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I love romantic comedy movies- the vibe that excites me everytime I'm watching these types of movies just infatuates me.And this one is one of the bunch.

Lane Daniels (Hilary Duff) is a writer trying to make her luck in one of the biggest magazine in the world Cosmopolitan.To be able to make it( magazine) she has to write something about love- something that is uncommon from and hasn't been published in the mag.

Vying to get the coveted position, she has to be an undercover agent to be able to write something for the mag.  In addition, she a hopeless romantic lass dreaming that someday she will find her own real man.With all these extravagant escapades, beating the odds along the way just gives so much excitement for the audience to drool over it even more.

Confusion and a lot of confusion! If I am Lane Daniels and surrounded by THESE hunks oh, I don't know what else to do!

Now the question is, Will she be able to find her Magic Man? Better watch it.
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