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The Good and Bad Side of a Beauty Pageant...

Beauty Pageant is somehow for me one of the ideal thing to do in this world.  It's super flowery life the glamorous life, plus the prizes and the way women glide and strut their crafts it is undeniably  adorable. Women from different countries has their own version of beauty pageants. It' is either a " A beauty with a cause" to raise campaigns and awareness, or it is just a plainly money matter. But before we go on further let us know the history of  where beauty pageants started.

History of a Beauty Pageant :

The ancient European custom of choosing symbolic kings and queens for May Day and other festivities, wherein attractive young men and women, symbolizing their nation's virtues and other abstract ideas, were picked out laid the foundation for the modern beauty contest. P.T. Bartum was the man behind the first modern American pageant staged in 1854, but public protest did him and his idea in.As early as 1880, the first Bathing Beauty Pageant of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, took on the challenge as a means of promoting business and these beauty contests have now become a regular feature of summer beach life as well as great advertising platforms for beauty and products related to the good life often associated with it.

The Good side of a Beauty Pageant :

Philippines is one of the countries who constantly sent gorgeous women in the arena of beauty pageants internationally. And the beautiful "filipina" will chosen every year, to represent the country. Every year nations who strive to get the title choose the best of the best- then they would compete and the new queen will be hailed. The goodness of winning the pageant are the freebies, the money, and the easiest way to get into stardom. It also paves the way of every woman who wanted to raise their voices on the issues which they imagined it was impossible to be heard. To gain lots of friends, and to meet notorious people in the world of fashion, politics and even in show business.

The Bad side of a Beauty Pageant :

Though beauty pageant is the sweetest thing to have for every women, but somehow there's another story behind this very glamorous life of a woman. Controversies are everywhere. Countries who are obsessed with it tends  to create an ideal feature of what woman should be. They tend to create impossibility to make it possible of the human naked eye. Discrimination is everywhere.

Such as :

  • woman should obtain a perfect body.
  • woman should have atleast 5'5 height to get into the arena of pageantry. But in Latin America where aspirants should at least be 5'7.
  • woman should have great skin. Fair and perfect.
  •  woman should have beauty and charisma that would enticed people locally as well as international.

Venezuela a South American country, produced plenty of gorgeous women, they even hailed as the "country of beauty. " Earning 5 Miss Universe, 5 Miss World and a lot more.  This country is being obsessed on creating perfect women, that they even hired Plastic Surgeon to change every details of what women has and come up with a new invention which they called " A perfect and Ideal Women of Today". No doubt that most countries of today, are mimicking the Venezuelan view of a beauty queen. Now that World Pageantry is evolving, we just have to wait for a new change and a new view of what pageantry should be.


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