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Timothy Jian Smithson

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Here comes the time

There is always a time for every season. A time to start and a time to end. A time to sow and a time to reap. A time to say hello and a time to say goodbye. We choose what kind of life we wanted to live,we are the responsible of what is the outcome of it. either it is bad or good, we will be the reaper of what is inclined for that decision. so that means decision matters a lot. In life, we tried to be good but sometimes we become obsessed, for being is good is great but when we look at the other side of life, it is not always good to be good,for sometimes you need to be mad in order find the great result that heart is looking for it. Balanced means life,Life means balanced.It is not really necessary of what you've done, but what you learned from the mistaked that you did. It is better to be wrong than to act like you are right, but infact you were showing the real meaning of mistake. People just need to be listen to. Sometimes we need to listen to what people said, for the outcome of it, is not a self derailing, but a self development. For being in this world, it is necessary to listen to other people. For golden advices is being learned through their experiences that teached them how to drive life easily. Glanced back, and you will see your self, hear the sounds and you will noticed that not all good were praised, and not all bad being mocked. It's all in the mind. All I can say is life is being learned and not being imposed. So that means:


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