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It is good if you find your real true friend, which will gonna help you if you are down, and will gonna praise you if you are successful. Too good to remember that kind of friendship, who knows how to make you calm when you were mad and knows how to make you laugh if you were sad. To brighten up your day if it is gloomy and gives you the unconditional love. That is the real friendship should be.

Comfortable and secure is all friendship counts, dealing with trials together and making dreams into reality. The laughs and the pains shared together to over come it, and the encouragement to help to boost your confidence to reached the peak of your dream.

A true friend never tolerate your bad attitude and never allow you to make stupid things that will lead to destroy your life,and never allow you to be in love with somebody who cannot helped you be a good person. Instead will help you to forget things if you are hurt and show you the brighter side of the world if you feel down.

Friendship never counts seconds, minutes,hours,days, weeks, months and years, instead they treasured the every moment they were together and let the time marked the days, and counts more and more. It never demand for your time, but begged to have you in a day.

A true friendship helps you to be closer to God and took away demons on your life. Show you the real life and helps you realizes that life is wonderful. True friendship lasts.

P/S: did you find your own real true friend?


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To a toddler, it is just a shelf of his UGLY TOYS,

To a pupil, it is where he/she keeps her BAD TEST PAPERS.

To a teenager, it is a basket case for the letter of an EX- LOVER!

To a writer, it is a file of REJECTED DRAFTS,

But to a STREET CHILD,with a trash can LIFE GOES ON...

P/S: See how blessed we are....
In this days, gays were accepted on our community. Cross dresser,discreet,and even bisexual. They gained respect and even great power in our government, sometimes ruling our country. As of today, gay were being respected and treated well. Furthermore they even helped country to boost its tourism,by helping it to have more tourist destinations with a great outcome for our government.

Their contribution was good enough to help our country as one of the center for fashion and style. By helping to promote our own materials to be used as well in clothes and many more. In show business or the entertainment in our country today, they even ruled. The most known and powerful people in line with showbiz. They brought smiles for people,and bring knowledge to people. Their impact in our country was huge. Maybe because we are not living in a communist country. For they cannot show off their feelings.

Showing what they feel is necessary- in democratic country like Philippines gays were given a chance to show their emotion,wearing women clothes and expressing their emotion on the streets with people. The freedom is really good enough for them. Love and kindness was given for them.

The freedom for communist countries when we talked about gays it is really hard for them to gain. The discrimination and challenges for them to over come was huge.


Living alone if fulfilling,but living independent is necessary. To learn things of maturity,kindness,responsibility, and a survivor in this life. Something to dig in,for every problem that will come into our life is just a challenges wanted to mold us and make us strong.

In this life people said that it is better to be tough, for every thing that would come in your life, you have the capability to lose it, if it is a battle of knife, and the capability to get it, if it is a battle of chance.

This lesson helps me to make up my mind and learned to be strong. In every day life that i had, living in this big city I always think of what would be is the next. A life of a guy which dreamed to be somebody some day. A dreamed that is bursting on my heart, and wanted to be done. But due to some financial dis abundance, those dreams is now stuck up and kept on my own. Hard to think that nowadays I cannot make it into reality. Nowadays I cannot reached it. But the heart of an inspired guy always helped me to think that I can make it one day soon.

The confession of this heart was really deep. In mind and in the heart. So help me LORD.


It was a great time to see competition like Miss Universe. The beautiful ladies was so dearly on their own beauty. But only one,will be crowned as Miss Universe 2009.

And that is Miss Venezuela- STEFANIA FERNANDEZ

A 19 year old from Merida Venezuela, she represented her country in this years Miss Universe. She was crowned as Miss Venezuela last year, and her fellow Venezuelan passed the crowned to her as Miss Venezuela 2008( by Miss Universe-2008 Dayana Mendoza) And they did it for 2 times. Passing the crown on their own country and as well as in this years Miss U.

