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that person

No matter how good am i, on hiding something, what i feel i know it will outburst in times that i never expected it will. Loneliness hovers me, the hardest thing about it is- i don't even know what is the core of it. It just that i felt it this way. Sadness that dig the hole, it makes me weaker and weaker each day,  i tried to listen some great positive songs but still my heart is longing for someone, but i don't know who..

I hate goodbyes! i met this person just  last week, and we made a decision to brought  our friendship into another level.So we decided to be a couple with in that day, it was pretty harsh to know i guess, i mean it was not actually the usual system- knowing each other, then if clicks, that's the time we will have to bring it to another level. But we never do it that way..

So we meet daily, every night we used to met on our house, had a conversation and tryin' to planned everything about us and how our relationship would flow. That person is studying, busy as usual, but never failed to texted me about everything that was goin on his life. So i was stunned with the improvements of our relationship. Every night, i have to wait, because that person is eager to go to my house and talked to me. It was pretty awesome experienced.

So the examination week happened- that person became so busy and we decided not to meet two days before the exam, so that, that person will focus on the exam.

Oblivion really happened so fast- that person fades away- like a morning mist, it's gone.. Goodbye is not easy, but i am glad that, that person did it as early as now, for me not to got hurt so damn. It's bad to know, that there were people who wanted to have  relationship, trying to explore what it feels like. I was the specimen- so i became a victim. So sad..

Lesson to learned: Do not dwell on best words that bewitched you, it might be decoy- and it will make you cry.. Tim is a member of SMP..


  1. base...
    hnd ako masyadong mkapag comment. napaka sad ko ksi tlga ngayun...huhuhu..
    sorryha. nxt tym ill be happy na...

  2. you met each other just last week? hmmm... medyo mabilis ah. but what you feel is understandable, goodbyes are never easy no matter where angle you regard it from, kahit ba sandali lang ang affair. mabuti narin na maaga syang nawala, it would hurt more had that person stayed longer.

    cheer up. it's 7 days before christmas - a lot of things are yet to happen. malay mo makahabol ka pa. i bid you well. XD

    (stumbled upon your blog from some other blogger's link, though i think i've been here before.)

  3. I hate goodbyes too!

    Sana magiging ok ka na.. Christmas pa naman! Smile :)

  4. Um sometimes goodbyes are made to make the person go to the RIGHT WAY. It's for a purpose i think. What do you say?

    It's much better to be hurt rather than hurt others or not to be hurt anymore!. A good wood carving has to be furnished well, there are cuts on it but at the end it will come as the greatest masterpiece so as the person!:)

  5. Aww so sad...don't worry marami pa jan friend...cheer up!

  6. Athena: whoa, thesame feeling.. APIR!

  7. yffar : wow, nice to know that.. It really feels good anyway...

  8. empi: naku, thesame ang feelings.. Hirap talaga ng ganito..

  9. stevevhan : yeah, thanks for that advice parekoy..

  10. Jag: ikaw ha, you are giving hope.. hehehehe

  11. don't worry, it's not worth holding on to something that doesnt recognize your value. what is good is that you experienced it and learned learn from it well.


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