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Well I got cheesy and funny tweets from, it's randomly chosen to have the best of the best. So start laughing!

I've copied these tweets below from Twitter. Hope y'all like it.

Think of a number between 0 and 20, add 32 to it, multiple by 2, subtract 1. Now close your eyes. It's dark isn't it?

Sitting at Home: "Oh it's raining. Cool."
Sitting at School: "HOLY CRAP IT'S RAINING! LOOK!"

I have live through death of Michael Jackson, first black president, Royal Weeding and Osama's death. My life's a f**king history book.

"No body listens to me." - Yellow Traffic Light.

The awkward moment when you're taking off your jeans and your underwear decides to come off too.

I hate that feeling when you close you're eyes to apply shampoo and get paranoid that someone will kill you in the shower.

When people come over and your mom suddenly becomes the nicest woman in the world.

When I call my parents and they don't answer it's no big deal but when they call me and I don't answer, it's like World War III.

That stupid ass run you do when you're crossing the road.

The best way to make people remember you? Borrow money from them.

Me: "Why am I still single?"
Brain: "You're weird as crap."
Body: "You're fat."
Face: "You're pretty ugly too."
Food: "Don't worry, I'm here for you."

When I drop my phone, I act like I've dropped a new born baby.

When God asks what you've done with your life, try not to say: "Didn't You read my tweets?"

Things I do when I have to study:
1% study.
99% tell people I have to study.


I think everyone should take time out to watch this. Be informed. Be educated, and be aware. This is something BIG but not popular. Let’s help get the word out. Watch this and spread the word.
You can spread the word by tweeting about the video with the hashtags:
#Kony2012, #StopKony and #InvisibleChildren.

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice

Join TRI or to Donate for Invisible Children Inc.
Purchase KONY2012 products at:
Sign the pledge at :

It is time to stop him! Please pass this!


Broadcasting is really hard, and we can't blame these noted broadcaster who screwed up. They are still human anyway..

Watch this!


Planning to customize your windows to make it cool and not boring? Find out how on this post. Read on!

Windows are the place where we can see things that we can't see on our doors, somehow it is a place or a part of our home that we adore, why? It seems I am nagging desperately here. No I am not, windows are made with a purpose and that is to relax, to have a breath of fresh air, to see things that you wanted to. I remember before there was a news on the television that says "Windows are made to peek" and I definitely agree to this.

And how about pimping it? Would that be fine with you? Like seeing your window in a different way, pimp or to pimp is my term here- it means that making it way better than the usual windows we have at home. Curtains can do, but hey it would be a bit boring, tiring and of course a lot of effort you should exert to make it.

On this post, I would review a product that would help you decide on how to pimp you windows! Introducing the Venetian Blinds  UK based site offering wooden and aluminium Venetian blinds online. Order blinds offer a full range of aluminium venetian blinds in over 140 colours as well as wooden venetian blinds which are available fully made to measure or readymade all from our website. The range includes a variety of slat widths, tapes and toggles to personalise your blind.

How was that? Fully aware? With their complete set of colors to choose from, I am pretty sure that your house will never be dull, so in pimping it would never cost you too much, in time and in financial.  They are made to measure blinds. I was peeking on my window when I hop on this site who offers cool and amazing blinds. Aside from easy to use, it is as well tire-free. So why not grab some for your self?

I would definitely encourage you guys to try on their amazing products. To know more about it click the link I have at the top. Faster and easier. Harsh free too!

 Definitely people around the globe are familiar and know BBM, it's a brand that gives us this sleek and nice phones. Edgy and easy to use, at the same time it is so cool! Who doesn't dream of owning it? I myself does. Well, aside from calling and texting Black Berry offers a lot of apps that would brought you to what phone should be. Fast and easy. When accessing internet sites, black berry is a useful tool in easy and faster communications. So to those who are busy, why not have this? 

No need to bring your lappy, just have this phone BBM will surely suits you.

BlackBerry came out to celebrate the industry-only Rolling Stone Awards night on January 25 in Sydney. Jim Finn from Art vs. Science chatted to a host of Aussie and international music legends, including Lupe Fiasco, Kimbra, Dan Sultan and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, about their music loves.

To understand more watch it here :

I will always be a fan of HP, aside from being so sleek and nice they offer such great things and accessibility for their users comfort. It is nice to know that this brand is eager to push and help make our life easier in a better way, ops should I say in a best way? Yes, they deserved it.  So what are you waiting for? Replace those rusty things and unuseful stuff, so in many way HP would help you create better look on what is technology. Personally I am thankful for HP on taking this path, giving us the look upon on what technology should be. Great, you may try it yourself!

Technology is aghast, and we should be keen on choosing brands to use such as in laptops or printers etc, so in paving the way HP give its best to help and makes us enticed with newest product. Introducing the HP Envy Spectre Ultrabook.

"The world's 1st multi-surface glass Ultrabook™. HP Envy¹⁴ Spectre. 
In A Word, Extraordinary."

Watch the video to understand it more!

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