Congratulations Stefania!!! You did a GOOD JOB!
It was a tough competition for 84 young beautiful ladies who were eying for the title MISS UNIVERSE 2009. 84 hopefuls showed off their beauty and their charisma just to be one of the top 15 finalists, and hope so to be the Miss Universe 2009,not just eying for the title itself but for the the prizes that would possibly change the life of the lady who will emerge as Miss U.

A big chance to travel around the world,the fame,free stuffs, and the opportunity to meet wonderful and known people in this world. These were just among those extravagant package that the Miss Universe would be feasting.

In this competition, it is good to be tough,to be beautiful and of course good to have a good and sexy body. The smiles,poise and pose is necessary to be mastered.To get the judges attention. And attention, the judges as well were really chosen in a different fields, in their expertise to filtered the ladies who will gonna be following the foot step of those woman who had a great time and had changed their lives because of this pageant.

So for hopefuls who dreamed to win the title, and be the next Miss U, was really not that easy, diet,rehearsals is tough enough as well. A 3 hours of sleeping, taking a nap. Were disgusting to think. But the experience was cannot be paid. Communicating with other ladies,with a different languages,culture was such nicest thing to have. Bonding,and start building up a new friendship is amazing. And one reason, why Miss China won the (Miss Congeniality ) a lady who got a sense of humor, and knows how to deal and bond with the ladies. A friendly one.

But now, the time has end.Judgement day was over. Only one beauty will emerge and be crown as Miss Universe 2009. The beauty contest that viewed by billions of people around the world.
Hoping that their favorite contestant will be in to the final 5. Such fulfilling if they will see their favorite.

But the time was over, we witnessed how the ladies showed off their talent and the effort to make it to the top15-10 and final 5.

Here are the lists of the ladies who make it to top 5-

1. Australia
2.Puerto Rico
4.Dominican Republic
5. Venezuela

These young beautiful ladies had made it to the top 5. And look at the scenario, still the powerful beauties of Venezuela make it to the top 5. Such amusing.
I was surfing on the Internet a while back,looking for some new friends that would possibly gonna add to my friends list. A friends that would be real in all ways of friendship should be. Well, many people wishes to find real friends that would be true to them and make them smile when they were sad. And I am one of those people.

Dreaming to find a real and true one is really hard in this world. Life that has a constant change. Life that move with out any notification for you to know where the directions is. Such sucking up.
Too bad for me, because I did suffer it.

I was surfing as I had said, finding friends online, and hoping to meet them as well. And start a friendship that would gonna be cool,for the years to come. When I browse to move to another page, I land in a good profile of one guy that makes me curious about his life. An arrogant one, and I think boastful. But since I am looking for a new one,so I just let my self to be patient for me to make friends with him. And that was good idea,cause it happens that we became friends.

So we started our good conversation, sharing some ideas about life and schools, seems things was getting closer. When I asked him if I could visit him tonight. And he said sure, I can visit him. So a while back, I went to his house. It was rainy night and flood was so terrific but still i went to his house and met him. So far so good, the conversation itself, laughing here and there. Until we reached perfume topics. He asked me of what kind of perfume I am using, I asked him why?
He said he just wanna know, but instead of letting him to let me talk, he stopped me and tease me, like I am bitch. Or a stupid one! He was trying to derailed me that since I am using cheap brand of perfumes, and he laughs so loud. I don't know what kind of feeling that I got,feel so embarrassed about it. I look unto my self, and think was so damn. I was really embarrassed.

He asked me, what makes me so silent? But I said I am just thinking about his life in the near future and telling him that something will gonna happen to him great. He was happy, I did it just to change the topic of our non sense conversation. Well it was changed, but it never changes how I feel inside. I was really hurt. It is something that makes my heart crying, felt insulted and got pissed off. The pain that I felt inside keeps telling me to show how insulted I was. Smiling with him and even doing some friendly moves and all the stuff, stopped me from doing it.

