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Well, i sacrificed my other precious  blog, just to changed it into Reactivism. This new blog will tackle about life of other people, their struggle and their battle against the world. Check the link here

I decided to do it that way, since i have lots of friends who inspires me and their story is just uplifting. It can change life, that is if we want their story to sink in and reflect on it. 

This blog will focus of HIV/AIDS campaign. Yes, i am an advocate, but that doesn't mean "I am Positive of this virus".  No i am not. It's been a long time since my friend had this issue. He faces life with gladness, more meaning and living life with the love of God. It's pretty inspiring to know these types of people.

Battling not against the virus, but against the vehement and cruel world. Having HIV is not the biggest problem, and probably not the most embarrassing thing in this world. Who would have thought, you will have this, you never planned to obtain this sort of deadly saliva of death.But they learned from their mistakes and they wanted to live life normal. Not being bash, nor scorned- but being cared and being loved is all what they wish. 

Committing suicide was their final choice! 

I asked my self why.  Does it because they have HIV? Does it because the virus isn't curable? Or does it because they we're maltreated and abused, bashed, scorned to death by people, society who thought that having this is the "most embarrassing" thing in this world. What a mind to think! Everybody tends to made mistakes so we can't judge them and kill them not by gun nor by hitting them, but we killed them by words which is million times venomous than the said virus. 

It's time to wake up. It's time to help them. It's not their fault why the number is plummeting, they never dreamed of wrecking someones' life by engaging into sex and so to speak they spread the virus. they are victims as well. So I encourage you to helped them. Be inspired my their experiences, let them be our mirror. Discipline is what they we're trying to impose here. They are all victim of today's cruelty. From LOVE and POVERTY. Let our eyes wide open to see new things and to have the right view on this issues. 

HIV is not poisonous, it is just thesame as cancer, the only wrong thing about it - is we took it shallowly. We thought that if we have this, life will never be meaningful. It will never be thesame. I bet you are right. Yes it will never be thesame again, "you will be more concern of making your life more colorful, put some meaning on it. And probably you will live life in a clean way." What's the difference with it? Did you see the  positivity .

 It's time to help them. Give them love. And be inspired. So my blog would be open for any contributions. starting from now we will be posting HIV related. Their activities and their lifestyle. 

If you wanted to share your story, we are open to received it and posts it on that blog. Send your story to this email Address : or text me through this mobile number : 09296776922 (smart). Your name will completely be hidden if you wished to.  

Thank you so much! 


  1. hirap tlga pag ganito n ang uspan its veri sensitive one but i guess kailangan ntin gumawa ng paraan be a part of an advocacy like this may group ka ba o org

  2. uno: Yup tama ka dyan Uno. And we must move..

  3. Anonymous1/29/2011

    nice... nice lang lumalabas sa isip ko ngayon wahehhee

  4. HEY! Visiting here!

    One question, how exactly are you going to give them love?

  5. KikomaxXx: hahahaha. Kasi nga sensitive issue ganun ba yun? hehehehe

  6. eMiLy ChAnG: Cool, that's a nice question dear. There are so many ways how to give our love to them. So many ways, you just have to discover it not by looking for, but by making it real. It will just happen not by plan but by making them smile. It's one thing about love.

  7. i can only imagine what it feels like. being positive, learning about your condition for the first time, being scared, with no one to freely talk to. support!

  8. Sean: Yup parekoy, and so sad to find it that. People really numb about this issue. They're not scary. They we're victim.

  9. ang hirap kapag may ganun na sakit..

  10. Isabel: thanks Madam!


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