say anything regarding with death issues. It gives such thought that i should give my life an importance and love it.

My common friend and also a blogger, faced the reality that her best friend will no longer exists in this world, i know that they were so close, sharing their wonderful moments as friends and treasuring every moments which they loved the most. From writing to any escapades that will come up from their minds they do it. But all of a sudden, just a blink of an eye " he is gone"....

Teary eyes, she told me it was one of the horrible situation for her to accept. A person which understands her so much, is now gone, facing the reality that he never went to any vacation, because it would be forever, she will never see him again. It was a heartbreaking moment and a reality to accept. A friendship that is pure, lots of plans that were planned for a celebration of  their 7th year anniversary.. But the celebration will never happen, nor the celebration would took place next time or any days soon, but there would be no more celebrations in the friendship that is pure..

It was then for all of us a hard situation to faced, a life which is great for us, our beloved people that we treasure the most. We all know the feeling of losing someone that is so dear to us.  I realized that, there were people who lived life so damn bad, not loving life which is the best gift that we received from God. A life which any treasure in this world cannot replaced it. (Sayang na buhay, nawala nang hindi inaasahan) A great life that was gone, somehow  she is looking forward in life, the next page will soon took place..

Lesson to be learned:  To you who are now reading this post, " how did you handle and manage yourself" Do you still have time to make it awesome, not only in the eyes of your crush but in the eyes of God who gave this to you?".. Our selves is the second priority in this world.. Let us take good care of it, because there were those people who loved life but still they lose it, what about you who neglect this treasure which is so adorable to have.

"Life is too short, don't make it shorter..."


Love God. Love life...
Smile with joy. Live free..
Share blessings. Stay positive..
Seek and set your goal..
Be the best of what you can do...
Respect others. Be humble...
Be willing to loose a battle in order to win the war..
Confidence nopt fear...
Make people laugh. Share your smile..
Stay focus beyond obstruction..
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the EARTH..
Write a love letter. Gladden the heart of a child..
Welcome a strangers..
Thank God for what you are  and what you have, wether it be great or small...
Mend a quarrel. Give  a soft answer...
Share some treasure. Seek out a forgotten friend...
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust...
Keep a promise. Find the time...
Apologize if you were wrong.
Listen. Try to understand...
Examine your demands on others...
Appreciate. Be kind; be gentle....
Laugh a little. Laugh a little more...
Love completely. Spread out your love...


All people had been through a lot of struggles in life, it is also normal if i am facing it. The same thing with other people, who remained silent beyond the fact that they cannot take it anymore and thinking that if they would outburst, would be the end of their lives,career, and might be would lead into brokenness of everything.

In this world, we find people that when we look at the outside appearance we can say they are strong enough, we are wrapped up with their huge smile, convincing us that they are able to resist in any challenges that life use to offer. A black mask that sometimes kill a lot of people. the people who thinks that confessing something, can ruined everything, so they decided to keep it inside.

The question now is, "how long will keep it inside" and how long will you pretend that you are okay.  As i grow up and learning everything in this world, i found out that it is good to be true to ourselves and we should love our life first for us to share it to anybody who also needs it.

Your struggle inside, is not easy to bear. To you who faced it now, who thinks you don't have any freedom to express, and who thinks if you will say something, millions of  people  will be hurt, why don't you check your self first, are you still capable to pretend, and able to let people believed you can do things with out any qualms that they will hear from you.

"You don't need to impress people, on things which you are struggling, on things which you can't take it anymore, learn to Love your self, because at the end you are the reaper of everything that you  have done in life. One day you will realise that you've lost alot by giving everything to people, who deserved not"...

You deserved to smile, and also deserving to make something  for YOURSELF.. Love and Live, because when you love that is the time that you are living...



In time of loneliness, there is fun;
Deep with in your suffering
lies the beauty of your dreams,
Love and care will soon happen together...

If you feel tired and blue
look up to the sky
stare the free comets and fireflies
close your eyes and we will fly....

Feel free to dream,
like you've never dream before,
Laugh and yell and ring the bell
think of something that will make everything...

Love is the answer of failure
Failure is just in mind
think of success, live free
Live according to what you believe..