Felt so bastard,felt so damn. So I just deiced to leave him alone and go home. He sends me out side of his house. I learned that meeting up some body to become new friends would be hard. The attitude and your self as well. Adjustments counts a lot.
Life is funny.
You have to put your self out there,
to be open to good things that happens
When you do,
great images just fall into your


fun quiz for myspace profile and blog

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Life has its own time. I will repeat this phrase again, because it now reminds me again of all things that happens to me today, all the stuff that makes me dull and unproductive. Might be the reason of my failure today was my personal feeling,my attitude and the great depression that I have been facing nowadays.

The feeling of being unwanted and undone. The disapproval of my self in this holocaust that now makes me weak. Asking my self where to go, and thinking to sneak out and forget all my friends. And start a new life,living far far away from my them,people who knows me and the situation that carries my self into depression.

Now, this day I am alone facing this monitor, thinking to my self how wasted I am. A lone with out money. Roaming in this city. Nobody wanted to talked to me.


>this one of a kind beauty contest,that millions of viewers around the globe will witnessed for another beauty who would emerge and hailed as the " MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN OF THE UNIVERSE".

I know that we just one the same BIG question that is now roaming inside our minds. And that would be, "who will be the next". Who will gonna inherit the crown,the fame and the opportunity to travel around the world and to met those most anticipated people in this world. Example would be Donald Trump( founder of Miss u).

Now I will just show you, who are those candidates that possibly will stand out in this years Miss U.

Watch out for the final night, the night of beauty and the brain.
(August 24,2009)

  • Venezuela
  • Puerto Rico
  • United States of America
  • Italy
  • Great Britain
  • Belgium
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Cyprus
  • Indonesia
  • Lebanon
People love to promise-

Every time we met somebody else on the road of our journey we tend to do something that would impress them,and let them think that we an stand to the promises that we release. And sometimes we raise our right hand to prove how sincere we are to them, the words that would let them trust and lean on to the promises.
Well I guess it is good to think that sometimes we need to do so,but somehow if we think that a promise that we said is fragile we have to limit our mouth to said it so, because might be it is the reason for somebody to cry. A reason for somebody to mourn everyday of their lives. And s0metimes a reason for them to quit in the game of life.

It is good to promise,if we know that the boundary itself won't hinder us. If the time won't make a way to stop us, and letting us to realized that it is not all words you can make a promise. Because sometimes,those words that you used to promise would lead you to discover the truth in life.

As for me, I hate people promising me. The word PROMISE is such dangerous word to use.
A hurtful fact that a promise that people had told you won't cannot make it into reality. One reason of your failure.

The reasons of why people failed in everything that they do:

  • promise of good life
  • promise the he/she be faithful
  • promise to be a good friend
  • promise of true love
  • promise of not leaving you alone.
These are just a few reasons why people failed in their won field. The PROMISE!

P/S: now,would you promise to your love,family,friends, people around you?






I HATE YOU!!!!!!

GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me share my pain and aches on my heart to you.

All things need love,people,animal, and even nature they need it. Love that would protect,care and show all things in a real way. Feelings that makes the world brighter and the touch that softens the bricks of hardship. A night of prayer,light up the way. Hope that carries you to success, and the freedom show you the path of triumph.

But those dreams were just be a wish. A wish that will never be brought into reality. My hope, that starts to fell down,its drive before was like a fading color that cannot be back again its vibrant and the brightness of its own.
Oblivion is falling down-

My dreams, is there be any reason to be true?


My friends were chilling when we were talking about sex thingies. Some liked it, and some hate it. Different perception about the word SEX. What is on their mind I guess they were the only one knew it. But one thing I had noticed that every time we talked about that matter, they will be staring at me, and tease. Not because I got lots of experienced,but because of those opinions that I'd shared to them. They seemed became more interested,conscious about it. Eye popping topic.

So they asked me personal question,the experienced that I had. No doubt I did answer them. I don't know if they find it nasty or interesting answer. But I my self, just tell them the real things about my sex life. That became vice,became my name tag.

Every time we have our conversation, we cannot deny the fact that there were always a possibility to open up a steamy and crazy dirty talked. And they even ask me about the update of my sex life. How terrific it was. But they were my friends, so let them know that it is okay. Flowing smoothly. LOL.

