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The fight for Justice

I just love the song that says, " earthquakes can't shake us, cyclones can't break us, hurricane can't take away our love... " It is the spirit that lead us into that conclusion, glancing back on our failures would really never helped us to attain our goals in life. It is always perseverance would matter in the game of life. Stories of survival that we can learned from, and also we can apply it on our own.

Her stunning beauty and intelligence just really spectacular, fighting for her right and to be justified is an amazing act to follow. Tall, gorgeous and intelligent. I am talking about   "Maria Venus Raj" our strong contestant for Miss Universe 2010. Once dreamed to be a beauty queen, achieved it but suddenly taken from her, but in her pursuit for justice by dethroning her, she claimed it, because she knows she deserved to be. She deserved to represent our country in this most prestigious beauty pageant. All eyes were on her, sexy body that takes the tape 35,22,35 a body of an endearing Filipina. A beauty that represents courage, confidence, persevered woman of today. She is the perfect representation of woman who we're abused and down graded by community.

She bagged the title as "Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2010" which i knew she will have it. It was one of her dreamed to win the title, the "Bicolana" beauty who lives simple life in the middle of a rice field, her runway was a narrow path, that you will never thought it was, because of her perfect move,poise and pose. Her perseverance in life was just amazing,  to achieved her goals and dreams in life. to make something better, and to taste the sweetness of being able to buy what you want, and being satisfied with what you need.

Dethroned and somehow robbed the crown from her, the issue was "inconsistency of her documents" teary eyed lass, was fighting for her crown but the main reason was she is fighting for her right. Venus is a half filipina and Arabian, her dad was from Qatar where she was born, with this inconsistency that BPCI was trying to tell us, was really shallow. BPCI told Venus to sign the resignation letter, or she will be dethroned. It was painful for her to know the fact that she will be doing the things which she never deserved to be.

Inconsistency of her birth credentials was a big challenge for Venus, crying for help and thanked God a lot of people sympathized, and help her to claim her crown. Her confidence to claimed it was another thing. Media we're  feasting the issue about her dethronement, on how will she claimed it again.

Wait for the next page to come...


  1. good luck sa kanya..manalo sana siya..

  2. I really love Venus Raj. Sana talaga makapasok sya sa top 5 this coming Miss Universe 2010.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipino, Mabuhay ka Venus Raj!

  3. Arvin: sana nga eh..

  4. Fiel_kun: mabuhay na mabuhay din sa pag balik mo..

  5. Ganda nya sana manalo sya sa Miss U

  6. glentot: sana nga talaga..

  7. I love her! I'm so excited! If she doesn't at least place, the world will be a worse place to live in. hahaha.

  8. Ang galing nga kasi parang sya yung kauna unahan kung nakita na candidate na talgang may passion at gusto makuha ang pagkapnalo. Feeling ko talagang may laban tayo!dahil diyan ivovote ko sya sa MS. Universe website, tsaka grabe no?dreams come tru talaga kasi pangarap niya talaga to!:)

  9. im really hoping we'll get the crown this time. good luck to her.

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  11. Fickle Cattle : thanks for dropping by..

  12. stevevhan :tama ka talaga, sana nga she will get in..

  13. dong ho and ayu: yup you both right

  14. josh: i wish i could..


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