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We know that masturbation is one of the best thing to tackle. Admittedly I myself was executing it.
This topic, it is just a fruit of my stress mind who keeps on telling me why things happen in a way that we sometimes doesn't want it to be. We make things and become a habit, if we cannot control our feeling there are possibilities it will become a huge problem for us to be solved. So this stress mind see the masturbation in a different way. (I am sorry)...

We had a great meeting with my co-producers about our shows and all the stuff, when the doctor came in, we talked seriously about those issues that she will gonna be tackling on her show. And again my stress mind asked her if the masturbation is good for health or not. Well I am still young, so it is just easy to me to tell her about it.

She never felt any awkwardness of telling me that it is not a problem, instead it has a big space and character that is playing in our life. Wow! But i asked her, if  this would affect our daily life if we will always doing it everyday. The beautiful Dr. just said it is not, but it must be with a great control. According to the research  of students including me, your servant, 97% of male age 13 to 25 were masturbating everyday. (single/widower) or even married man do. And 13% of female do masturbation everyday. regardless if she is married of single.

I therefore conclude that masturbation is not a  problem. It will only become problem if masturbation will control you. So that means you lose control of it. Masturbation help released stress, and anxiety. It helps you relax and satisfied, this is safer than sex, from virus and any  diseases that we might get from sexual intercourse.

One thing to learned is, everything is always an asset in life.  It help us to be alive. Control is always the major thing to do.  And don't let anything will control your life. For this would cause problem.


I am searching something better! A new change, for life and for the world. I hope this video would become one of the great asset to help people to be aware about GLOBAL WARMING.

As of now, the CARBON DIOXIDE, that the world has, is 390 degree Celsius, but the earth needs 350 only. So because of this alarming situation, the United Nation decided to launch this to prevent and lessen the Carbon Dioxide that we have here in earth. The scientific studies, had said that on 2012, worst would happen if we cannot prevent it. By this campaign I my self supported it, not only for my own good, but for all the people in this wonderful place called EARTH.

To those people that would visit my blog, if your heart is aiming to help people to be aware, you can re post this, or copy the EMBED of this video. Let us help our MOTHER EARTH TO SURVIVED!!!

Hollywood celebrities, sports icons,supermodels supported this campaign. What about YOU?

Do it now, for the better future!

Thank You,



You think that i am quite crazy about posting this video of Janina San Miguel, it is quite long time when this incident happened. And most of Filipinos criticize her. The way she talks, and the big question was why did she made it and won the crown. For my self, yeah I did asked as well, are the judges were really good enough and why did they let Janina won the crown for "Binibining Pilipinas- World". Gosh, that is something hilarious! But when i realized that there must be a reason, why did Janina was announced as the winner that night. Okay, let me tell you what is the question for Janina that night.

"what rule did your family, flavor you as the candidate of Binibining Pilipinas"?...

This is extra ordinary question. It reflects on how the way your family helped you to be a winner, and how did they teach you of good moral character. Milli0ns of viewers around the world, especially here in our country speak on television,radio, and the hilarious comments on youtube. It is ridiculous, yeah I admit it. but one thing that I remember, there must be a great reason why did she made it. I wanted to let you know botox people that it is not easy joining that kind of competition. Most of them failed reaching top 15. You yourself, that you made it, you are proud enough, for this is something big, that your self had achieved!

Try to watch the video of this scandal( i can say that) considered as it is. You did as well.
And try to listen her answer on that question, might be you will be shocked and convinced yourself that I guess she really has the ability of winning the crown that night.
Botox people, you always have the tendency to judge, prejudice! but you don't know how to listen on one side, you don't know how to turned it to the next page. You focus on somebody's mistake just to let her down, instead of helping her, we derailed and show our bad and worst side. If you were Janina and being criticized by millions of people, including her, what would you do?

Something that we need to take a look. And be observant! Don't judge for you not to be judge. Focus one the last part.

Here is the brilliant answer that let her win the crown..

"But i said that my family is the most important persons in my life, thank you".

This is something that the judges based their decisions why did they allow Janina to win.
Your ridiculous comments, nasty words and worst verdicts that you threw on her, try to think back. If you are in that situation, what would you do? Enough Botox people!


As a kid, I used to ask my mom before what is that color blue above us. She would slowly say that it a place of forever. A place of happiness and joy. With the great hug, she will show me the picture of heaven and telling me, if I will do good I will be there soon. But as a kid, i asked her if there is anybody who lived there now and clean the house like what our friends' did in our home. With an eye popping look, she said yes, and the color of the house is yellow, the floor is yellow and my bedroom in there is also yellow. I greatly imagined it, how about my food I guess it is yellow also. I envisioned, eating margarine and cheeze everyday. Whoah!....

But growing up, and slowly knowing the things that I had asked to my mom before, things that i had discovered, the yellow color that my mind was struggling to know, is one of the very expensive things that the girls wished to have. And it is gold.

Due to some ideas that i kept inside, I made lists of things that i want. But it is too obvious if i will still jot all those things that I need to have in this world, or places that i wanna visit. So i made lists for the things i wanna see in heaven and in hell.