That was the reason why they called me SEX GURU. Is that a nice name?
I was walking on the road, just a while back. I saw the lady selling here banana cue thinks i am hungry so I bought one for my self. It is just 5 peso. It feels good, the taste it self were satisfactorily. Grab mine and eat. Then go to my direction.

Next one, I feel the thirst and I saw a guy again who sells coconut juice. I bought one for my self. What makes it different to any coconut vendor was his style of giving you the juice. To other vendors they were not giving you any refill. But on him,he will be refilling your cup if he saw it was almost over. How awesome, it taste good and as well as you can save than buying another one.

I was just really amazed the way he sell. Very interesting.


Days passing by now, still thinking all mistakes that I had done to my boy friend. I don't know what I feel. All those lies that I kept on my heart were starting to captures me, I always think bad about my self. Blaming my self of those unfaithfulness that I did to him. It sucks me off everyday.
He never did this to me and I am liar to him. I did promise that I must be faithful and true to him. But now, I lied.

I felt guilty about it, my mind was running after me, and asking me what was the reason why I did it. It bursting inside my heart. I AM UNFAITHFUL! I AM UNFAITHFUL!!

I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied

I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied

Things were troubling in my mind- I did it! It is my mistake, I wish to tell this to my boyfriend. But I am afraid he will be mad at me, or leave me. Now what should I do?
This would be the last part, the story of my adventure- an exploration of love and inspiration. Uniqueness and the ability to learned other culture in my country. It is an adventure of realization,how much knowledge must be valued.

Staying there for 2 days was not easy for me. I need to learned to be brave of facing the water every morning, it was such a stupid thing that happens to me by not taking a bath every day. A whole 2 days of my vacation. My body cannot resist it, it was really cold and think cannot even move my hands to touch the water. By the way people there were not using any DASURECO supply,and not using and drinking DCWD water, so meaning people there were using really from the nature and there is no chemicals on their foods.

All people lived just a simple life, some had given a chance to have their own motor cycle(men) woman used to be a farmer as well. Struggles each day, you can observed- but kids were so affected. Most of them were farmer, their source of income.So meaning even young children who had not given a chance to go school or finish it,they were young farmer helping their parents to feed their siblings.

I think it was rubbish to think how sad their situation,but they don't have any choice but to do that. Dreams was sacrificed and do the duties were not really intitled for them. I put it my mind, that this is not just an adventure but a lesson to learn about life. Being responsible and good enough to make my dreams possible.

Those magnificent views of nature were all useless,the mountains with fogs, brooks, fish and all those stuff is not worth it to remember if there were no lesson and no reason why you did go to that place- it is not just an adventure but a realization of life. The situation will wake you up and the reason of life will gives you the clue what are we facing now. It is all CRISIS.

Well I did enjoy with that adventure, and lesson of life will be more important than just an adventure. Know how to comprehend-
A zigzag road,from Davao to Malita we will travel for 4 to 5 hours it depends on the bus driver. If he drove fast then that would be okay. On the road, riding a bus was really crucial,if your immune system is weak I think you will be feeling dizzy and somehow vomit. But thanks God I am not,so all those zig zag road was just really easy for me,no harsh, along way of travel makes you sleepy and your 2 bumpy mountain will felt numb, I think it is because of sitting down for how many hours. One,two,three, we arrive in the small but a cute town called Malita. In this place you can only use your cellphones and any gadgets that needs network support, and as well you can only charge your phone.

It is not my destination yet, after Malita I need to travel for an hour to reached the mountainous place of this town, will be riding a motor cycle,upgraded one, why I called it upgraded. Most of the way was really rough,drivers must do something to make their motor cycle resists this rough way. And the is a habal habal ( a motor cycle which can carry 5 or 6 people just one ride). How awesome is that huh. And that is also a means of their living their.