In hopeless times i am here
In  distress, let your mind fly
In pain let your heart spread
Love and love again and again...

Feel the spirit of life
shine like the stars in heaven
Spread your wings
Live life to the fullest...


Kadayawan sa Davao 2010, happened successfully. A magnificent celebration of unity and harvest  of davaoenos, from flowers to fruits. Truly Davao remains number one when we talked about celebration. The famous "indak indak sa kadalanan" was one of the most craving to watch for, unlike other street dancing competitions, indak indak talked about Unity, Courage, and Love for our city. It is not only a celebration of bounty harvests, but a chance also to know  the heritage,cultures and tribes that Davao city boasts.

Tourists,locals and even celebrities joined to feel the presence of  this livable city in Asia, millions of people from other places came and celebrate.

Another thing was "Hiyas ng Kadayawan" unlike other beauty pageants, Hiyas showcases talents and beauty from the ten tribes that Davao has, from Ata, Maranao,Maguindano,Kagan,Tausug, to  Ovu Manuvo, the ladies will represent their tribes and how they lived, and their beliefs. For this years' hiyas Ata tribe won, Bernadette 21,  who only measures 4'11 in height and a not typical beauty queen look alike, she represents her tribe with love and passion in preserving it. She bagged the crown as "Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2010"  and a major award given by Smart Telecom, she never really expects that she will make it, but one thing for sure her answer led her in triumph. during the pageant she was asked  "in her own opinion, will she win the crown tonight"  truly sometimes huge voice comes from the shortest ones, then she said " YES, i will definitely win to night, because i carry the  authenticity and my love and passion for my tribe,  in preserving it, no mix blood, this is the real face of Ata tribe ."  I never expected that she will made it or even to reach the top 5, or to get major awards, but she got so lucky!

Once again, Davao City marked a great celebration, that people should look up to, it was held peacefully! Happy kadayawan sa Davao...........


I just love the song that says, " earthquakes can't shake us, cyclones can't break us, hurricane can't take away our love... " It is the spirit that lead us into that conclusion, glancing back on our failures would really never helped us to attain our goals in life. It is always perseverance would matter in the game of life. Stories of survival that we can learned from, and also we can apply it on our own.

Her stunning beauty and intelligence just really spectacular, fighting for her right and to be justified is an amazing act to follow. Tall, gorgeous and intelligent. I am talking about   "Maria Venus Raj" our strong contestant for Miss Universe 2010. Once dreamed to be a beauty queen, achieved it but suddenly taken from her, but in her pursuit for justice by dethroning her, she claimed it, because she knows she deserved to be. She deserved to represent our country in this most prestigious beauty pageant. All eyes were on her, sexy body that takes the tape 35,22,35 a body of an endearing Filipina. A beauty that represents courage, confidence, persevered woman of today. She is the perfect representation of woman who we're abused and down graded by community.

She bagged the title as "Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010" which i knew she will have it. It was one of her dreamed to win the title, the "Bicolana" beauty who lives simple life in the middle of a rice field, her runway was a narrow path, that you will never thought it was, because of her perfect move,poise and pose. Her perseverance in life was just amazing,  to achieved her goals and dreams in life. to make something better, and to taste the sweetness of being able to buy what you want, and being satisfied with what you need.

Dethroned and somehow robbed the crown from her, the issue was "inconsistency of her documents" teary eyed lass, was fighting for her crown but the main reason was she is fighting for her right. Venus is a half filipina and Arabian, her dad was from Qatar where she was born, with this inconsistency that BPCI was trying to tell us, was really shallow. BPCI told Venus to sign the resignation letter, or she will be dethroned. It was painful for her to know the fact that she will be doing the things which she never deserved to be.

Inconsistency of her birth credentials was a big challenge for Venus, crying for help and thanked God a lot of people sympathized, and help her to claim her crown. Her confidence to claimed it was another thing. Media we're  feasting the issue about her dethronement, on how will she claimed it again.

Wait for the next page to come...


Question :

Something about love, but rejected
For you who is alone and undone
Helpless and depressed of something
Thinking life is worthless.......

