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Botox people.......


You think that i am quite crazy about posting this video of Janina San Miguel, it is quite long time when this incident happened. And most of Filipinos criticize her. The way she talks, and the big question was why did she made it and won the crown. For my self, yeah I did asked as well, are the judges were really good enough and why did they let Janina won the crown for "Binibining Pilipinas- World". Gosh, that is something hilarious! But when i realized that there must be a reason, why did Janina was announced as the winner that night. Okay, let me tell you what is the question for Janina that night.

"what rule did your family, flavor you as the candidate of Binibining Pilipinas"?...

This is extra ordinary question. It reflects on how the way your family helped you to be a winner, and how did they teach you of good moral character. Milli0ns of viewers around the world, especially here in our country speak on television,radio, and the hilarious comments on youtube. It is ridiculous, yeah I admit it. but one thing that I remember, there must be a great reason why did she made it. I wanted to let you know botox people that it is not easy joining that kind of competition. Most of them failed reaching top 15. You yourself, that you made it, you are proud enough, for this is something big, that your self had achieved!

Try to watch the video of this scandal( i can say that) considered as it is. You did as well.
And try to listen her answer on that question, might be you will be shocked and convinced yourself that I guess she really has the ability of winning the crown that night.
Botox people, you always have the tendency to judge, prejudice! but you don't know how to listen on one side, you don't know how to turned it to the next page. You focus on somebody's mistake just to let her down, instead of helping her, we derailed and show our bad and worst side. If you were Janina and being criticized by millions of people, including her, what would you do?

Something that we need to take a look. And be observant! Don't judge for you not to be judge. Focus one the last part.

Here is the brilliant answer that let her win the crown..

"But i said that my family is the most important persons in my life, thank you".

This is something that the judges based their decisions why did they allow Janina to win.
Your ridiculous comments, nasty words and worst verdicts that you threw on her, try to think back. If you are in that situation, what would you do? Enough Botox people!


  1. I agree, sa una talaga..kapag sa mga ganyang competition...ang napapansin natin ay ang mga maling grammar ng mga candidates...di maiwasan ng karamihan sa ating mga mamamayan ang ganyang manghusga...lalo na kung pang represent ng ating bansa. Pero kailangan din nating isipin na pwede pa syang i-train at mag improve sa English since ok naman ang sagot nya.
    Nice post.

  2. Meryl- thank you for the great comment. Akala ko you will disagree eh...

  3. Alam mo siguro nature na nating mga Filipino ang ganito. Galit na galit tayo pag may racist comment ang mga ibang lahi tungkol sa atin, pero hindi natin napapansin mas masahol pa pala tayo magsalita sa kapwa natin Filipino.

    Salamat sa laging pagbisita sa aking blog!!


  4. talagang minsan sa bawat patimpalak ay may pinapaboran ang judges na contestant..lalo na dito sa pilipinas..grabeh ang sabwatan ng mga judges at ibang tao na gustong papanalunin ang contestant nila..but janina san miguel sa pagkakaalam ko ay di siya nag represent sa ating bansa para sa isang big event pageant .....ewan kung ano iyon..natsismis nga na kaya nag back out dahil buntis..ewan basta nabasa ko lang sa diaryo..siya yata iyon si janina..

  5. we are living in an ESL (English as a second language) setting. when did we first learn English? as early as when we were in Pre-school or grade one come to that matter... so i guess, it is innate for us Filipinos to be grammar conscious. i know that some will say, what is language if not for communication? but English as a language like any other thing has rules to be followed.

    gaano na ba katagal ang Bb. Pilipinas? we are all aware na may QnA portion ang pageant, and Janina made it clear that it was her firs time to join and that she's vey young (at that time). all she had to do was wait some more years, prepare, train, so she could perfect the art of walking and posing... and the art of oral communication. if she did that, sana hindi siya naging katawa-tawa sa mata ng ibang tao....

  6. Drake- that is really true. And i agree with you!

  7. Arvin- that is what we called bribery. Well most of them wanted money that is why they accept it..

  8. Yj- i am aware of what you were saying, but we are not talking about that education thingies here, we are talking about how the way we act, if there is somebody who made a stupid mistake. And it becomes big issue. Well, most of us just love to be perfectionist. And if we look inside of us, are we perfect enough to write the nasty comments on youtube, that all people around the globe could read it? it just shows that most of us don't know who to discipline our selves in order to be respected.

  9. classic. ever since the day i saw this clip, i gave her the benefit of the doubt. baka naman kinabhan

    ;) hehehe

  10. thank you din sa visit and comments..nga pala..ano na ang update ke janina? naging runner-up ba pang international or world competition?


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