So now,the real challenge was one step ahead,I have to ride a habal habal to reached the peak and see the great place. On my way reaching the place, I was really afraid that might be we will gonna die,because of those big stones and the way. I am not wrong, I expect a great challenge when were gonna be climbing the mountain just to reached the place, and the driver was good enough I guess expert. So we crossed those hilarious and nerve wracking way,a little mistake of the driver,we will gonna be seen on the foot of the mountain. That would be terrific if we can made mistake so bad. Climbing and climbing like there is no end,rough road here and there,we are in between of those colossal mountain. The virgin forest is good,but afraid of its silence. Don't know what are those creatures living there.

So at last we reached the peak. And so enticing the beauty of the nature if you reached the peak,cool and a flower for the eyes,but we are not done yet,still need to go forth to reach the place where we will gonna slept,at this time I can say it would be soft and clean,though it is not the smooth one,but it will be okay. We reached the place a small village,where I will gonna stay for 2 long days. I am alone,but never afraid. No body can beat me when it comes in asking for help. They assist me and a warm greetings. A good smile. Well people here were good! But one thing I noticed was the children were rampant on the place. Ages 1 to 12 think hundreds of them. Whoah,some has no slippers,shirts, pants, and some of them don't wash faces yet. Still have those dried mucous on their faces. Such innocent.

Innocent of what is going on with our country and a hard situation of our politics. All eyes were innocent.

The last part-
Mountains,creek,hills,ocean,stream,brook,zigzag road,muddy way,fogs these are just few things I saw in my trip alone in a very deep place in Davao del Sur. A place of nowhere but a treasurer able moments that I experienced and cannot be paid. Those moment will remain on my heart, a part of my journey in this world.

Traveling far places that with out any relatives nor friends was such an awesome thing I love to do every time I got money to travel. Don't care if I am with friends or alone, always on my mind was the experienced that I cannot forget and would be a sweet great memories to be kept.

Conquering DAVAO del SUR, this is one of the farthest place in Philippines not saying with in the city of Davao but away from it, a hidden treasure and a marvelous place to live, a paradise and a peaceful place to dwell. I guess I am introducing this magnificent place so great huh. LOL-
Let me share you my once in a life time experience in that place.

It started with a non clear plan of where to go, it was friday afternoon me and my colleagues were having a coffee at one of the restaurant here in Davao,I my self a goofy guy always thinks adventure if I got little money to go. Well thanks God i have it. We planned about our shows and how to gain money from it. At last the meeting was done, and have to think back all those stuff that was bursting on my mind. And that was conquering Davao del sur. I am just conscious about how wonderful the place, since many of my friends used to tell me how awesome it is- hmmmmm, sounds interesting huh. Then later that night still never get the real answer on what would I gonna do,either would I travel or don't. Still strooling to convince my self to travel there were hesitations and doubts,might something wrong will gonna happen to me or what ever it is.

4 am,God I decide to travel alone! Well as an adventurous guy,I don't have fear of everything when it comes I come up with a good decision a plan and a steps to do when I am facing disaster. (Thanks God never happened at all.) The excitements and the extreme feeling of adventure cope up my world,think I was lost. At exactly 5 am, i went to the bus station and start traveling.
Cool, my plans succeed now,let conquer that place!

Wait for the next page-


Not feeling good now- I felt so tired and sleepy. My eyes begging me to relax and close it. I guess need to do so,but I think later- I wanna go out and talk to somebody who could help me to release those bad residue that I have inside.

I think this is not my day and I just need to set an expectations that there will always a right time for my self. A time to win and a time to celebrate. This time was a time of letting to know that what I have is not enough to compete and make my name,that this is not a time for my star to shine.
It hurts on my part but the only way for me to win is to accept my self,that I am loser today. And keep the perseverance higher and be persistent.

And that is why, I went to a bazzaar(small market) this evening,trying to find vintage stuff for me to use someday. It is a cool place,crowded but with space. Peaceful, and people were enjoy eating and shopping. Every night most of people in our place loved to go there to eat and shop. Well it is not luxury brands,just vintage one. But if you just know how to find a great item for you, then you were lucky enough. The price is very cheap,you can also bid,if you feel you can do it. Then you can saved. Just like me, I love vintage stuffs, example: (shoes,shirt,jeans) this is just a few that people were selling. Not to mention the food as well. So I went there and find a good shoes and a nice jacket, wow cool! black shoes and a sky blue jacket. It is really awesome! Another collection of my vintage items..


