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Watching those nerve wracking videos and news reports about what had happen to those countries who suffered tsunamis was such alarming for us Filipinos. Furthermore, we are living in an archipelago, Philippines  is facing pacific ocean, we all know that it is the largest and the biggest ocean in the entire world. So if tsunami will hit our country it would take just seconds, and we all gone.

Two largest networks in the Philippines both annouced that tsunami will hit some parts of Davao region and Surigao. ABS- CBN and GMA both informed people to be ready about this catastrophe that will happen today. To receive a serious threat about tsunami is not as easy as just a usual typhoon.

Alarming and one of the most terrifying news i had ever received. I was browsing, and checking those photos taken at Indonesia, Thailand, Chile and more countries who had this bad experiences about tsunami. The photos just shows how terrific is was for them, skylines,great structures  had been destroyed. I cannot figured it out, if it will happen right here, in Davao city. I know it would be another big problem that our government will be facing. Another life, another challenge and another struggle for us to bounce back, if it will happen.

It was late night, when i know that this day, February 28,  2010, tsunami will hit Davao city. At exactly 1 pm. Knowing that there are so many people who live in this big city of durian, what will happen? I asked my self. There is no reason not to prepare and not get my self ready. I go to net cafe, and started to inform some of my friends about this hilarious  news. And telling them, that all of their relatives who lived near the beach must   vacate and find a good shelter for them away from the vicinity, or else worst will happen.

I am just happy that most people who heard it, directly prepared and kept their family in a safe places. there are no reason not to be afraid with this threat.  PHIVOLCS  confirmed  that it is true. Tired and sleepy this morning, i didn't noticed that it was already 11 am, i hurriedly go to the kitchen and check my dog, i checked my phone, finding some messages about this news. I prepared and wait to what will happens' next.

At exactly 1 pm,    i observed and think if tsunami was already here in Philippines particularly in  Davao city. In succeeding hours of waiting, we never find any giant waves  or anybody else telling us that they were affected. Or something that, it was here. I think two things in this threat. It is either a false alarm- for us to make our selves ready  and second it is just the power of God hover this catastrophe. And lead it into nowhere.

One thing that i had learned is: we need to put our trust in God. And let Him do the rest. We should say thank you to Him, that it never happened. A false alarm, but would shake our faith and would test our faithfulness on Him.

Thank you!


I would like to say thank you to all people who earnestly read and leave comments on my blog. That comments either change my perspective or help me to realizes that LIFE  is worth living...

So here are the lists of people who deserves this Poko Moko awards..  By the way if you will ask me, what is this Poko Moko, these were the first words that my cute baby said to me. I ask her if we are friend, then she said, poko moko, so that means " friend mo ako"..

1:  ayu
2:  jag
3:  arvin
4:  feil-kun
5:  eden
6:  amazing Grace
7:  Xprosaic World
8:  Al-kapon
9:  Angie
10:  Jepoy


We somehow thinks that when you love it must be perfect, it must be peaceful. No cheating and lying. We have to give time for the person we love, show what we feel, and let him/her know how much they mean to us. It is like a fairytale stories. It is a relationship of a lifetime.

A nourished relationship. A perfect one. As i observed, these are the wishes of those singles to have. A boyfriend, who can understand them and would love them truly.

But we are not living in a fairyland, that all those fairytale stories are true.Fairytale  is just a fruit of one's immature mind, who wanted to escaped in this cruel real world.And are refusing to open their eyes. Dreaming to have a perfect relationship is the hardest thing to attained. I truly believe that having a relationship is  not about having a perfect one love, but being in love is the most precious thing to have in this world. Regardless of all those pain and tears that you shed. But seeing someone smiling and making a step is the best effort to share. Regardless of what you feel. Because we strongly believe that love is unselfish.

"I like to make my self believe that Planet Earth turns slowly, its hard to say that i'd rather stay awake when am  asleep. Cause everything is never as it seems when i fall asleep"-the owl city/ fireflies-

This is just one proof, that facing the real life is hard, how much more having a relationship? Loving someone is a choice, and we should know that when you love you will be ready to get hurt. But that doesn't mean you have to stop from loving. Instead, is to buckle up your self, and be excited for next person to come in your life. We might hurt someone else heart, but it doesn't mean we never love them. It doesn't we just want the to cry. It doesn't mean we  want them to mourned. It just shows how much we cared for them. It is not easy to see someone's eyes crying. But that even makes us love them more!

Because the reason why life survives, is love. And the reason of love survives, is life. Therefore the equation would be:  "life+love=happiness". 

Let us not be weary, nor get tired of loving, it is the essence of life. To love is a greatest fulfillment that human had ever achieved. We are not perfect.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.........

Thank you!


As i  said being alone makes you think deeper..  I helps you decide, and helps you glanced back those nasty and weirdo stuff  that you did before. So do I!

