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Awareness Campaign...

Most of my friends here, wondering why i deleted my blog for  HIV/AIDS. I never actually take it away from my life, since it is important. I just find another site to put in there and start building it. So to speak- i need to transfer it.

I want that blog to gain confidence and eagerness to show to the world the battle of people who are facing this world afraid of being noticed and afraid to say a word about their condition. Well, it's pretty normal,since people think that HIV/AIDS is contagious. Uh oh! Shallow thinker does. But we who knows  and to those people who read a lot, they tend to help these peer and uplift them. Great words  we're being given to make them feel comfortable. And I salute those friends who did it.

Since i got new work, and that is "research and monitoring" for DOH here in Davao city.  My main agenda is to help and give awareness to people about HIV/AIDS, how it affects our lives, how vehement is this virus and how terrifying to have this. Admittedly it is terrifying. That's why, the United Nation give millions of dollars to  prevent this epidemia from scattering all over the world. In Davao city alone, the numbers of HIV/AIDS positive reached the maximum percentage which DOH thought won't be. But the awareness itself  is not really active and powerful to make  an eye turn and see. That's even worse than having HIV.

My task is to spread the news, to give education and trainings to men especially gays,bisexuals and homosexuals. I have given free condoms to be given to these types of people. And ofcourse "Encouraging them to get tested." So the battle continues. In preventing HIV/AIDS from spreading, and preventing people who we're  infected from the stigma they we're getting from the society.

For those people who wants to contribute and share their stories and stories or their friends,we are open to  accept it and posts it on  REACTIVISM .Please visit this site and add it on your blog roll.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Anonymous2/05/2011

    weee... mas nagpapasalamat kami sa iyo chong kasi lakas mo talaga sa mga awareness about HIV

  2. pupuntahan ko ang blog mo na add ko sa blog roll ko..

  3. hehehe advocacy mo tlga yun ah... well i hope mapasama din ung domestic violence at poverty among aids patient...

  4. KikomaxXx : Yup, advocacy ko talaga eh.

  5. Arvin U. de la Peña: Thank you ng marami!

  6. uno: Advocate na advocate ako. hahahaaha

  7. Naks! Uma advocate! LOLZ! Pero maganda yang ginagawa mo ngayon...

  8. That's a good cause, keep it up.

  9. glentot: Thanks man..


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