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Trying to gauge who is "Aling Dionisia" in times that Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao bloody fighting for his money on Las Vegas and also for the pride of our country- and this so called "Mommy Dionisia" who dance like there's no tomorrow in her birthdays, or in any occasion which the Pacqiao's celebrating. I'm kind of confused.. "The Saint who loves dancing".

Well creating or making a name in this world it takes a lot of words like this- taking a risk. So just thesame with the "major major" issue of Maria Venus Raj- Miss Universe 2010-4th Runner Up. She takes a lot of medicine an antidote to resists on these matter. Well, scan the youtube, wikipedia, and any internet sites to look for some hilarious messages, comments or even an article that these kind of issues have been flourishing.

What comes in your mind when you think of an apple, a red apple. Ofcourse the object. The apple exactly. Mind is the most advance technology man ever have, with out this we cannot make i touch phones, flying video cameras or any newest gadgets that we have this days. It is a weapon which we can use to different way. In good and bad. North Korea can push the red button and let that missile fly and frighten the whole world for nuclear war. That is if their minds will blow their asses badly. See, it's all in the mind.

So the likes of Katrina Halili, knowing that she got this Sex video scandal with  Hayden Kho. I never understand why Miss Halili never noticed, that cam cording matter,if you watched the video, you wont ever find any reason why Miss Halili outbursts.  She never knew they we're cam cording it?
Other involved on that issue just take it like Undoy who flashed every viruses that Philippines have been hiding been a long time.

Anabelle Rama, royal beauty-indeed. Known being protective mom to Ruffa and her siblings "touched me, but never  my family". A motto for her attitude to protect her flocks.  A lot of drama- Bret Michaels says! And how about this freaking gossips that Piolo Pascual, the Papa of the Philippine Telivision is GAY. Is there's any substantial guts to proved that he is. If will only be confirmed once Papa P. will definitely admit that he is Gay- the likes of Bebe Gandanghari. Never before he got some issues about his sexuality. But i guess he can't take it anymore, and he crows, he was already hatched. A huge transformation have been going on from his/her life. A hunk that turned into hunk seeker. That's life.

The ever tactless Lolit Solis, who i believed once she doesn't like you, she will always hit you with her words that makes the whole world annoying. As far as i could remember she was the reason why Papa P. got involved in Gay issue, this over photoshop picture together with Hunk actor Sam Milby- holding hands. She insists they we're. At the end, she was sued for her malice and untruthful words. " A lot of people said, she earned her money in wrecking other people's life". Come on. That's freakin' hilarious.

See, everything that exists in this world is being controlled by our minds. It's just how we used it. In good or bad. Mind is more than the universe!


  1. Anonymous1/14/2011

    hahaha siguro nga naman ano.. well that's life...

  2. KikomaxXx : yup. hehehehe..

  3. daming kababalaghan ang mundo at showbiz hehe.pero si Piolo hindi tlaga yan bading...matagal na usap-usapan na yan..churchmate ko siya hehe

  4. ganyan talaga siguro.. mapagusapan lang hehehe.. ewan ko, ang alam ko sa showbiz, plastikan hehehe.. ano daw???

  5. ganyan talaga pag showbiz. :D

  6. Sendo: wow! talaga! Awesome.. hehehehe

  7. ISTAMBAY: hehehehe. tama!

  8. empi: yup, tama ka dyan...

  9. you have 3-4 blogs? I'm wondering how you manage it bro? hehe

    from Kuala Lumpur

  10. eqbalzack : hahahaha, yup i got 4 blogs. and i do manage them accordingly..

  11. talagang ganun ang showbiz.....konting pagkakamali lang ay intriga na agad kinabukasan..

  12. That's really hilarious and stupid. Creating issues on people's lives just to make money.

  13. Masyadong showbiz tong post na to.hehe. Ganun siguro talaga sa showbiz. Hehe.Ü

  14. Arvin U. de la Peña: tama ka dyan parekoy.. nakakasakal

  15. Blotspace: yeah man!

  16. goyo:hehehe naman!

  17. goyo:hehehe naman!


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