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Everybody has a movie favorite isn't it? Or  it is even movies. We love movies like women love clothes, shoes and bags. I personally take chances of getting some free tickets while working on a radio station before. Just you know, get some  free passes. LOL. Yes, i succeeded sometimes. For me, I have some movies which i admire the most. And i know for sure, some of this movies was your favorite as well. I love  life changing movies, adventures and love.

I envisioned my self being the lead role and being on that situation. It's either dealing with a huge snake, battling with a colleagues- (betrayer).

Movie somehow has the power to manipulate our minds, it also has the power to change life. It'll make you cry, mad and  feel excited. It'll lead you into some emotions which you cannot imagine you are in. The illusion itself carries great impact- negative or positive. It depends on the movie you were watching anyway. So here are my lists..

Sanctum : This movie has been posted in here twice as my post. I can't just get over with the fact that this movie is just so adorable. It's a father and a son story- their love for adventure.

The Legend of the Guardians : I love this movie so much! It's 3D. I was mesmerized by the plot.  The family related movie. Though they we're animals but still it's a family oriented one. It's natural in the family we have insecurities or being jealous to our brood. This movie is surely freaking awesome!

The Proposal : I'm a fan of Mr. Ryan Reynolds. He is just adorable. Women screamed. He's Hot!

The Perfect Getaway : Unlike other movies that you can already infer what's next. This one is a mind boggling one. You might think that those aggressive and loud ones where the enemies. But it'll  surprise you. So better watched this movie. Buy a dvd copy  of this. Surely fantastic.

This movie reminds me of how deep is the love of a father to his daughter. That he is willing to die just to save her beloved one. How i wished my Dad could act this way.

I love short movies as well. I will be bored if movie is just long and nonesense. So SIGNS is just a perfect example to those people who loose hope on finding someone to be the person they will share the rest of their lives. Love speaks no words, but it can pull off heavy  rains to fall.

 Okay, it's enough for now. I will update you. More movies that i love will be shared. Thanks Guys.


  1. I've been reading some negative reviews about SANCTUM. So I dunno if I should still watch it.

  2. The Gasoline Dude: Sanctum is a nice movie to a person who loves adventure. So i love it.

  3. Ellen ♥: Thanks dear...

  4. parang gusto kong panoorin ang legend of the guardians....

  5. Arvin: YES! magand talaga yan...


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