So here they are:


God,Jesus(his wounds),Angels,St. Paul,Peter,John the baptist,king Solomon,Abraham,David,Esther,Joshua, Mama Marry,palace, throne of God, his crown,grand pa,grand ma,cousin Jira, and the bed room that my mom had said.


Satan,demons,hell,dragons, 7 head beast,aswang,dracula,momo,lamia,vampires,valentina(the snake woman in narda)..

all of this has a great part in our daily life. wishing and wishing, dreaming about something. If I will be going to heaven that is the list i wanna see, or if in hell, just thesame thing.

If i will ask you, what list did you make for your self? And what place you wanna be?



I am gonna be crazy! Yeah, it is to obvious that nowadays I am so stress and wasted about those things that I need to do.

Hey! this is something that i need to focus on, but wait- I don't know this way yet. I am so stress!
- lady

Whoah! the pageant is fast approaching, i still need to close a deal for the sponsorship! My God, what should I do?

I slept early, I am sorry i forgot to inform you about my load today. I felt alone! Hey you people, just do it for now, let me focus on Sir Bag. I don't know what to do!
- sir skip

Gush! what about the production cost! Hey all AE's please make a sale, I kept on giving you all the needs where are the outcome?
-ms. grace

Hey, i am so afraid about this pageant, we haven't make any back drop for the stage, how about the riser,smoke machine, and the stage? If we don't have those things, I will be going home and slept!
-kuya don

I am sweating, I followed up all my clients and my sponsors. but still not yet confirm, haven't confirm it!

In my days in marketing, these words were my food,my water and my lover. The words of inspirations and encouragements were always the main menu. Planning on how to close a deal, even for x deal was such hard for us to close. Learning slowly, that was the words that my boss were always saying. I guess we are learning in the field of marketing.

Their complains and mine were really hilarious! Is this a proper thing to do as an AE? I just realized that it was wrong, when i talked to my dad and he said that: looking for a sponsorship, money or even an x deal, then you are fighting for airing and the establishment will be seen on tv, is not that easy. This is the job were you will earned well, but the struggle and the effort to hit it has a huge part of closing deals. It is the patience that would matter here, and your fighting spirit to make it through. He told me to stop complaining, but keep on moving, things will just gonna be better. Those words of inspiration make me alive, and be motivated by money.

One thing I that I learned, it is really a human nature, who complained! So do i, and we cannot change it, but minimize!


Two days ago I just did posting, it is kinda early to post again, for my new friends and old ones could read it. But seems the heart is looking for something to do, and that is to express of what I feel inside. The emotion, the hatred, aspirations and most of all the words that burst inside of me. Well nobody can deny that if you feel really different or something that your heart were strolling to one place to another, you yourself will wonder why. It is one reason of being bothered and restless at night. So for my self, i make sure that this feeling will swept away, and the new tim will be okay and motivated again.

When I am alone, I used to think of what will gonna be my life in 10 years from now. The life that I kept on wishing, can it be fulfilled? Or i will remain as usual like those people who never achieved of what their hearts' desire. Well I guess there were just wisher and not a dreamer. Dreamer have something to do about his dreams and will never allow his dreams to become a wish. So that is me. So it came to a point I think about going back to USA, and be with my family. How about writing for Oprah?

Fetching Oprah when she was young was really bad, she keeps on biting my hands, showing that she was refusing to go with back to her house, she walks so sexy, her tantalizing eyes had lead boys crazy. Loves adventures, chasing those enemies that she hated the most, whoah! Oprah, it is bad,but she will just glance at you with her big brown eyes that imposing that is her business. she is just trying to help DDS to kill those unwanted matter in this city. Oh really? Just don't ask what is DDS. One thing i learned from Oprah was he aggresiveness to one thing, if she wanted it, as long is she can get it without hurting anybody then she will pursue no matter how hard the way would be,the fighting spirit was such high and strong. But somehow she got tired and sleep a lot, there was one time she is trying to do something and she pursue it, astonishing she made it. But after that, one whole week she just stay at home slept!

I love the crazy character of Oprah! I love you my cat!!


this is something that we need to say thank you to God, for having this nature that we have now. Something that we people have to say "THANK YOU LORD"

this is facing PACIFIC OCEAN...

the floating island

the rock formations..

The realization of life will happen even in just looking at the picture, it will help you think that this is something that we have to say what is necessary to the creator for this magnificent face of the world. Be aware about the GLOBAL WARMING is one step to help us saved the world. If not, what will happen to:

fish on the sea who shines every time we saw them?
beast on the field who moan for joy if they were full?
flowers that helps the man to make the woman to be impressed?
how about the trees that sways its hands for freedom?
what about those birds who sings for us everyday?
what about my family, your family?
my ever changing friends?
my ex's, your ex's?
my lover, your lover?
and what about YOU?
and what about ME?

Do you wanna end up your life, because of not being aware about the feelings of others? If these things can talk they would probably say: " can you help me to survive"...
Let us start make a change now, making little steps will help us to make the world to move for the better life. May this word will be the way for us to be aware. Don't make it too late for your self to help.