Something about fulfillment, but failure
Blurry dreams and a blind passion
A dead investment of  love
Compassion finds no room....

Something about family, but broken
United we stand,but broken when we fall
Thirst and hunger take over
For love and care is all been wishing...

The room of  hope and freedom
Until when the suffering lasts
Until when the emptiness reign
For this life that is full of vain........

Answer :

The battle of life is not for great
nor to the strongest  man
the harder the better it would take
the fulfillment of life is happiness....

To you who is rejected in love
Find no room to be loved
To love yourself has a mansion for it
Because to love is to live....

Life is not for people who succeed
Game is not for people who are better
To win in the game is senseless
If you don't have the effort from doing it.......

The battle is for the unqualified
For people who thinks it's impossible
To you who think cannot make it
To me who failed and depressed...

Think to quit not, chance will come
Luck will drop by, and will make you smile
Success will happen all at once
And it will make you a man............


It was already too late to celebrate the birthday of my Blog. Actually its birthday was july 26, but then i am not in the mood of celebrating it. So i wasn't able to do the plans which i made way back.

At this moment, making this award i was in the middle of trouble, i went home late and the battery of my phone was empty, i don't know what to do, lurking and finding some resting place to let my eyes relaxed. It is actually my fault, because i didn't went home early,so right now, i am really sleepy tired, so i just went to this cafe and trying to think what else can i do, to wait til the morning comes. It is hard to wait actually. Instead of lurking i better stay at one place then surf. Chat, read, listening to music is all i have now, i felt so damned sad, it feels like i am a prisoner, "hows its gonna be like one"..

So guys i want you kknow that i will be giving YOU  an aaward thar i made. It is special, it talks about friendship as you can see. Just copy and paste it on your web page too, or you can also do some posting thingy on this award. It is up to you.

To you

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and many more who drop and write their comments on this blog you can copy and paste this on your blog.. thank you so much!!

thank you so much................


my heart is burning in pain
wanted to escape from depression
weary and bloody inside
nobody knows how it's gonna be like...

love has no boundaries
worries took over
the beat palpitates
slowly goin' farther...

craving for new life
hoping for a new hope
live like a wood in the lake
no heart, no direction....

a human nature to be sad
sad of nothing, but banging inside
shaking my whole
leaving me empty....

where the heart remains' speechless
where the emotions' stagnant
a gypsy who dreamed to be good
till dawn he had waited for one....

i am a dreamer but has no dreams
a lover but has no love
a survivor but disgorge
meaningless poem would be this...


My life my rules, it is something that i never aimed to have in my life, trying to stand in a distance where nobody wanted to be in there. The heart that is full of pain.

The father:

Most of the children in this world admired their father, for being generous, protective and their great provider in food, money,and love. This is the attitude of an ideal father, a dad and a friend. Somebody who is willing to help to share what he had learned in life and ofcourse someone who will never tolerate you if you did some mistakes. A loving  and a just dad-

Growing up in a remote area is not an easy task or i would life for me. i never dreamed of having a great life, car,expensive gadgets, or studying in a private school. what am i trying to look for is a father figure, a father that would be your refuge during the time that you are weak and can fight no more, but that was just a dream, a dream that i dreamed not to woke up.

Violent,brutal and lazy-  an attitude of a snake, this is how i describe my father to you, inconsiderate,cheater and vehement one. It hurts to have this kind of description of someone you love,someone that you thought a good person. But to lie and deny is not my forte. We suffered a lot of violence from him, i remember the time that he was chasing my mom,carrying his stick that i know would end up moms' life. It was a horrible experienced, sadly he found my mom in the middle of the bush then "punched and kicked" was the reward of  it. She was bloody and catching her breath,crying i thought that my mom we're going to die. Seeing that  demoniac bearing was not easy for me.  The pain and the hatred started to grew, it is like a roaring lion,my emotion was bothered, i am shaking and the innocence was gone. All i have with in me is fear and the hatred that one day i will get back and revenged.

As the days passed, and counting more and more years, sometimes i wished that another day will never showed up, or i will die during the night. Its silence never gave me peace instead it gives me fear, while the wound remained fresh knowing that i takes time to be healed.  An experienced that led me to become more aggressive and violent, at school and in the community where i grew up. Selfish, greedy and close minded person.