Gosh, as I observed my self every day I feel so addict-
Every day if I cannot touch and feel it,I am empty-
My body will be numb-
My mind will be shut-
My internal organs were shattered-
My voice will be choppy-

Hard to talk-
Hard to breath-
Hard to express my feelings-
Hard to smile-
Hard to move-
Hard to sleep-

My day is incomplete if I cannot write on my BLOG!!

GOSH, I am addict. A drug that helped me to express my feeling,what kind of substance you are blog?

What's with you? I cannot even think well, if I cannot write each day-
But I notice how good if I am done writing- I feel relief and happy..

Now I am!!!
Think about people who never had any experience in life, the people who just let things happen with out any effort to make each day fruitful. People who just depend their lives to somebody-

And what about those people?

Well I am not the type of the person that just wanted to look for anybody as a main topic each day.
I just notice most of us being so conservative have lots of secrets they kept. My brutal mind never let people to treat me this way. I guess, it is not other people's faults that lead us to comment them, it is our own attitude who loves to judged.

One lady tell me about her life,about her fate in her elder sister' s house. I was confused why she needs to suffer those kind of rubbish things just to let her sister notice how much she cared for her. Every day of her life was so lonely, her siblings wants her to suffer, and that suffering is not just the usual ones,but a challenge for her on how she will gonna let her siblings know how much she cared for them. She had been through so many trials in her brother's hand,they used to back bite her,telling all neighbor how crazy was their sister. A back bite that would loosen up her world. It is really terrible. THAT WAS BEFORE-

But now, they were living together happily- I just wonder why she never ever thrown back all those bad words and stupid stuffs that her sibling used to do to her? hmmmm?
She shared me the secret- and that was every time that her siblings got a trouble or a problem in life, she used to help them to solved it. A piece of advice that would helped them to make things easier and thanks God it is way better- that helps her to win and gain respect from her family. Now she is happy and contented with her life.!!!
Cannot focus on the things that I wish to do. Lots of stuff bothered my mind. Rubbish things were all in my list today. Whoah!! Wish it will stop..
I am writing this blog, in the middle of nowhere. My mind is now traveling so far away. Think it was really hard task to be alone. A hard task of being independent is my self. I just learned it. But never brag things and go away- never.

Just found my self so wasted and tired with the life style that I have. Craziest life! Gosh, this is really terrific.

Today, was one of the worst day that my life had. Happenings sucked me off the grave. Let me start with my Kuya, we had a fight because he back bite me to his friends, that accidentally make friends with me, and told me that my brother had told him how was my life going on. That was really unfair on my part. I don't want anybody to hold me, we are just friend,but I just called him as my brother. We are just friend,but the way he acted, he was trying to hold me on my neck so that I cannot move. It happened this morning.

I am thinking, that it would just gonna be okay- things will just be cool after that fight. I went to the station and talk,giving some piece of advices, not knowing that I got my loggage to carry too.
Then, I am done, oh! Friends invited me to go with them to the mall, sure why not, I think it would helped me to forget bad things that had happened. We all laughed and I think I was happy. But demons just really demons, they want your day stupid and wants you to be bastard. Hahai.. It is bad..

This night friend invted me to go to their house,because I don't wanna go home I did agree. Wow, that sucks off, it was really bad experienced. I just don't wanna tell all the details.. Super bad!!!!


