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I am Perfectly Made...

We have so many hang ups in life, we faced a lot of struggles in family, peers and ofcourse our battle against the odd. We thought that life is unfair. And  we become obsessed on being emotional. We become freak. Weird in  outfits, self centered and adopting on hellish words. We are battered by time!

Having this issue is not easy. World treats you as bitch- a person whom nobody loved. It is hard to stay this way. Our lives is just a shit.

We are greedy to find love and to express our feelings, instead of having someone to listen to our clamor, they become odd and dragged us down. In that we become hopeless of finding really love, that optimistic people says it exists. We are battered again and again.

We are strong in outside appearance but terrified inside and beyond. Nowhere to go. I just wanna share this newest Video of Pink about this such kind of life.

Watch and reflect.

Thank you!


  1. I never like pink pero nagustuhan ko siya dito wah :)

  2. It's a process of life, we just gotta be sure to not fall into any of that!

  3. thanks for sharing

  4. Desperate Houseboy : Pink is an awesome singer, yup she's great in this song!

  5. KikomaxXx: Yup.. thanks man!

  6. Maggie: thank you mag.

  7. Sean: no problem!


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