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Actions speaks louder than words..............

Three months to go another journey of our Philippine presidentiables will be changed. Another new president will rule this nation, for us countrymen, we hoped and dream that someday this nation will have what we are dreaming for our new generation, that someday they will never suffer all those things that we have been facing right now. A story of determination, and a book of struggle. We have so many stories to tell, watching those ads of these so called "soon to be a ruler of nation" is inspiring. Their words that gives us the reason either to vote or not to vote.

Their promises, is there any truth on it? What about after the election, can they fulfilled their goals? This is just a few questions that me as a person, and as a Filipino have been asking this days. Or we will always just come up into a conclusion, such as "promises is made to broken"!. Do we still have hope, that this nation will bounces back? We will find it out, on the right time. But for now, all the things that we need to  do, is to choose the right person for the position and would be the head of this staggering nation. 

" I AM SORRY"  this is the phrase that we heard when President Gloria Arroyo, fooled us all. With her smile, and strength she overpowered us . We never had a chance, to defeat her,instead she continue ruling this nation, and  with it she exists in a way of proving her worth as a strong president. Some people liked it, but mostly hate her. Now the question is: is this things will still happen again and again? This is a halo of how dirty our politics is. What will happen to our new generations?

Another chance of one person, one dreamer and one aspirant presidentiable who will be given a chance to prove his worth, that there are still reasons for us to celebrate life. There are still reasons, that this nation will be changed. Hope it will happen. Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar,Gibo Teodoro-  aimed CHANGES.  Promising that they will never stole any treasure that this staggering nation has. Hope it will happen. And hope they meant it!

It would be a change, or another battle. A battle of words or blood. They said that they are the way for us to changed this nation, so be it. But as we all know, "action speaks louder than words"!  Let us find it out. Our eyes are open, and our mouth will never be closed!   We still have the reason to witness what is going on, when this people have achieved their goals, their promises. 

 Let us wait................. And believe that one day it will happen, CHANGE!


  1. well thought out buddy!

    Was here...and btw i love ur banner...miss ko n ang Davao at finally makikita ko na xa weeee!

  2. this is one serious post.

    and a really nice one:)

  3. well..hmm..nice choice of topic kuya tim..i cant resist not to comment on this hot issues concerning out nation..napanuod mu ba yung and pagbabago2010 sa tv5 kagabi..ang nabaggit mung 3 presentiables ay di umattend dun..kagabi nagpasikat sila gordon, erap at eddie sa mga tanung na sinagot nila..(honestly humanag ako sa kanila..) well..advertisng and surveys arent the basis in voting..there are all trash of lies unless they have done it if ever they win..

    i am not yet included in the persons who has the right and privileges to vote..and picking is really hard..i cant have assurance in the trademark slogan of noynoy that 'hindi ako magnanakaw' or the promise of better future from villar..nor the intelligence of gibo..

    the possibilities are endless and the time is running out.. we must hope for the best to come and whoever may win..may he be the answer to our hunger for good governance without the blend of corruption,

    "itama ang boto at iboto ang tama" the banner of DZHR for this upcoming election..

    may you vote the person who think will make his promises..:3 for me..dont want you to be so emish about that poem i made..pls. dont think like that!

    aww..dont be so lonely okay..? cheer up~! there's so many beautiful things in life God created to make you happy!!! :D

    always paste a smile on your face x3

    ayu x)

  4. Jag: hello, thank you sa pag comment.. hehehehe. Anyway, i was just touched by an angel yata, why did i post this. Anyway, a bit interested sa sinabi mo na makikita mo n ulit yung nandito sa davao. Punta ka ba dito? i mean uuwi ka na? pasalubong nmn dyan!

  5. ambiguous_angel: hey there, senti kasi ako ngayon eh.. hehehehe

  6. ayu: thank you for this message baby...

  7. Tim... participate ka sa thesis ko please.... thanks... just copy paste then answer the questionnaire posted in my blog... and send it to me at

    thanks po....:)

  8. Yj: okay cge.. kaw talaga..

  9. I can't imagine living in a country with such tumultuous politics. Hope nothing violent erupts again.

  10. hey Tim.. how could you not send it? uhm pwede mong send na lang as message sa facebook... :) i really need your participation.... :) thanks...

  11. @kuya tim: la yun :3 hehehe..glad i make you smile

    ( / ・ω・)//!!!
    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  12. good post, Tim!

    I just hope and pray that someday it will happen.

    have a nice day!

  13. Wish ko lang talaga na sana eto na ang simula ng malaking pagbabago na inaasam nating mga Pilipino. Kung sino man ang mananalo at maluluklok na bagong presidente ng Pilipinas, nawa'y magampanan nya ng maayos at buong husay ang kanyang tungkulin ^_^

    nice post Tim :)

  14. nashe: yeah too bad nashe, but anyway things will going to be okay soon..

  15. yj: okay will do it, but don't know your fb account buddy..

  16. ayu: basta baby, thank you, kahit dami problema si kuya mo, eh nawawala yun konti. dhil sa blog..

  17. eden: would be good way!

  18. fiel-kun: sana nga, sobra na eh..

  19. nakuu..masaya naman akong malaman na nababawasan ang prob. mu dahil sa blog..^_^ hehehe..sana lagi kang masaya :3

    btw..adik ako sa anime at manga..pati sa jap. at korean films..hindi naman totally Asian x)

  20. (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  21. ayu: hehehehe, kaw talaga.. anyway, okay nmn yan, kesa bad things ka ma aadict..

  22. lahat sila puro lang talaga sa mga salita..kapag nahalal na ay napapako na ang mga pangako sa taumbayan..

  23. arvin: tama ka dyan parekoy!


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