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Timothy Jian Smithson

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a rabbit story...

You are the main character. Once upon a time, to escape from your addiction to beauty queens and pageant forums, you decided to set up camp in a forest far away, deep in the woods with only the birds and the trees and the animals for company. Life was good and comfortable but life was lonely.


The chirping of the birds cheered you up but they could be your companions only for so long. The deer, the squirrels, and the foxes took flight upon seeing you. The flowers, the bushes, and the trees did not talk back at all.


One day, you set off deep into the mountain in search of firewood. But you took an unfamiliar path and soon found yourself helplessly lost. You kept circling and circling back to the same spot, unable to come across familiar ground. You tried to climb a tree to find your bearings, but you could not and fell hard toward the ground many times.

Then you spotted a little white rabbit looking at you curiously. “What a cute rabbit,” you thought, admiring its snowy, creamy fur. You had seen rabbits and hares before, and whenever you approached, they always hopped away. You took a step in its direction, expecting the rabbit to flee, but this one, strangely, did not.


You took another step, and it stayed unmoving, staring back at you while wiggling its nose. “Perhaps you just want some company,” you said as you looked down at the rabbit and as it looked back at you. You crouched down and moved your hand tentatively toward the rabbit. You touched and caressed its soft, white fur. It stayed still, relaxed.

You dug into your pockets and found a small piece of carrot that you had been chewing on as a snack. You gave it to the rabbit and the rabbit nibbled on it. To you, it seemed the rabbit looked happy.


You got up and walked away, happy that you made the little creature happy. You ambled toward the path again. The rabbit followed. “It seems I made a new friend,” you said to yourself, chuckling. You walked faster. From out of the corner of your eyes, you saw the rabbit hopping to catch up. You smiled.

The day was nearly over, and you knew darkness would soon set in, so you decided to find some place to stay the night. Perhaps a cave or large tree trunk would do, you thought.

Then, as you staggered out of the dense vegetation, you were surprised to find a small wooden cabin. It was empty. You walked in and found a bed, a fireplace, a kitchen and a toilet. “Everything I need!” you exclaimed.


The rabbit hopped onto the room, and you picked it up. “You must be my lucky charm,” you told the rabbit. It wiggled its nose in response.

You had supper, of cheese and bread, from your bag. You gave the rabbit another piece of carrot. “Here you go,” you said. It gnawed on the carrot merrily.


Then settling into an old rickety chair, you thought about how your day went. It was an adventure compared to your usual itinerary. You felt strangely proud of yourself. You looked at your new friend, the rabbit, and you playfully tugged at its ear. “I’m glad I got lost today,” you said.

Suddenly, you felt your stomach rumble. “Drat! I knew that cheese was no longer good!” you thought as you stepped into the toilet and sat on the toilet bowl. The rabbit followed and snuggled up to your feet, as you answered nature’s call. “What a loyal little fellow you are,” you said to the rabbit.


When it was over, you looked around the tiny space. Your eyes turned round like saucers.

“NO TOILET PAPER!” you screamed. You looked to your left and you looked to your right. Indeed, there was none. “I do NOT believe this!” you exclaimed, slapping your head with your right hand.

Silently, you seethed. Silently, you cursed the heavens. You thought long and hard.


You considered going out of the cabin to collect leaves. But it was too cold. You thought about using your bag. But there was still food inside. You thought about using some of the firewood. But it would hurt.

“What do I do? What do I do?” you asked yourself, growing ever more desperate. “What do I do in this situation?”

Then your eyes strayed toward your feet. You looked at the furry white rabbit. The rabbit looked back at you. “Your fur is reeeeally soft and white,” you told the rabbit.



  1. hahaha patay ang rabbit ginawang toilet paper.. wahehehe

  2. hahahaha... kawawang rabbit gagawing pampunas. :D

  3. KikomaxXx : buti naman natawa kayo...

  4. furry and warm, hahaha, poor rabbit. XD

    but i think i read this story over a year ago from some other blogger's site. i'm not sure.

  5. Yffar: cool man...

  6. nice story.................advance merry christmas and a happy new year............

  7. Arvin: whoa, nag balik ka na!!!


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