#1: I can drink one pitcher or ice tea alone, if i have friends with me, i used to keep it, and if they're gone, ofcourse i will feast drinking it. Feeding my fetish. (How does it sounds like to you?)

#2: I can wear my clothes 3 to 5  times. ( it depends if it still smells good)

#3: I only have one pair of socks. ( so that means, i used to wear this in a month without washing it, but my feet   are clean you know ^_^.)

#4: I love Victoria Secret Angels and Miss Universe. ( weird thing is,  for how many years now still browsing it and enjoy watching it. Take note: Miss Universe 2009 all the names of those candidates, ages and country i did memorized it.)

#5: I don't wear brief, but i love boxer shorts. ( i can wear  one boxer in two days, but hey i took a bath thrice a day, still fresh.. hehehehe)

#6: I hate people sayiong goodbyes! (weird is, even they're not my friend i still shed tears, sounds what?)

#7: The lock of my room was destroyed, and needs to replaced it. But i don't want to, because i love it. Now i am just faking those thieves, thanks God they never noticed though.

#8: I am crazy about runway models! ( weird thing is i always present my self so someone else who needs 6'1 or  6'2 models for runway, and they always say, " tim you are just 5'8 okay")

#9: I love to clean my ears, whoah crazy about it. (weird thing, if i do it, i never used alcohol for cotton buds instead my saliva,  how does it sounds like?)

#10: The weirdest thing that i have was thinking about these nasty things right now, and posting it here, and i know some of you will put some OMG comments. I know, but i am ready for it.


Random topics:

"Sometimes you have to be apart, from someone you Love. but that doesn't mean you Love them any less. Sometimes it even makes you love them more."


"Whether you prevail, endure or die,depends more on what you do to yourself. Than what the world does to you."


"Writing is like a wringing mud sticking closely to the denims, but still holding on to the effort to write, like a prize worthy of the picking".


"Confidence isn't about looking good or being smartest, but knowing you can fail and lose- and knowing you can always bounce back."


"Self determination defined as free choice of one's own acts, without external compulsion, and especially as freedom of the people of a given territory  to determine  their own political status, or independence from their current state."

May your VALENTINES DAY will always be great... Happy Valentines day blogger!


Three months to go another journey of our Philippine presidentiables will be changed. Another new president will rule this nation, for us countrymen, we hoped and dream that someday this nation will have what we are dreaming for our new generation, that someday they will never suffer all those things that we have been facing right now. A story of determination, and a book of struggle. We have so many stories to tell, watching those ads of these so called "soon to be a ruler of nation" is inspiring. Their words that gives us the reason either to vote or not to vote.

Their promises, is there any truth on it? What about after the election, can they fulfilled their goals? This is just a few questions that me as a person, and as a Filipino have been asking this days. Or we will always just come up into a conclusion, such as "promises is made to broken"!. Do we still have hope, that this nation will bounces back? We will find it out, on the right time. But for now, all the things that we need to  do, is to choose the right person for the position and would be the head of this staggering nation. 

" I AM SORRY"  this is the phrase that we heard when President Gloria Arroyo, fooled us all. With her smile, and strength she overpowered us . We never had a chance, to defeat her,instead she continue ruling this nation, and  with it she exists in a way of proving her worth as a strong president. Some people liked it, but mostly hate her. Now the question is: is this things will still happen again and again? This is a halo of how dirty our politics is. What will happen to our new generations?

Another chance of one person, one dreamer and one aspirant presidentiable who will be given a chance to prove his worth, that there are still reasons for us to celebrate life. There are still reasons, that this nation will be changed. Hope it will happen. Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar,Gibo Teodoro-  aimed CHANGES.  Promising that they will never stole any treasure that this staggering nation has. Hope it will happen. And hope they meant it!

It would be a change, or another battle. A battle of words or blood. They said that they are the way for us to changed this nation, so be it. But as we all know, "action speaks louder than words"!  Let us find it out. Our eyes are open, and our mouth will never be closed!   We still have the reason to witness what is going on, when this people have achieved their goals, their promises. 

 Let us wait................. And believe that one day it will happen, CHANGE!


girls will always be a part of our life, it can be our mom,sisters, girl friends, special girl. And soon and so for. I believed that woman is the reason why the world revolves well, their eyes that sparkle, their smiles that shine, and their love that heals the wound and helped the world survived.

life is incomplete without woman...

I just turn my head on, while staring those beautiful ladies passing by. How to impress them and what makes them hates and dump those guys who never deserved for their love and care. Truly that woman, is not born to be left, but they are born to be love.  Now, i will let you know what the way girls are...

So here are some facts, that which i myself do researched it, asked girls about their lives. Funny but true!

* one must be careful when talking to girls.

* one must lie to girls, or else they  get mad.

* girls has no sense of humor.

*girls never do anything for free, but luckily one can negotiate, if one has something they want.

* girls are very receptive to feelings.{they'll do anything, if you show some little vulnerability}

and lastly

* girls are the nicest thing in the world!

Thank you!

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