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We are going to cross another bridge, another journey which we all know it would makes us happier,stronger and the faith that POSITIVE  things will stand out during the test of times. For this year, we faced a lot of circumstances, horrendous experienced, but we finished it with gladness on our hearts. We stumble, yet the spirit of determination gives us strength to overcome it, and be successful in many ways.

 2010 is yet another history, a year that most of us Filipinos excel internationally! Indeed it was a positive feed backs that we were getting from foreign lands who admired how Filipinos worked, how hospitable we are. It is heart warming.

This year the world struggles. The richest countries were staggering in economic stability and financial as well. Countries that shines were now dim, and those countries who stagger, shines. It is a roller coaster genre. Even the worlds' richest country USA suffered financial hiatus, that leads them lending bucks to saved their dignity and pride.

Beyond the struggling times we faced. Philippines remained strong and vibrant on facing obstacles as we used to be. We are confident enough that we can get this over and we will be stronger and stronger as these trials hit us. Wonderfully remembered, how Filipinos remain HAPPY even though we were shaken together by typhoons, financial crisis, poverty and the corrupt government we had. So we thanked God for  this year- the new administration came!

So here are my list of  2010's Shapers...

Our Newly Elected President. Noy Noy Aquino, proved that fair and clean election will surely favored by many.

This curvacious lass, from the province of Bato Camarinus
Sur made her marked and proved scorners wrong from what they believed she is not deserving representing our country in the most prestigious beauty pageant in  the universe, she conquers the whole universe with her confidence of bringing home the crown, unfortunately she never bag the title yet she broken the 10 years of drought that our country had. She is the epitome of a strong woman, willing to take risk and fight for her right. Maria Venus Raj (Miss Universe 4rth Runner Up)

Undoubtedly  this girl can shake the whole world, with her super strong voice. "Small but terrible".. She never gained fame here in our country, as we all know, look matters the most on our Entertainment industry. She thought it was over, until the break arrived last 2008- then everything was a history!
Charice Pemepengco  (international singing sensation)
Well, she never brought home the crown, a fierce beauty queen, with a whole bunch of talents to offer. Giving the Miss International 2010 a justice to received two awards. (Miss Expressive, and Miss Talent) We Filipinos can be proud of her achievements, according to rumors she supposed to win, but unfortunately, the pageant was held in China- and the rest was history. Krista Kleiner (Miss International 2010 Semi- Finalist)

More is coming ;)


It wasn't so surreal to celebrate Christmas, according to the bible, Jesus Christ wasn't really born at this season, it says that during the time Jesus was born, the sheep was still outside munching the grass. So the basis was the bible when we talked about Christianity, and when did really Christ was born. But misconception is always the main thing in our lives. The rest is history.

It's Christmas time- the heart pounding counting- the time is fast approaching to celebrate the Christmas Eve this midnight. It is the celebration where  family are intact- friends are nicer- bosses are cheerful giver- lover are good kisser!  Well, everything changed, when this season arrives. The ninangs and the ninongs (god father and god mother) we're hiding.. This is the celebration of yummy food, gifts are just so adorable!

I will be celebrating my whole Yuletide season alone, my parents are too far away- ofcourse got friends but it is not the real score when you have your family beside you. It is more merrier and happier. You will celebrate it with gladness and with  excitement! The food that your mom prepares, though it's little but you are enjoy to much it up. But now, am crawling in bed, trying to forget the loneliness i have inside. No plans to go outside.



You are the main character. Once upon a time, to escape from your addiction to beauty queens and pageant forums, you decided to set up camp in a forest far away, deep in the woods with only the birds and the trees and the animals for company. Life was good and comfortable but life was lonely.


The chirping of the birds cheered you up but they could be your companions only for so long. The deer, the squirrels, and the foxes took flight upon seeing you. The flowers, the bushes, and the trees did not talk back at all.


One day, you set off deep into the mountain in search of firewood. But you took an unfamiliar path and soon found yourself helplessly lost. You kept circling and circling back to the same spot, unable to come across familiar ground. You tried to climb a tree to find your bearings, but you could not and fell hard toward the ground many times.

Then you spotted a little white rabbit looking at you curiously. “What a cute rabbit,” you thought, admiring its snowy, creamy fur. You had seen rabbits and hares before, and whenever you approached, they always hopped away. You took a step in its direction, expecting the rabbit to flee, but this one, strangely, did not.


You took another step, and it stayed unmoving, staring back at you while wiggling its nose. “Perhaps you just want some company,” you said as you looked down at the rabbit and as it looked back at you. You crouched down and moved your hand tentatively toward the rabbit. You touched and caressed its soft, white fur. It stayed still, relaxed.

You dug into your pockets and found a small piece of carrot that you had been chewing on as a snack. You gave it to the rabbit and the rabbit nibbled on it. To you, it seemed the rabbit looked happy.


You got up and walked away, happy that you made the little creature happy. You ambled toward the path again. The rabbit followed. “It seems I made a new friend,” you said to yourself, chuckling. You walked faster. From out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the rabbit hopping to catch up. You smiled.

The day was nearly over, and you knew darkness would soon set in, so you decided to find some place to stay the night. Perhaps a cave or large tree trunk would do, you thought.

Then, as you staggered out of the dense vegetation, you were surprised to find a small wooden cabin. It was empty. You walked in and found a bed, a fireplace, a kitchen and a toilet. “Everything I need!” you exclaimed.


The rabbit hopped onto the room, and you picked it up. “You must be my lucky charm,” you told the rabbit. It wiggled its nose in response.