Although i excel in school, famous in my words and students we're afraid of me, i remained empty, and no happiness to be found in my heart. I become more aggressive and noisy. I even talked to my principal so damn delirious, so it brought me down. From the position in school and in my grades in Values. I don't care of what am i doing, as long as i express what i feel inside, for me it was my refuge, by telling people that i deserved to gain your respect and you should respect me according to what my life is. Sorry? i had no time for that matter. The pain grew bigger and bigger, and took over the huge part of my happiness. I became immune with my parents cat fights, hellish words  we're my breakfasts, lunch and dinner. My family wasn't totally broken, but that i time i wished it is...


Gusto kung bumalik sa kung saan ang buhay ko'y tahimik, na walang gulo, isang taong walan muwang sa kung anu ang tinatawag na socialization. Isang taong ang hangad lamang ay mag kapera at mabuhay ng matiwasay. Walang gulo, inaalala, no insecurities,intimidation at kung anu anu pa man.

Isa akong tao na nangarap mabuhay at mabago ang buhay,tulad ng ibang kabataan na gustong mabago ang tingin sa sarili,mabago ang tingin ng magulang sa isang anak. Na mawala na ang kanilang pag dududa na di ko kayang mabuhay ng magsasarili. Isang buhay na pinapangarap kong tirhan,walang mga masasamang implowensyang sisira sa mga pangarap at buhay ng isang katulad ko. Katiwasayan at payapa and kailangan.

Nag simula akong mag trabaho sa edad na 15, sa edad na to' akoy naging isang "house boy" you might think i lived life with silver spoon or what ever you call it or a definition of rich brat kid. " I AM NOT"

I am the youngest of the two, my mom had previous family before our family started, so we are 3 included her daughter in her first husband. I lived in a remote area which most of us Filipinos lived. Remote, a place of people who has  one goal in life," to live one day at a time" but to understand it deeply, it would definitely explains like this way  " as long as they can eat three times a day life will continue, let the tomorrow problem itself ". A shallow explaination of one's life, an epitome of laziness.

Growing up in the situation where most kids doesn't have plans to go to school, instead waking up in the reality of buckling up yourself to work and work for food and for the family. My father was a graduate of martial arts take note " a deadly black belter"  an example of a strong man who is willing to protect his family from danger, from people who might hurt his loveones.  Well it would be wonderful to think of, it that is the outcome of his profession.

A battered son, flying walls was just normal for me,the annoying sound of a drunken master was always my alarm clock, an alarmed which i dream to stop forever, and will tick and tack! Dreaming of becoming somebody was always in my heart, to change my life and my family is my passion. Unlike other kids i am very observant, outspoken and hard headed, i am willing to fight even though it was my fault. Most of my classmates in school hates me, they don't like the way i act and rule the life that i have. In short i am bitter! A bitter person with a huge dream to achieved in life, a dream that would definitely changed my life.

But to achieved it, it takes time and a huge effort, sacrifices and challenges to tackled and to be faced. As a young kid, many people asked why i am so bitter, arrogant and not easy to be with, i can make the world cry for me to be justified, furthermore i can make thousands of lies to make this world believed i am innocent. And ofcourse as villain i always won the battle. I don't care if i would lose friends, but for me i would lived life according to what i wanted it to be. My life my rules!

Wait for the part 2


"sometimes competition doesn't really challenge us, it only lead into depression if we can't get what we wanted to have"

i can't make  poems anymore
my hands stops from typing
every track resounds back and forth
your glimpse has gone....

somebody owns you now my heart is in pain
impossible to touched you again
my plans shrink, can no longer roll
too late it may consider,and tears wrapped all over

i wanted to get you from that refuge
to let you know, how i feel
praying to have you not in vain
but "amour" you are in frame

i am conqueror, at heart i am fool
knight and able bodied spirit
places and realm i am brave
seiging your heart leave me undone

"amour" may that refuge will last
guiding you till at last
i hope, forever his love remains
gratified to see you in framed, even i am in vain....

