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Beauty Pageant is somehow for me one of the ideal thing to do in this world.  It's super flowery life the glamorous life, plus the prizes and the way women glide and strut their crafts it is undeniably  adorable. Women from different countries has their own version of beauty pageants. It' is either a " A beauty with a cause" to raise campaigns and awareness, or it is just a plainly money matter. But before we go on further let us know the history of  where beauty pageants started.

History of a Beauty Pageant :

The ancient European custom of choosing symbolic kings and queens for May Day and other festivities, wherein attractive young men and women, symbolizing their nation's virtues and other abstract ideas, were picked out laid the foundation for the modern beauty contest. P.T. Bartum was the man behind the first modern American pageant staged in 1854, but public protest did him and his idea in.As early as 1880, the first Bathing Beauty Pageant of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, took on the challenge as a means of promoting business and these beauty contests have now become a regular feature of summer beach life as well as great advertising platforms for beauty and products related to the good life often associated with it.


I just talked to myself, and said:

Nobody said you have to love someone, and get hurt. Nobody said, you have to makes friends and developed it to be come love. And let it grow and grow. I never as well gave any false hopes to anyone to fall for me. I wasn't prepared for whatever the result. I screwed up.I am wondering what really love means.

It is rude and selfish. Lusty and proud. But it is the sweetest thing in this world. It cannot be bartered by any earthly things in this world. As I grow up, I slowly understand, how love, moves and how it affects our lives. How does it gives us meaning and direction.

But sometimes, love as well abuse us. Makes us suffer from the consequences. Now, it even gives me hard time to think what it is.
It is inevitable.

I'm in vain..


  •  95% of  Men are into masturbating, compared to 89% of Women. 
  • For married individuals the rate is 70% for both men and women.
  • Fewer married Christian men 61% admit to masturbating.
  • Only 13% consider the practice normal.
  • Frequency :More than 40% of males and 22% of females admit to masturbating daily.
  • 55%of men and 48%masturbate at least once a week.
  • The average time a porno is watched in a hotel room is 12 minutes.


It's been a wonderful experienced staying in Mati city, though it's kinda boring since it's holy week- establishments were closed, and few people we're lurking on the small town. But it never hinder us on discovering something special about this small town.

Mati is surrounded by greenish mountains and it also faces pacific ocean. So once the tsunami hits this place, i know for sure it'll be wiped out on the map. Its culture and diversity are being preserved. The town is quite laid back, no harsh traffic, and seems the place is playing safe- it's mysterious. During our 2 days stay, we noticed some fantastic things about this small town. And that we discovered another fantastic beach resort  "the Masao Beach Resort"and a small island called Wanibad.. 


Be mesmerized with the crystalized water, the blue space which every human being believe it heals depression. One thing to say :  this is just awesome!

Travelling dawn is the worse thing for me, since I hate waking up early. But with that adrenaline rush my partner has, all I can say this Mati City has something to offer this holy week.  Went off with the peak speed of 120kl/hr we reached the place at exactly 8 am. It's  quite fast isn' it? Well, my partner does loved adventure and stuff.  Not familiar with the place, we stopped thrice to ask direction. It's annoying thing to do so, since we are from Davao region, 200 kilometers- but Mati City is the farthest Province of Davao. Hearing the sound of the giant waves we  couldn't hid the excitement from within...                                         (the view going to Mati city)


It was a sudden death, I couldn't believed you're gone and will never be seen forever. It brought me into tears, I swear the whole world stopped! I was deaf, mum, and shocked. I still couldn't believed that as simple as diarrhea will lead you to death. It's been a while since we talked, I was busy and also suffering from depression and fear. I was afraid, you might got mad and throw words which will lead us into fighting   again. I planned to talk to you, and apologize for what I have done wrong and what I have created- the damage, the pain and the insults  you received from me.

I wanna hear you talking and giving me advices , inspires me somehow. Telling me  "I can do it". Telling me life is good- and it is too short to mourn. I wished I could still hear you, I wish I could still see your smile and be filled with your undying great thoughts. Your smile always reminds me to do good. Your kindness lead me into doing it to others as well. You encouraged me to read more books, discover lots of things in this world. And to maximize the goodness of life.


We are mesmerized with how the magician creates illusions, how did they planned and amazed us with their undeniably scary tricks that once left us think twice, if it's for real of not. Do those assistants felt scared when they were at one time became a specimen.

Magic remains as one of the most celebrated job of all time. Magicians never made mistakes, their tricks were being played with fast hands, cooperation and the passion to give joy and amazement to audience.
It's quite disturbing on our part as we think twice what would happened to their assistants if they accidentally press, touch or made mistakes.

Honestly trick is scary. It's dangerous, and it requires passion to do it. it requires fast moves, agility, and the presence of mind.

So when wrong thing happens this is how it looks like :

Watch this !


Well it's confirm that Sunshine Corazon or better known as Charice is  will be seen again on the top television show Glee! As we all know she appeared on the last season of Glee, and people was rooting for her to go back.

She again will be blowing us with her rendition of "All by myself"  by Celine Dion. So watch out guys..


Now that the Binibining Pilipinas phenomenon had happen, the mania has already subsided. Some mourned, shed tears, and bashed  the newest winner which they believed their favorites were robbed and that they should have won the coveted titles. It's just too hard to ponder how fans really support their candidates in terms of cheering, they even spent money to vote thousands of times just to let their candidates won. And their love and passion for pageants is as hard as the rocks in canyon park. Well given the fact we Filipinos loved it.
                                                   the beautiful MJ


If there is  someone I would like to say thank you It would be "Maria Venus Raj!".. I could still remember how tough it was when she was fighting to regain her crown and to represent our country in MU. Her battle open the eyes of many, she inspired millions of lives and paved the way for the Philippine delegate in making the cut. We just wished to get into semi- but the tough Raj, declared she would make its final cut. With her determination, courage and her exotic beauty she was even hailed as one of the most beautiful candidate last year. Venus, truly you are the planet that shines and will continue to shine forever. 

Thank you for unleashing the curse that dominates from 2000 to 2009- we had sent tough,beautiful, and intelligent delegates but their radar never worked. And to enticed Donald Trump was really hard tasked to do. But because of your great beauty and intelligence you maked him salute and say this " Miss Philippines, is like she was born in Royalty.." As i could perceived, no one in the history of MU ever received this credit.

As you are going to pass on the crown and the title  as Binibining Pilinas Universe tomorrow, that doesn't mean we also passed our adoration and admiration to the new "Binibini". You will continue reigning and will be forever our queen- the exotic beauty of Brgy. Bato Camarines Sur- Bicol Region. You are the representation of an empowered Filipina!

May the Lord God Bless You and all your endeavors in life...

Good Luck Venus!


This day, I thanked God for the inner feeling of confidence and courage. Failure might be inevitable,yet His Love for me is way bigger and greater than the universe. My battle is just adorable as the blue sky, fantastic as the view of the sun,wonderful as the morning glory. It blooms from the inside out.

As my journey takes another path, everyday I consider it as especially made, to savor the goodness of it- to continue being good and share the love that gives me reason to survived every day.

Healing the pain, and moving forward is as good as the breakfast with hot dog and egg. As sweet as the scents of brewed coffee.

May you continue loving and caring others. Share the goodness of life and the wonders of being loved.
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