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A new journey....

You have the freedom to speak, a chance to shout what you feel inside. You have the right to accused me, regardless of what i feel and think. Setting apart is not the easiest way  in every relationship. Forgetting all those promises that we made. Moving on, to another horizon and finding love again. All people believed that we cannot find love, instead, if we have the patience to wait then it will come.

But one thing would be, you can never say that my love for you, fades like a morning mist. We are not counting any reasons why our love never last. As we all know, love is not the question, it's the commitment and the situation that somehow we cannot managed. Watching your eyes with tears, makes me uncomfortable. I felt like am  great burden that you are carrying. It was a roller coaster love. I know, you got hurt. You can call me liar. But i know i am not. Leaving you is not a negative thing, but another chance to meet new one, a person that would love you, and i know would fill what's empty. I am sorry.

This must be one of the hardest decision that i made, to put to an end. We are building  a great foundation, but forgot to find the best material for it.  We  built it with passion, but we never noticed ourselves pushing it through, just to see the outcome. We let our emotions managed and hover our minds. We cannot sew back the broken stitches. Instead, we can find great weave, to create a wonderful muumuu. I know, everyday you hark back, those twinkle times that we shared together.

You can call me stupid guy, if that would  at ease you. I have to go, not because i don't need you anymore. But i have to go, for a great reason, for you to have the real one, you can call me spurious. If it will help you to release the pain inside. Get mad! I will accept it.You are smart and i know, in the end, when you have that person, i am talking you will just understand the whole story. We don't don't need to turn it to the next page, when we never understand the previous.

For now, all i can say " we need to move on" and let the journey takes us to where it ends. Hope, you will be happy soon. If i messed up your life,   and if i just made you cry please forgive me. I am sorry for everything that i have done wrong. I'm only human.


  1. u must have loved her (or u still do?) atleast naging honest ka. it would hurt somehow but it will help. goodluck! ;)

  2. i understand you..its not easy but you that person must understand that not every relationship lasts and that we should therefore move one and find someone that could truly make us happy..

    reply on my blog :3

  3. mishi: yeah, i love that person so much..

  4. ayu: thanks baby.. thank you for that advice.

  5. awitin mo na lang ang kanta na victims of love,hehe..

  6. aww. that's sad.

    well, like what has been said in the movie i watched..

    Some things are not meant to last;
    they just take a place in your heart
    and make you smarter the next time.

  7. arvin: para yatang jinojoke moko ah.. hehehehe

  8. ambiguous_angel: wow, that tickles my ear..

  9. We're officially linked at the hips now Tim. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again, I will do the same, Glenn

  10. Wow, I love, love, love your blog! I particularly love the title and the design/layout. Good job!

    Thanks for visiting over at my place today. I'm sure we'll see each other again real soon.

  11. wow, how awesome!

  12. Me-Me King: thank you meme, anyway i like to go back at your blog...

  13. take it easy man. ;-)

  14. We cannot keep the butterfly in the glass forever, but instead we have to let her spread her wings to fly freely...

    It's time to let go. I know it's hard but it's the only best thing that we can do...

    Ingatz parekoy!

  15. jag: yes sir!! hehehehehe

  16. Aaawww... it takes a lot of courage for a man to accept his mistakes... good for you! and i wish her well...jejejejeje

  17. Sometimes relationships really have to end.
    It's sad, but sometimes that's what life dictates.

    I admit, I'm not a fan of these types of things. Leaving someone for the other to find a better person or something, that is.

    If he/she doesn't want to end the relationship, then why assume that you can't be the one that's meant to be with that person?

    Nevertheless, I understand reasons. Sometimes that's just the way it has to be.

  18. I am Xprosaic: naku naman.. masakit..

  19. Leona : i totally agree with you leona..


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