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Timothy Jian Smithson

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In time of loneliness, there is fun;
Deep with in your suffering
lies the beauty of your dreams,
Love and care will soon happen together...

If you feel tired and blue
look up to the sky
stare the free comets and fireflies
close your eyes and we will fly....

Feel free to dream,
like you've never dream before,
Laugh and yell and ring the bell
think of something that will make everything...

Love is the answer of failure
Failure is just in mind
think of success, live free
Live according to what you believe..

In hopeless times i am here
In  distress, let your mind fly
In pain let your heart spread
Love and love again and again...

Feel the spirit of life
shine like the stars in heaven
Spread your wings
Live life to the fullest...


Kadayawan sa Davao 2010, happened successfully. A magnificent celebration of unity and harvest  of davaoenos, from flowers to fruits. Truly Davao remains number one when we talked about celebration. The famous "indak indak sa kadalanan" was one of the most craving to watch for, unlike other street dancing competitions, indak indak talked about Unity, Courage, and Love for our city. It is not only a celebration of bounty harvests, but a chance also to know  the heritage,cultures and tribes that Davao city boasts.

Tourists,locals and even celebrities joined to feel the presence of  this livable city in Asia, millions of people from other places came and celebrate.

Another thing was "Hiyas ng Kadayawan" unlike other beauty pageants, Hiyas showcases talents and beauty from the ten tribes that Davao has, from Ata, Maranao,Maguindano,Kagan,Tausug, to  Ovu Manuvo, the ladies will represent their tribes and how they lived, and their beliefs. For this years' hiyas Ata tribe won, Bernadette 21,  who only measures 4'11 in height and a not typical beauty queen look alike, she represents her tribe with love and passion in preserving it. She bagged the crown as "Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2010"  and a major award given by Smart Telecom, she never really expects that she will make it, but one thing for sure her answer led her in triumph. during the pageant she was asked  "in her own opinion, will she win the crown tonight"  truly sometimes huge voice comes from the shortest ones, then she said " YES, i will definitely win to night, because i carry the  authenticity and my love and passion for my tribe,  in preserving it, no mix blood, this is the real face of Ata tribe ."  I never expected that she will made it or even to reach the top 5, or to get major awards, but she got so lucky!

Once again, Davao City marked a great celebration, that people should look up to, it was held peacefully! Happy kadayawan sa Davao...........


I just love the song that says, " earthquakes can't shake us, cyclones can't break us, hurricane can't take away our love... " It is the spirit that lead us into that conclusion, glancing back on our failures would really never helped us to attain our goals in life. It is always perseverance would matter in the game of life. Stories of survival that we can learned from, and also we can apply it on our own.

Her stunning beauty and intelligence just really spectacular, fighting for her right and to be justified is an amazing act to follow. Tall, gorgeous and intelligent. I am talking about   "Maria Venus Raj" our strong contestant for Miss Universe 2010. Once dreamed to be a beauty queen, achieved it but suddenly taken from her, but in her pursuit for justice by dethroning her, she claimed it, because she knows she deserved to be. She deserved to represent our country in this most prestigious beauty pageant. All eyes were on her, sexy body that takes the tape 35,22,35 a body of an endearing Filipina. A beauty that represents courage, confidence, persevered woman of today. She is the perfect representation of woman who we're abused and down graded by community.

She bagged the title as "Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010" which i knew she will have it. It was one of her dreamed to win the title, the "Bicolana" beauty who lives simple life in the middle of a rice field, her runway was a narrow path, that you will never thought it was, because of her perfect move,poise and pose. Her perseverance in life was just amazing,  to achieved her goals and dreams in life. to make something better, and to taste the sweetness of being able to buy what you want, and being satisfied with what you need.

Dethroned and somehow robbed the crown from her, the issue was "inconsistency of her documents" teary eyed lass, was fighting for her crown but the main reason was she is fighting for her right. Venus is a half filipina and Arabian, her dad was from Qatar where she was born, with this inconsistency that BPCI was trying to tell us, was really shallow. BPCI told Venus to sign the resignation letter, or she will be dethroned. It was painful for her to know the fact that she will be doing the things which she never deserved to be.

Inconsistency of her birth credentials was a big challenge for Venus, crying for help and thanked God a lot of people sympathized, and help her to claim her crown. Her confidence to claimed it was another thing. Media we're  feasting the issue about her dethronement, on how will she claimed it again.

Wait for the next page to come...


Question :

Something about love, but rejected
For you who is alone and undone
Helpless and depressed of something
Thinking life is worthless.......

Something about fulfillment, but failure
Blurry dreams and a blind passion
A dead investment of  love
Compassion finds no room....

Something about family, but broken
United we stand,but broken when we fall
Thirst and hunger take over
For love and care is all been wishing...

The room of  hope and freedom
Until when the suffering lasts
Until when the emptiness reign
For this life that is full of vain........

Answer :

The battle of life is not for great
nor to the strongest  man
the harder the better it would take
the fulfillment of life is happiness....

To you who is rejected in love
Find no room to be loved
To love yourself has a mansion for it
Because to love is to live....

Life is not for people who succeed
Game is not for people who are better
To win in the game is senseless
If you don't have the effort from doing it.......

The battle is for the unqualified
For people who thinks it's impossible
To you who think cannot make it
To me who failed and depressed...

Think to quit not, chance will come
Luck will drop by, and will make you smile
Success will happen all at once
And it will make you a man............


It was already too late to celebrate the birthday of my Blog. Actually its birthday was july 26, but then i am not in the mood of celebrating it. So i wasn't able to do the plans which i made way back.

At this moment, making this award i was in the middle of trouble, i went home late and the battery of my phone was empty, i don't know what to do, lurking and finding some resting place to let my eyes relaxed. It is actually my fault, because i didn't went home early,so right now, i am really sleepy tired, so i just went to this cafe and trying to think what else can i do, to wait til the morning comes. It is hard to wait actually. Instead of lurking i better stay at one place then surf. Chat, read, listening to music is all i have now, i felt so damned sad, it feels like i am a prisoner, "hows its gonna be like one"..

So guys i want you kknow that i will be giving YOU  an aaward thar i made. It is special, it talks about friendship as you can see. Just copy and paste it on your web page too, or you can also do some posting thingy on this award. It is up to you.

To you

Jag, feil-kun, Arvin, Angels' little secret, ayu, I am Xprosaic, Glentot, Night Crawler, benh, An_ indecent mind, ced, Daij, Maggie, Sendo Lion heart, Angie, Donster, Life, love and lust, DJepoy ......

and many more who drop and write their comments on this blog you can copy and paste this on your blog.. thank you so much!!

thank you so much................


my heart is burning in pain
wanted to escape from depression
weary and bloody inside
nobody knows how it's gonna be like...

love has no boundaries
worries took over
the beat palpitates
slowly goin' farther...

craving for new life
hoping for a new hope
live like a wood in the lake
no heart, no direction....

a human nature to be sad
sad of nothing, but banging inside
shaking my whole
leaving me empty....

where the heart remains' speechless
where the emotions' stagnant
a gypsy who dreamed to be good
till dawn he had waited for one....

i am a dreamer but has no dreams
a lover but has no love
a survivor but disgorge
meaningless poem would be this...
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