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I know you are wondering, for the whole two weeks i haven't updated my blog, sending comments and visiting other blogs too. Not because i was lazy or damn, i just faced some great and terrifying obstacles that shook my life all at once.

I was sick for two weeks, having those great swell on my face and body was the most embarrassing moment i had in my life. Forehead,head,neck,face and even my kissable lips was damaged by this holocaust. I got swollen lips that brought me into tears, thinking it won't be okay anymore. Or the scars will remained  forever. I was the afraid of what would be is the outcome of it.

Lack of faith and trust in God makes me weak and tired. I couldn't even  move my feet, not even going to comfort room alone, so i need some assistant to guide me and put me in a throne while pooping. Really hilarious to think! I live with my best friend  Faith, so she was my assistant and my preacher,encouraging me to pray and repent, for that is the only way for me to be healed. I was deaf and numb, thinking it won't help me at all. So the time comes that i need to remove all those milk staying on my wounds, but i got no money to go to the doctor and let it checked or be cured. Holy God!

So it means i need to undergo some practical assistance, removing those messy stuff  that occupies my face, she needs to removed those milk and put this terrible alcohol so that it won't be infected. While she was performing the tasks, she told me not to cry, because Satan would be happy while listening, so every time she removes it, i need to praise God, so that He will be glorified and He will help me. It was a hard task to performed at all. Somebody's pressing your wounds,while you are praising God, and the blood kept on flowing. It was horrible to think.. Thank God everything she said, happens and the miracle of God, really helped me a lot. Those moaning style of praising God ,really help.

Surviving one catastrophe never determined that you already made it, and you win. It was Wednesday last week when i found something that swells on my right and upper leg. It was painful to touched. I checked and asking ate Faith it is swollen, and really hurts. We pray and she told me to repent and let the deliverance of God happens, because it was the fruit of the FORNICATION that i had done in my life. Too much sex! But i am thankful it is not HIV. So i need to face this punishments that God wanted me to learned. It was hard and crappy to move. Moan,pain and struggle to sleep at night was really hard. There was a time that  we need to put some ice just to let the pain stopped. Gruesome experience.

It was Friday dawn, i  need to pee, so i slowly  crawl and slowly open the door so that ate Faith won't be bothered, because i know she was really tired of helping me. Trying to be careful, when i noticed the blood on my right leg, so i shuddered outside the room to washed it, but the time that i stepped my foot out,  great blood spoiled on the way! I wished it was just blood, but when ate Faith smells  the "out of this world" scent that occupied the place,  she vomit. I was then standing on the door trying to be calm, beyond those blood that spoiled plus the odorous scent that messed up the whole thing. I felt pain and tired. It was awkward when that blood scattered in the floor, because the next room would probably be occupied too. And i know they would smell it too.

Tears that kept falling on my eyes was innumerable. Countless flowing of the odorous blood makes me weak. I was afraid, but the true spirit of friendship takes over and we hold on together to pursue and let the challenge be over with out going to the doctor. Everytime she pressed the hole to clean it and get those milk and blood she always tells me to pray. Holding our hands together to overcome the pain was the most fulfilling  scene to be kept. She shared a lot of thoughts she had learned from the Bible and her daily encounter with God. We both pray and we both overcome the challenge that once shook my life.

It was a lesson to be learned, to  put everything in order. And put God first before everything. I didn't go to the doctor to be checked nor i took medicine only prayer and great faith in Him, makes the world brighter than ever.


I was browsing the net when i checked my facebook an  find your name  on it. No hesitations  at all, i  added  you as an online friend. Time  came that we  chat, i was so sarcastic and  felt so high, not knowing your side at all. I guess it is one of my  crappy behavior judging   people  and trying not to listen.  So bad think that i did it to you..

I was so naive again! But  amazing thing was, you  still   treat me as your friend . And that was awesome. Knowing you is chance,  me as your friend   is lucky enough to know you real. I am so greatful  that you shared some time with me,  having coffee and sharing our deepest darkest secret, it was fun  for me. To know that i am lucky enough  to have this thin bud , because you liked thinner guys.. LOL..

I wanted to hug and kiss you, whoa! But i don't wanna to hurt somebody who owns you now. It is like i am making fun of my self. I  believe "what i sow is always what i reaped".  So i am afraid  of  KARMA !!

