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I was browsing the net when i checked my facebook an  find your name  on it. No hesitations  at all, i  added  you as an online friend. Time  came that we  chat, i was so sarcastic and  felt so high, not knowing your side at all. I guess it is one of my  crappy behavior judging   people  and trying not to listen.  So bad think that i did it to you..

I was so naive again! But  amazing thing was, you  still   treat me as your friend . And that was awesome. Knowing you is chance,  me as your friend   is lucky enough to know you real. I am so greatful  that you shared some time with me,  having coffee and sharing our deepest darkest secret, it was fun  for me. To know that i am lucky enough  to have this thin bud , because you liked thinner guys.. LOL..

I wanted to hug and kiss you, whoa! But i don't wanna to hurt somebody who owns you now. It is like i am making fun of my self. I  believe "what i sow is always what i reaped".  So i am afraid  of  KARMA !!

But if only i have given a chance, this day, whoa, won't  let it pass. But so sad, there would no chance at all. hahahahaha.. I am tryin g to let you feel  i like Kurt, yeah i do, but   facing you, and staring that great eyes, was  such an amazing thing to do. A goofy guy, nice one..

One thing, you forgot  to gave that almond that you been keeping almost 2 weeks now. I  don't know how does it look like this days.. I am planning of meeting you again, this night and i may seduce  you, hahahaha..  I wonder, if you can kiss my lips, as you saw having this weirdo shit allergy (  thanks  for the meds it helps a lot.) But am a good kisser though.. Thats's an asset. So i guess you will enjoy it. LOL..

This is an illusion, the outcome of my derriere  sex life.. So don't take  it seriously.. You have two options: take it or leave it. hahahaha. You better take it.

To close this wet hole, let me say " THANK YOU SO MUCH"  for being nice  and a good friend..


  1. hmm..wer often meet new people online but caution should still be present :)

    (ps. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  2. minsan may nakikilala talaga tayong tao sa facebook na nagkakagusto tayo,hehe..

  3. hmmm iba talaga nagagawa ng mga pa-view-view ng profile sa mga socilat networking sites... maraming nabubuong kuning. tsk tsk

  4. Lolz. Kaya nga ingat sa pag-view view haha. At baka ma-in love ng todo. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  5. teka natamaan ata ako ngayon nito. halos lahat pala ng ex crushes ko nakita ko sa facebook. hehehe

    ayan tuloy parang tinamaan ako ng kung ano. ouch pero okay lang. that's life!


  6. I agree with ayu...

    Pero ok lng un lalake k nmn eh hehehe...

  7. ayu: yup tama ka talaga dyan ayu.. thank you sa paalala

  8. arvin: hehehehehe, naku..

  9. hoshi: kaya nga eh..

  10. Sino si Todd?
    ito yong gusto mong post na basahin ko?


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