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I wouldn't find any reason not to talk, I wouldn't find any reason not to continue in this journey of life, and definitely I wouldn't find any reason not to smile. These are just few of those remarkable words that i heard from someone whom i thought would never think about positive things in life.  A hopeless human being.

But it is always wonderful, when you find out, that there are those people who were dragged down and became a victim of tragic happenings, as for yourself it wouldn't be good to smile anymore. Watching them slowly moving forward was one of the best thing to treasure. Just got interested on one person that makes everything still possible, beyond the fact that he is unable. How did he survived, how did he move everyday  facing those fierce eye of community? And how did he consider himself as successful? It is intriguing to know!

As we grow up, we find lot of things that makes us happy, our family,relationships and friends. It can be also in earthly things. Such as ipod,3G phones,laptop,PSP and many more. These are just few of those  incalculable riches that human has. I asked many people about their lives and how they survived from time that they faced some unexpected tragic things that happens  to them. Here are the answers.......

One street kid said: "As long as there are still garbages on the streets i will still laugh out loud".How inspiring, his survival talks about the situation that we have in this nation. One lady states:" I got pregnant but no husband, i tried to stop her life,but when i realized she can make me smile i cried".. We lose our hope and think we are alone, but when we just think, there should always be a reason to smile and we find it. Some says, life is not worth living, i too sometimes said this stupid verdict. When times hit me up and telling me i am worthless un capable, i felt like cocooned by giants and cannot escaped on those trail. But when realization happens, i always coped up and start a new day with a great smile. It is a spirit of survivor, a winner. I hope you too think that way, regardless of what we have been facing. I asked a grade two little girl  about our country. We always know that, at that stage, she can perceive things semi correct.  With her loud voice she told me that, our country is great, people are good, abundant life,  she can't find any better that this country. And because of that, she have the reason to smile everyday.

I was astonished, listening on her soft but very meaningful words. I am old enough to think, if our country is in good hands,and if our country is abundant in everything, that people needs. That remains silent.

I would love to asked you this base on what that little girl had said.

Do we still have the reason to smile?


  1. Syempre naman! there are still many other things that is enough for us to smile... Life is still wonderful... jejejejejejeje

    With regards to your questions... sige lang i will get back to you as soon as i can and answer those as much as possible... jijijijiji

  2. Just a smile can brighten someone's day. It makes the person feel that somebody loves and believes in him.

    Always be happy. Always wear a smile. Not just because life is full of reason to smile, because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.


  3. ako ay laging nag eesmile..katulad ngayon i smile kasi muli akong napadpad dito sa pag iikot ko sa ibang mga blog..hehe..korek ka..marami tayong dapat pagtawanan..

  4. I am Xprosaic: hehehehe.. thank you!

  5. fiel-kun: tama ka talaga.. and that makes the world sphere parin.. hehehe

  6. Arvin U. de la Peña: whaoh, happy at nakablik ka na...

  7. very well said..this is truly an inspiring and self-reflecting..

  8. ayu: thank you baby...

  9. Life is what we make out of the situation we live in, each of us live a different life following a different path. It is up to the individual where the path leads. Happiness is a state of mind, and a smile can warm a cold heart enough to melt the ice away.

  10. JK: this is awesome thought.. thank you JK!

  11. We all have the reasons to smile tim. Sometimes, we need an inspiration from those who have less to realize that we've got more.

  12. CaptainRunner: hey there, yeah you are correct.. Thank you!


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