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Working as a call center agent is a tough decision to be made. A strong feeling, a fighter, performer, competitor and have the ability to make and produce a sale. In order to work in this one of a kind industry, you have to surpassed rigid training, you must be a highly trainable agent to compete with colleagues.
It is an industry of hard work,smart ,patience, confidence,wise, and a determination that at the of the shift you made what is necessary, and that is to make a sale. You must be an asset and a not a liability for other agent. It will jeopardize the category of your account. Taking calls, is not that easy, every people that you might talked over the phone were always different. Some are good, some are rude. There were always positive and a negative side of being in a call center industry. As i said at the top, it is one of the most tough work you will ever had. The moment that you were accepted in this job, would be the moment to be ready. It is not for the manager nor for the people working in here. But for your self. Because you your self is your number one enemy. It refers to your attitude, untidy to woke up late at night.
In this industry, you will be able to learn to be a good friend a follower and at the same time as a member of the team. Waking up late at night is not that easy, your body clock is really different.
Since they were receiving and calling costumers abroad, they must depend on their costumer's time.
You are intiltled to perform and that is to call and get your costumer's attention to buy what you are selling. To deal with them is another thing to be done. How to get their attention? How can you close a deal without any negativity that would lead them to hang up on you. Some tough agent says that making a succesful sale must be started in a wonderful introduction, which would switched costumer's mind like talking to an old friend. But somehow, in the middle of this conversation it is on you on how to introduce your product by not letting them know that they were purchasing something. It must be different to what sales man normally do. You need to build a rapport,be with them and fry them with their own delicious oil.
It is not a lie nor a scam but a trick on how to make a sale with out any reason for the costumer's to hang up.
We know that life is not always with you all the time. Sometimes you will experienced rejection.
And that is a part of a call center agent's life. Normally when you take calls, 70% of this were answering machines,voice mail, gate keeper and an arrogant business owners, the moment that you start introducing your name is the moment they hang up on you. Well it is normal, but sometimes agents bacame rude. And they do what costumers normally did to them as well. I think that is really terrible. In the middle of the conversation you must be a captain of your own ship. To know where to land, it depends on how you bring it to the end. Hassle is always a part of it, annoying sounds, costumer's excuses and their questions that would possibly ended up the call.
It is always said that being in a battle, you must have the weapon, to sustained in the terrific way of action. A nerve wracking objections, husky voices, and sometimes a stupid negative, and a close minded people that never look unto positive side of your offer. Well agents cannot blamed them, nor force them to go through, might be a bad experience or they were just all set. It is a stepping stone, once you reach on the peak and never get it through, well no sad- you must be happy for that is one step to close a deal. It is just like a pen, you need to sharpened your weapon and that is to learn more and associate with people who could help you to ended your call with a sale..It is always wonderful to have a sale, but it is great to experienced sometimes a rejections to make you more determined and to persevere to finish it with a great smile in your face.
Admittedly agents were paid to perform, make a sale. But you cannot brag things, make it into a possible way to make a sale. Just set your mind, sleep and maybe later this next big thing you can have it. It is not always a rain of blessings, you are intitled to make a sale, but consideration counts.
Absolutely awesome, if you did make a sale. And realize that it is wonderful working in a challenging industry like a call center. And after days of calling you will be receiving the outcome of your endeavor, that family would be the first people to benefit it. Seeing them happy festing food they have, seeing them satisfied with what they ate,I pressume it is one of the greatest treasure be kept. I dont care how tough it is, what i care the most is their smile and hug that softens all the area of my life. It all comes with in. Hearing thank you from them is such a blessing.
So that means in this industry, it never matter's how good you are, what matters alot is on how you take it from your heart.

Because at the end of the conversation, no matter how good you are, how smoothly delivered the words.
Only one question: How can i close this call, to considered as a friendly closing deal.


There is always a time for every season. A time to start and a time to end. A time to sow and a time to reap. A time to say hello and a time to say goodbye. We choose what kind of life we wanted to live,we are the responsible of what is the outcome of it. either it is bad or good, we will be the reaper of what is inclined for that decision. so that means decision matters a lot. In life, we tried to be good but sometimes we become obsessed, for being is good is great but when we look at the other side of life, it is not always good to be good,for sometimes you need to be mad in order find the great result that heart is looking for it. Balanced means life,Life means balanced.It is not really necessary of what you've done, but what you learned from the mistaked that you did. It is better to be wrong than to act like you are right, but infact you were showing the real meaning of mistake. People just need to be listen to. Sometimes we need to listen to what people said, for the outcome of it, is not a self derailing, but a self development. For being in this world, it is necessary to listen to other people. For golden advices is being learned through their experiences that teached them how to drive life easily. Glanced back, and you will see your self, hear the sounds and you will noticed that not all good were praised, and not all bad being mocked. It's all in the mind. All I can say is life is being learned and not being imposed. So that means:


Hoping for someone to love you back is the most tiring phase of life in this world.To make things happen, letting your self to understand some one is hard to do. But when your heart was being caught with the terrible thing called ( LOVE) it will never say never, for the heart demands what someone's needed. Always said that you will always find Love, sometimes always think that you will never fall in love again. It is unbelievable, making a promise not to fall in love again is a damn thing. When heart tells you what to do, no matter how powerful your mind is, it will losen up. No power that would destroy love. And its dignity. It is just that exist. U dont know what love means, nobody would say what is Love in one specific answer, all people has their own definition for love.
Now tell me, do you have a one specific answer: if im gonna ask you WHAT IS LOVE FOR YOU?
Tell me then..
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