Things will just be better soon.
I don't care if we will gonna say bye bye, it is not our lost both.
But we missed a chance of letting our friendship to reached years or so.
I think I need to find a great space for my own as well.
I just met you, at this kind of life that I have today.At this stage where I know how to make life easy. And you cannot tell me that I cannot live with out you.
Heck! I can do better, and I can survived with out you. I did live and survive with out my parents. For how many years now, then you were trying to say that "i cannot live with out you?"
Hey, I am not the stupid one, who will gonna stick on your life that in fact we cannot make our friendship grow. Sorry, I guess this is the last time that you will gonna see me. I don't wanna pretend that i still wants you to be with me. Your stupid attitude that would suck you off!
Sorry, william- I have to go!

Most people said, that in life we should have at least one inspiration in order to succeed.
If you don't have it, doubtedly you won't succeed in everything that you do.
Well I guess that is a wrong perception about life.
Things are always visible and vibrant to some one who dreamed to succeed in life.
Every day- is always an opportunity to some one who aimed to make his/her dreamed into reality. By grabbing it.
Having an inspiration is just a plus, why?
If you have the courage to find a better solution of life that you have right now, then you don't need to have an inspirations. Because you yourself is an inspiration.
Inspired people are those who dreamed big,and higher than people who live life just nothing. As a matter of fact, I can be one of the example- I am not selling my self, but I just wanna clear that
you don't need anybody,an inspiration for you to succeed.
The challenges,failure,pain and rejection you got, could be an asset for you to succeed, could be a great inspiration for you to be strong.
Though admittedly we need somebody to make the light shining over and over,
it does not mean that we will gonna lean on to that.
Because, you can make your dream possible to achieve if you only decide to take action on that. Let us make our dreams into a great reality!


Wow, this is really an eye opener for all of us Filipinos- We are one of the poorest country in this world. Look now, most of our country men were suffering from hunger and extreme poverty. Things becomes so hard for us to achieved.

(food,clothes,personal needs,education and money)

These are just few of the needs that most of us were looking for. Young ones were the most affected of this kind of holocaust that we have today- and that is the POVERTY-

THIS THIRD WORLD COUNTRY- is there's any chance to reached what we were dreaming for. An abundant life, peaceful and a God fairing nation? How can we gain back our hope? People on our government feasting the little treasure that we have, a little food for this nation were all in their pocket. Lies here and there. Thieves are not living in far places,but near beside you- the people who had given a chance to rule this dying nation.We are fighting for our freedom, but they killed us slowly with their tricks of feasting our little treasure that we don't know- I think we know it, but most of the time WE ARE TOO LATE!

23.8 to27.6- this is our poverty hunger rate today- it is increasing? isn't it? YES IT IS INCREASING-
Hey! i am really happy today, things were doing fine.Well for how many days of waiting, at last i did receive my money from my previous work. Cannot find any better today!Whaoh! at last I can do things which is i wanna do those days that I planned.
Thanks God, I can pay my room now, I can buy food and I think i can watch movie.(hehehehe)
And the best thing is I can pay my payables from my friends who helped me a lot. Thank you friends!!(angie,kuya william,sir skip, and many more,.) Thank you so much for letting me to lend money from you!
God bless you always!!!!
Think this is a tough question for me,(hehehehe). I am just bored today, nothing to do and to write as well.

So i just ask my self, that what is with me?

So I send a letter for my self, since I am alone now. Very lonely. I did send it- Don't know the answer yet, because I will gonna receive it next week.(hehehehehe)


I dreamed to finish my college, and be a professional someday. This dream of mine, makes me bothered everytime I think, asking my self when would it be make into reality. I am now 19 year old, i am getting older- but still my dream to finish my college is really impossible for me to make it true.
So sad, I got lots of things that I wanna do,if given a chance to finish my college. Most of my friends were asking me, if I am done studying, well cannot lie, that the fact was I didn't finish my college. I very sad, every time I saw students were passing that they were carrying their bags and went to school. Now, for me I don't know when would be the time comes that I can finish it.


I have a BIG problem nowadays- it is pretty personal but I won't be shy to tell what is this.
I feel so embarrassed but I don't have any choice but to let this out and find better result or a remedy for this. I think it is bad to tell to anybody- gosh it is!!!