You had supper, of cheese and bread, from your bag. You gave the rabbit another piece of carrot. “Here you go,” you said. It gnawed on the carrot merrily.


Then settling into an old rickety chair, you thought about how your day went. It was an adventure compared to your usual itinerary. You felt strangely proud of yourself. You looked at your new friend, the rabbit, and you playfully tugged at its ear. “I’m glad I got lost today,” you said.

Suddenly, you felt your stomach rumble. “Drat! I knew that cheese was no longer good!” you thought as you stepped into the toilet and sat on the toilet bowl. The rabbit followed and snuggled up to your feet, as you answered nature’s call. “What a loyal little fellow you are,” you said to the rabbit.


When it was over, you looked around the tiny space. Your eyes turned round like saucers.

“NO TOILET PAPER!” you screamed. You looked to your left and you looked to your right. Indeed, there was none. “I do NOT believe this!” you exclaimed, slapping your head with your right hand.

Silently, you seethed. Silently, you cursed the heavens. You thought long and hard.


You considered going out of the cabin to collect leaves. But it was too cold. You thought about using your bag. But there was still food inside. You thought about using some of the firewood. But it would hurt.

“What do I do? What do I do?” you asked yourself, growing ever more desperate. “What do I do in this situation?”

Then your eyes strayed toward your feet. You looked at the furry white rabbit. The rabbit looked back at you. “Your fur is reeeeally soft and white,” you told the rabbit.



No matter how good am i, on hiding something, what i feel i know it will outburst in times that i never expected it will. Loneliness hovers me, the hardest thing about it is- i don't even know what is the core of it. It just that i felt it this way. Sadness that dig the hole, it makes me weaker and weaker each day,  i tried to listen some great positive songs but still my heart is longing for someone, but i don't know who..

I hate goodbyes! i met this person just  last week, and we made a decision to brought  our friendship into another level.So we decided to be a couple with in that day, it was pretty harsh to know i guess, i mean it was not actually the usual system- knowing each other, then if clicks, that's the time we will have to bring it to another level. But we never do it that way..

So we meet daily, every night we used to met on our house, had a conversation and tryin' to planned everything about us and how our relationship would flow. That person is studying, busy as usual, but never failed to texted me about everything that was goin on his life. So i was stunned with the improvements of our relationship. Every night, i have to wait, because that person is eager to go to my house and talked to me. It was pretty awesome experienced.

So the examination week happened- that person became so busy and we decided not to meet two days before the exam, so that, that person will focus on the exam.

Oblivion really happened so fast- that person fades away- like a morning mist, it's gone.. Goodbye is not easy, but i am glad that, that person did it as early as now, for me not to got hurt so damn. It's bad to know, that there were people who wanted to have  relationship, trying to explore what it feels like. I was the specimen- so i became a victim. So sad..

Lesson to learned: Do not dwell on best words that bewitched you, it might be decoy- and it will make you cry.. Tim is a member of SMP..


What if  accidentally you got pregnant?

what if, your boy friend left you alone, with out any reasons?

what if you have HIV/ Aids?

what if you have Cancer?

what if you will meet your first boyfriend?

What if your parents got massacred?

What if your best friend died of car accident?

What if your baby choked of spoon?

What if you will lose your 5 million pesos on a bus?

What if you broke your laptop?

What if you have failed grades?

What if  you will DIE today, what will you do?

All of these are what if obviously, there is always a reason from everything that we do.. Wondering why we survived in everyday skirmish.


A New Horizon   taking it's way to help people to make their transactions easier than what we normally faced, every time we did our things like processing our loans, or  we are wondering why our loans costs us a lot of bucks, then we screwed up when we find out, it now hovers us all. So sad that a lot of people have been facing this kind of dilemma and paying such gigantic bills because of their unsecured debts and and without any know how to consolidate it.

A New Horizon's offer such wonderful idea for those people who suffered with this horrendous experienced about loans and a lot more. They helped making your financial status to flow smoothly while enjoying the benefits that they have for their clients who wanted to enjoy life as it should be. They can help you consolidate your monthly credit card bills, to make your finances under control with the help of their great people who would assist you further.Teaching you how the "saving techniques" for your  money.  And they also help you saving thousands of dollars by "reducing interests rates" and develop a realistic budget that you can enjoy.

A New Horizon is the answer to your need of consolidator, hurry up! They are just phone call away...


I was hopping with my peers at the "Pilipinas Got Talent" audition here in Davao, just happened this day. As usual, make ups, over outfits, guys,gays and girls are all in the package and dreaming to get into the next level of this competition. So good luck!

While waiting to be called, we decided to look for an interesting thing to do, we strolled in the whole area, looking for Ai ai delas Alas to come, or Kris Aquino- who knows, but so sad I find them nowhere. And my friend told me, "wag ka ngang engot, dadalhin pa kaya KAMI sa Manila at dun ko pa makikita si Ai ai"  take note, she is using "kami" (kapal din) hehehehe.. But i hope she'll gonna make it, she got this great voice and stand 5'7, good for beauty pageant though. She is talented indeed!

So we find this guy who shocked the whole place, creating such loud screams and all the stuff. Well no other than "Michael  Jackstone" the local version of our late king of pop Michael Jackson. The looks ofcourse you will really see how MJ inspired him so damn. LOL. We had a chitchat and his real name is Hugh Espera, internationally buddy..  He started following the moves and the outfits of MJ when he was 12 years old, and starting from that, he joined a lot of singing contests and  impersonation contest.

So guys let's give it up for Michael Jackstone !!!

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