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I still have goosebumps from 2010. Events that maked us learned a lot of lessons to applied in life- from our daily living, our journey, and from our experienced in that year. Indeed it was remarkable! It is another year, which we don't know what's next. We don't know what will took place, every turn of the earth change happens. W don't have the power to forsee what will gonna happen. Better to be ready!

For this 2011- i made a lists on things, adventure, plans goals that i wanna achieved so that i won't be stagnant again and again.

1. Job- it is necessary for me to find a job, since last year was a mess for me. I didn't work, so it means no earning- wonder why i survived thought. God is great!

2. Education- this is the most awesome thing to do, going back to school. planning of getting the best list on     the University so that it would be cool to someone who sponsored my studies!

3. Dslr camera- this is my ultimate goal to buy this year. I am planning to work in a call center and saved just to buy this stuff, it really bothers me at all.

4. Moving in- I will be going back to our house by March, so it's goin' to be great! No more payments, no more rents..


  1. DSLR din ang gusto kong mabili this year. :D

  2. Goodluck with your goals and Happy New Year Tim! :D

  3. One step at a time. happy 1.1.11

  4. empi: whoa, ganun b! Awesome man, sana we can buy it...

  5. Louie : Yeah man! i hope it will worked!

  6. hizuka: yeah man..

  7. ayan Godbless sa 2011 mong dapat iachieve...

  8. akoooooooooooooo dinnnnnnnnnn sobrang DLSR!, ahahahaha, yan naman talaga yata ang pangrap ng lahat ng blogger sa Pilipinas!ahahahaha.

    Happy new Year Tim, at salamat ah!, naging part ka ng 2010 ko! :) Wishing you all the best!

  9. KikomaxXx : Waaah! Sana nga kiks!

  10. stevevhan : whoa, woot woot! yeah man! Thanks as well..

  11. step by step lng po para ma achieve ang mga goals...
    God Bless

  12. Athena: yup, thanks gorgeous...


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