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How its gonna be like if it is GLOBAL WARMING?

this is something that we need to say thank you to God, for having this nature that we have now. Something that we people have to say "THANK YOU LORD"

this is facing PACIFIC OCEAN...

the floating island

the rock formations..

The realization of life will happen even in just looking at the picture, it will help you think that this is something that we have to say what is necessary to the creator for this magnificent face of the world. Be aware about the GLOBAL WARMING is one step to help us saved the world. If not, what will happen to:

fish on the sea who shines every time we saw them?
beast on the field who moan for joy if they were full?
flowers that helps the man to make the woman to be impressed?
how about the trees that sways its hands for freedom?
what about those birds who sings for us everyday?
what about my family, your family?
my ever changing friends?
my ex's, your ex's?
my lover, your lover?
and what about YOU?
and what about ME?

Do you wanna end up your life, because of not being aware about the feelings of others? If these things can talk they would probably say: " can you help me to survive"...
Let us start make a change now, making little steps will help us to make the world to move for the better life. May this word will be the way for us to be aware. Don't make it too late for your self to help.


  1. Wow! I love that small island... True enough, maybe it's high time for us to do something to save our future....

  2. for me the best way so that we can have a better life even there is a climate change is to love one another..iba ang pakiramdam kapag bawat isa ay may pagmamahalan..sayang at sa november ko pa ipost ang nakakainspire kong sinulat na tula na nabuo ko ng dumalo ako sa kasal ng pinsan ko na ang pamagat ay PANAWAGAN NA PAGMAMAHALAN..may mga nakalinya na kasi akong ipost..ang mga susunod ko pong post ang pamagat ay Rosas, Palagay MO Ba, Bahay Ni Kuya, at Magtulungan..

    walang higit pang sasaya kapag may pagmamahalan sa bawat isa..

  3. Anonymous10/17/2009

    watch the film age of stupid..


  4. that picture of what seemingly looks like a drowning island... that's quite sad.

  5. Xposaic- yeah it is awesome, lots of people, from local to tourist! at night you ill never see it. only at day time..

  6. Arvin- sometimes sad to hear bad reports about holocaust, but something to learned din for people..

  7. Save our environment our future..
    by the way ang ganda ng pictures lovely! ^_^


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