Just woke up when I heard my phone buzzing. I picked it, and read the message. It is my friends' text. It is just really amazing for me to read it because it gives me the idea of finding something to post on my blog.

So here it is.....

The largest cell in the human body is the FEMALE EGG.

The smallest is the MALE SPERM.

A full BLADDER is roughly size of the softball.

The average of man's PENIS is 3x the length of his THUMB( no erection).

The average SLIT of woman's VAGINA 2x the length of her THUMB.

It takes food 7 seconds to get from your MOUTH to your STOMACH..

P/S: i know you are still looking at your thumb.


We always dreamed to be somebody someday. To be like those people that we idolized the most. In other words, we dreamed to be professional someday, that dream was so sweet to hear in our ears and a wonderful thing for our hand. It is like a diamond that girls were wishing to have it, and it is like a car for boys that every time they see it, they were shouting one day soon they would owned something like that. Well we can wish and dream. The drive that we have inside help us to be patient to wait, and helped us to be more determined to achieve the word PROFESSIONAL.

And God blesses you so much, you achieve it. The things started to changed, from simple to fabulous, from rent house to a huge condo, from commuting to owning a BMW. So awesome to observed people grow up like this way, the breakthrough was really huge. I am happy for them.

To observed and see them, owning the world with fabulous things, A T M's, travels abroad was so fantastic! Wow, how i wish I can have it. And be like that, one day soon. But living with this things and be with this world was the most horrible life, I am not saying all of them, but somehow we forget who we are when have the power and the money itself. We thought that all people would respect us, and we can grip them easily.

So the things started to changed- and the attitude reaches its intense power. You become arrogant,boastful,unkind to people,you wanted to be the center of the attraction, and most of all you lose the respect that you have for them and for your self. You didn't care of what people feel, and what other thinks about you. It means " you never leave with other peoples' expectation". It is good to have this attitude, but somehow it is just too over for you to used it. That you might hurt some one because of this phrase. When you are in trouble, you used to focus on those bad things that your enemy has. You boast your self. And of course what you had achieve in life.

Is this the lesson that you had learned? In your grade and high school, did your teachers told you to be like this when you will have things that you wished? Did your parents instilled in your mind to be arrogant, once you will be professional? How about your church particularly the priest who baptized you? Friends influenced?

Now, do you deserved to be called as professional? And do you deserved for that great respect?

I think, it is NOT! Well definitely, and exactly its NOT! They never ever told you to do bad things when you get old, instead they taught good things,giving you good words, for you to used it, for your self and of course for people. This is not a competition! This is life, we need to achieved something for our selves, for our family to proud of, but if these things will just make you to be rude, "it is useless to have it". If you will just become stupid and be blinded with these achievements, " throw it" for these are just waste stuff who will probably lead you down.

Always remember that:" being professional never required college degrees, fame, nobleness, awards, and great stuff. It just asked one thing and that is the respect that will helped you realized, how wonderful is the life if you achieved something for all".


NO place is ever safe on earth. Nothing lasts forever.
Nice cars,
Grand houses, the presence of family and friends.
Everything is temporarily. Life is floating in a small water.
One thing that we can always rely on, is our great faith in God and our prayer for our selves.
Be thankful that you survived, because he made you stronger than ever.
To make you ready in eternal life.
Where in that place there would be no flood nor typhoon.
Sadness has no place. So think positive and win the world!


Hey there, I think 7 times if I will gona post this picture of mine.. (hahahahahaha)
this is just a fruit of my stress mind and life. You can mock it, if you want. But i will accept wonderful comment.. (hehehehehe).. Conquering the world of modeling, done with hosting, producing local tv shows,disc jockeying- so here comes the new model, hope Ford fashion model will give me the best treat for this. Look I show my buds, and it is not easy to do it. Your dignity itself. (hehehe).

Lets ride with the wind, and go where the breeze takes you!!!

there is always a place for me, I born to LOVE and BE LOVE....


We always had a bad story. An experience that led us down and make us weak. In that way that we had been through, we find nowhere to go, no person to talk to and helpless. We thought that this is the end of the world. That the dreams will be taken away from our hands. The hope was gone and seems the world is trying to hide her face from you. The depression inside of you, starting to eat and making you wasted. You lose your hope! You wish to die. And attempted to kill your self.


Angie: life is always awesome, it is always wonderful and sweet.
there are no boundaries nor barrier to hinder you in reaching your dreams
no more fears,no more doubts for life that you have is a blessing.
everything that you wished will be granted.
Love is a blessing, so keep it deep with in your heart.
face the battle, there are no other ways, this is the only life that you have.
depression will never hover your life again.
things will be changed.
you are more than conquerors!
you are a blessing not a cursed.
you are lucky not a problem
you are born different, so you can make a difference!

This is just a small gift of words from me, but it will help you a lot in making your dreams come true. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDS! MAY THE WONDERFUL GOD WILL BLESS YOU SO MUCH..


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