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words hoax.

All of us talked, all of us made some hilarious mistakes which we cannot bring that time back and make or say it again in  correct way. Such things we're really natural to us human being. Our  brains tend to give us the right answer and the right way to express it, but due to some feelings, the nervous problem,tense, which leads us to stutter. We become an aware of the words that we utter. Just example the "major major" trend that divulged last year. It wasn't really easy to talk and made a mistakes.

My mentor for hosting use to remind me that i should be in control of what am i saying, i do host a lot. Talk a lot. A huge blabber. And in my chosen career, i am more into talking, from wedding to events and my favorite is pageant. So before i go to that hot seat, i rehearsed some words that i specifically be needing during the final show. Phrases that most of us hosts, tends to forget and it becomes a trend. Knowing that most of the time, we Filipinos we're so meticulous in speech, and definitely we have lots of eagle eyes, when you made horrendous mistakes and "wrong grammar" in English.

I normally find a lot of Filipinos afraid to say a word, to justify themselves cause they we're hovered by this thread "wrong grammar". Which i find unfair to those who can utter the words such as "yes or no" and it's pretty obvious an English  words right? But then again, they remained mum.

I hear some conversation on my way home. They we're students and they talked about English subject- i don't know what comes in there mind when they just speak and say words out of this world. And a lot of boos they received from others who rode during the time. When they set off, i heard someone says, they look awful, came from known school yet they speak horrendous in English.  SEE- a lot of people thought that we should really speak well and it must be "PERFECT GRAMMAR AND PRONUNCIATION" I find it awful to know why do we really need to speak that well if we think we can't or we need to be developed and learned more. But that doesn't mean we should stop talking English if we can't speak in that way. It is unfair to those people who can say yes and no. Well at the end it is still English. But they we're threaten to speak when critic says awful against them.

 So what-we will never speak English if we are stuttering? Or if we can't utter it in a perfect way. Cm on guys, according to research, Philippines is one of the few countries who can speak English well. And we should be proud of that. But knowing we need to perfect it well, i guess it is impossible to do so. Even British and American made some mistakes, aren't we?

I believed that if you know how to speak English a little, you should be proud of it. Cause it is your privileged to speak.  And we should be proud of it, never be threaten. it's time to think back ward i guess.


  1. Tayo lang kasi ang masyadong perfectionist sa napakaraming bagay... sa ibang bansa naman as long as nagkakaintindihan kayo di na kailangan ang tamang grammar lagi...hehehehhehehe

  2. Xprosaic : tama ka talaga dyan!

  3. hahaha tama ako nga english carabao i agree with xprosiac...

  4. ako ingles karabaw din hehehe bsta naexpress mo srili mo ok na un hahaha

  5. iba pa rin kapag may nalalaman ka sa salitang english..

  6. uno : hahaha, as long as you can express yourself then it's going to be okay..

  7. rico de buco : hehehehe... tama

  8. Arvin: yup tama ka dyan, pero wag masyado criticize yung mga nag try.

  9. One thing that I learned from my part-time hosting job a few years ago was spontaneity. As long as I feel that I am saying it confidently, it wouldn't sound wrong even if it actually is. Maliban na lang kung nanlalaki na mata ng audience mo.

    Ang hirap sa ating mga Pinoy, perfect tau masyado, while Americans or English also have some flaws with speaking the language, yet they dont get corrected. Tsk. Hehe

    Happy Friday Tim! :)


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