"vous serez toujours mon amour dame"


Longing to let you stay
begging to stop you from assenting,
bolt blench to fall
running over in this west wide side.

rashes starts to grow
itchy and painful
my face fades like a morning mists
it was then my dreadful ending.

i wanted to blame you
 for blanching linen in the sun
i am afraid to go
annihilation is pursuing me.

i am afraid riffraff
fetch me up in this window of torment
drench me with your  love
let me feel that i am alive.

pour me a heavy dose of  antedote
i don't want to leave in distress

my breath clunk swiftly
saving myself in cruelty
running in this two edged sword
terrified it might be too late i will  be struck...


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will
when the road your trudging seems all up hill....

when funds are low, and debts are high
and you want to smile, but you have to sigh....

when care is pressing you, down a bit
Rest, if you must, but don't you quit.....

life queer with its twists and turns
as everyone of us sometimes learns....

and many failures turns about
when he might have won had he stuck it out....

don't give up though the pace seems slow
you may succeed with another blow......

success is failure turned  inside out
the silver tint of the  clouds of doubt.....

and you never can tell how close you are
it maybe near when it seems so far:

so stick to the fight when you're hardest hit
It's when  things seem  worst that you must not quit....


Shakey but happy,
shapeless but molded;
crying but in happiness,
crawling but with gladness....

life is mirror of one self,
a facade of dreams
a letter of tomorrow;
and a fulfillment of goals.....

life is the illusion of magician,
interpretation of   pie in the sky;
swaying in this journey
and the fruit of  the undying labor....

the stone that shines, but fades
erruption of every nub,
makes the world creepy;
stained wire and old ones passed....

lonely streets  wearing black
you can't hear the blare
nor the sounds of clamor
but look up and feel the beat....

what a silly thoughts
in this witless yak,
hearing your bawl;
but there always logic in everything....

look up, see the sky
the regression is phenomenal,
the astounding views of tomorrow;
remains with in you...

" try to understand what it means"


How many times i have told you,
how many times do i need to say this;
"love  is greater than anything to have,"
it is wonderfully made by God for human...

It is hard to ponder, but lucky to have it,
Mysterious yet it is widely open for public;
Secret but cannot be hidden,
it is  the light of the lost and the life of humanity.....

How long will you persecute me?
How long will you say " i am not good";
How long will  you say "love hurts",
Truly i never harmed you nor to anybody.......

I have given you mind and heart to choose,
I never tried to hurt but to make you happy;
Dreaming of making you the happiest one in this world,
but  because of me, your life ruined...

Now you are blaming me,
Blaming of the mistakes that i didn't do;
Creeping, crawling, struggling to survived,
I don't want to call my self "guilty"........

But when i see you crying,
It always led into that conclusion;
I am  "LOVE"  can't take hurting "you"
I am sincere and loving.....


i wish you we're here.. 
holding my hands, touching your lips..
celebrating the moments that we dreamed of..
making the best out of it...

trees are swaying in gladness..
oceans' hands were bouncing...
the blue carpet shines...
the spirit of love reigns...

strolling in this wide open space
with an open hand,looking up to the stars....
wishing to see your face...

tapping your smooth and tiny fingers...

i wish you we're here....
sitting beside me, keeping you safe
dreaming together, to love and to live..
take care, where ever you are......


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Gem, it might be hard for us,  that this day, you are going to  leave. We as your friends were really in an emotional stage, trying to stop you from leaving, but the time says you have to, and we can do nothing about it. We shared together every happiness, tears and also the achievements that we have. It was a wonderful chance to shared it with you, your great ideas and your motivation to make as the best as we can be. Your great sense humor, that even in times that we thought we cannot do it, you always show that there is always a way, and thanks God we made it.

Your kindness will always be as sweet as chocolates, this will never fades in our heart and mind. Caring and loving. I thanked you for being a good friend to me, even though i sometimes had this stupid attitude,  but you remained my friend. I still remember the time, when i was sick and nobody cares about what happen to me, but you did. Showing me the essence of being a friend, and what friendship means. I am lucky that we've met.