But if only i have given a chance, this day, whoa, won't  let it pass. But so sad, there would no chance at all. hahahahaha.. I am tryin g to let you feel  i like Kurt, yeah i do, but   facing you, and staring that great eyes, was  such an amazing thing to do. A goofy guy, nice one..

One thing, you forgot  to gave that almond that you been keeping almost 2 weeks now. I  don't know how does it look like this days.. I am planning of meeting you again, this night and i may seduce  you, hahahaha..  I wonder, if you can kiss my lips, as you saw having this weirdo shit allergy (  thanks  for the meds it helps a lot.) But am a good kisser though.. Thats's an asset. So i guess you will enjoy it. LOL..

This is an illusion, the outcome of my derriere  sex life.. So don't take  it seriously.. You have two options: take it or leave it. hahahaha. You better take it.

To close this wet hole, let me say " THANK YOU SO MUCH"  for being nice  and a good friend..


It is really hot in here.. Really hot..Not with those hot guys  and girls this summer, but  because of everything that happens in our country today. ELECTION CAMPAIGN..

According to Pulse Asia: Filipinos find it hard to choose the right person to be elected because of this numerous fights, undying issues and  saliva killings..
 January : 3  %
February : 6 %
March     : 9 %
This is the percentage that Pulse Asia released. And it shown here that most of the  Filipinos were undecided, not to vote or refused, this is due to the highly camera trick attitude and issues of  those people who run for their wealth and not for this country!!!

And i am talking about politics.. whoa, eyes were open i guess. I know it is. We all know that it is just weeks ahead and we will gonna choose our new president,vice president,senators,and more... Nerve wracking when we look at the next page, what would be is the ending of this, is it another lies and corruptions?Another blood spoiled in the ground. Or another " PEOPLE POWER"... Really bad to think it if is, faith and prayers counts a lot. Intrigues and those boos that we heard from each of our presidentiables, banging around, throwing those nasty jest that would shook this little archipelago.

How then is an educated man? This is my big and bolder question to those politicians who run, and aiming to win. Until now, it is remain uncertain.. And i don't know if it will remain thesame forever. Hope it won't.. News have been teaching us and giving great ideas whom are we going to choose to lead this nation with courage,love,integrity,loyalty, and faith in God, so on and so for..

Are you confused, and tired with their bizarre contentions?  The time run so fast, but our memories remained undecided, empty and worried. Admittedly i am worried about this matter.. To think that, politician only aims  good and healthy election, so shall it be. We are fighting for our future, for the next generation, and hoping to have a wonderful life, that even our great great grand fathers aimed it decades ago. If you believe we still have the reason to live and let this nation emerged and succeed, then we all know what to do. To vote- but this precious letters we are writing would definitely  lead us into success or failure. Great chances happened once, but when we choose to let that chance happened but the result is a great  CHANGE then we will choose the right one. Each of us have this so called  "chicken". And hope this chicken will lead its chicks really good and prosper!

"People don't know how much you know, until they know how much you care."


I guess you would definitely agree with me, if i will say we wanted friends to  to lean on and ofcourse to be with us everytime we needed one. Admittedly I am.

My last 2 posts a while back talked about my friendship with Faith, our struggle to saved this and ofcourse to enjoy the moment everytime we were together. i am 19 and she's 29, but the age never been a great deal for us. We managed it very well, and since she is older than me, she told me lots of things to help me grow up as a young mature guy. And telling me great things about life, opportunities and my faith in God.

A chinita lass, came from a brood of well known people in our  country, but that never reflects on her personality as a person. Though her blood somehow, tells me that we can't still deny the fact that she's still on that edge, but she kept on sayin' to me " sila lang ang meron,wala ako".  Might be when we talked about money and fame, but when we talked about love,care and faith in God she got that all. A true friend of mine. Guys' never been tired of posting something about her, she just deserved it. A true friend, who is willing to share or give if you need it, a pure heart and a strong faith in God, though the world is crazy at this time, but she kept that spirit of optimism, that " things will gonna be okay" that is if we only believed to the power of love.

Finding real friend  is hard to do, it is like digging  those great holes to find a treasure and a bunch of gold. And sometimes we thought that we found that great wealth, assumingly. But when juncture happens, they fled away, and leave us undone. So sad to think that way, but it happens most of the time.  Fake friendship...

Here's the thing: "when you found that true friend, don't waste time to grasp and let them stay. Because once true friend, will always be a true friend".. They're those live angels sent by God for us! So take good care of them..

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