Now that you are leaving, this might be one of the hardest part of our friendship, yes we still have the communication "i know about it" but it can never fills the feeling of longing, during the days that we had. I know it won't be easy for you to go, likewise too us. Truly friendship is the best thing to have in this world. It can never be bartered into money nor to any treasures to have in this wolrd. It is one of the few that GOD gave for us human to enjoy. The affection and the happiness that friendship brought us, it is awesome.

"Friendship is an epitome of God's loving kindness and faithfullness for us"

Thank you for the gift of friendship that you brought into our lives gem. You are truly a precious gem for us...

God Bless You in your new journey........


I choose to live, then it is compulsory to strive.
I choose to fight, then there would be no room for hiding...
I choose to speak, then i should say something.
I choose to dreamed the dreams, then i must achieve something..

Life is congested with traps and weaknesses.
Life is difficult to control, every area is full.
The world is rude,violent and barbaric.
There is no way to hide, instead facing it is the solution.

Until when are you going to hide?
Until when are you going to cry?
Until when are you going to be depressed?
Until when my friend?

Hope is not the question.
Freedom is here, but your gone.
Which way to go, your decision is needed.
Speak up, and live freely..

To die is a choice, but the harder the battle the sweeter the life.
After all, it is not what happens to you that will matters..
It is how you faced  and win it.
Live free, life is great if  you have it...


We have been declaring that if you have faith in God, it is enough. If you trust Him it is enough. We have been saying that it is not really necessary going to the churches and have fellowships with other believer who believed in Him. But what if i will be asking you some questions, such as this:

Does your faith can save you?
Does God hears your prayers?

Going to the church is a CHOICE. Having fellowship with people who believed in God is a CHOICE. But we should always remember that we need to sharpen our weapon so that when trouble comes, we can surely resists on it. Going to the church to tell you is necessary! It is required that every seventh day, we should rest and give time to God, giving time to your family. But as we see, people were busy going to malls,work, and outing,gimik etc. We don't even think who provides you money to have that gimik, who gives you blessings for you to know that He loves you.

We people used to think, "my money comes from the place where i am working, i work,i do my overtimes,persistent, and i earned it in the hardest way as i could imagine, so there is nothing for you to ask if i need to give time for my self. To unwind."

It is true that  we earned it in a hard way, but did you asked yourself about this:

Who gives you strength?
Who gives you energy to the task?
Who gives you the mind to think well, and achieved that great job?

Did you ever asked yourself about these? You can take it as worthless, but i just wanted to tell you, " What you have right now, is just a dust from God's one foot." It is  about thinking and being so thankful to God that He gives you life and we all know this is the most precious gift we could ever received from Him. Nobody could give this to you. You can have all of those gadgets in this world,money,clothes,anything that your mind could think you owned it, but the true happiness never comes in this material things, but it is having faith with God.

I cannot imagine what would be my life if i never believed in God.According to the dictionary: atheist means 
 a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. But i just wanted to ask you, until when you are going to be a stupid person who would never believed in God. I would love to agree of what your principles been implying, " we want peace, by not depending on someone, a true freedom in mind in faith,and in our own beliefs." Okay, the you justify your self with this principles? But that doesn't mean you win, it only mean that you are drowning your self more and more into the pit of darkness, into the pit of death. 
I don't have any intentions to hurt you,by writing this post. But a true believer of God, are those people who obey his laws, and  and the true believer of God has the fear in the heart. Do we have that?
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.." Let us not claim that we are born again, you might be shocked if  God will tell you this, " you never became a truely born again,instead you become born against."
Let us consider that we are living in a crucial time, as we all know in the second coming of Jesus, there would be a great sound of trumpet. Now i want you to think, " what if you are reading this post then that trumpet sounds, and the world is shaking? And you know that you never ever ask forgiveness to God, what would you do? My friends who will going to read this post " it is our time to ask forgiveness to God, and live according to His will. Because sooner or later he might come like a roaring lion, but it can be like a thief. are you going to sacrifice your life forever living in undying HELL
It is your time to pray and say sorry to what you have done. God is excited to hear you. Hurry up, the time is almost over. The heaven is at hand!  Try to click here, why did i wrote this post.. 
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