But here I am not afraid of letting you know people, that every time I encounter SEX, never felt the great pleasure, a pleasure that body is looking for. and we know that SEX is very wonderful exercise, but somehow I never felt that extravagant feeling of pleasure.

The word SATISFACION is really strange when I have intercourse, not because my partner in sex were not good enough, or whatever it is. But my mind is looking for something that I used to feel the real pleasure before. Such strange for me,because this just new to me,having this feelings of dis satisfaction. Yes I did cum, but the pleasure which is I am expecting for were lacked. I can feel it,but it is really little compared to what I feel before. I am afraid now, my mind is in confused if I have the sex problem, whoah!! that would be terrible. And everytime I masturbated just for me to reach the climax and be satisfied, is really hard for me to achieved it. That was one of the reason, and I found out why is that so- why is it happening to me.

GOSH- I LOVE SEX and I don't wanna be dis abled when it comes in that matter!!!
I am alone on my room,I seldom move and even open my eyes. I just stucked my self on the corner. I felt so wasted and tired today maybe because of the things that we'd done yesterday, and also I slept late night. I always notice this everytime i did sleeping late at night. I am lazy waking up, and I hate to move.
Well, I guess this is dullness and not a habit, I don't wanna be like this everytime, but I cannot control my self of having this traits everytime I was so tired at night and had lots of activities I had done. Hahai, now, I feel better,but has something in mind that wanted to go back to sleep. Just finish eating my lunch and did taking a bath as well. Still tired of moving.

So bad having this today, I think this would be a habit if I won't make any move to stop it.
Things flow well this day- our project was successfully done. We did our first elimination round for our SAYAW MINDANAW . Dancers were all good, with their nerve wracking moves, people cannot say anything but shouting. So i hope the next event our second elimination round would be successful as well.. watch out for the update.


I think this day was one of the busiest day ever. Doing lots of things, things that bothers me so damn. I think I was so wasted today. Everything gone wrong, my head was tilting. hahai...
When the sun was raising up this morning, the stupid thing happen to me, first when my kuya woke me up and i shout at him, because he wanted me to bought viand for him, but my eyes wanted to sleep still. so he got upset and leave me alone. Well, he cannot even bothered me, or got mad because it's his fault why i shouted him-
Next was this evening, I went to my friends house, then checked him, if he was okay that time, well thanks God, he was okay. in fact he will be hosting one event. He told me to go with him, and be a spinner of the night- then he will be giving money to me. so i agreed to go with him, feeling so good today, i just assume that it would be okay. So bad, we had a problem the disc and everything that we need for our spinning was not yet complete and we need to do it,hahai.. a long process, i helped him to gathered all necessary materials for hosting- so far so good- So the party starts thinking it would be fine at this time- whoah! i am wrong, we ned to fix all song still because it was lacking and the celebrant wanted to add and changed song- terrific! i don't know what to do, the room were so crowded- thanks God, somebody knows how to do it. (the spinning) he helped me to make it through and do it well- by assisting me. At last the party was cool, then i thought we can finish it early- gosh we ned to wait for how many hours to receive our payment! what the heck was going on!!!! So that goes, they pay us, thanks God-
So now i am writing this, the bulshit never got tired of teasing me off, the internet was so slow, i was frustrated again! I don't like it- very slow- i stick minutes to access blogspot- so bad...
I just conclude this day- IS NOT MINE!!


i think this one of the most hilarious accident that i ever see. this person was really totally cut and broken, all parts of his body were chop and grated like a cheese. kinda yucky to see, but you can see his flesh were moving. this is one of the lesson that we need to learned- " be careful when you were on the road".

I am watching one show of abs-cbn hosted by Boy Abunda, this is still regarding with Tita Cory's death. Well, still her family were so affected about her passing, and also the Filipinos who diligently shed tears to make this country free. And savour the life that we are enjoying nowadays. The freedom that we used to dream before is now visible for us. It is a great trade mark of this nation to be known as a fighter of democracy- led by late Cory Aquino. The brave one!!

So that goes, again the most famous magazine of all time(TIME) magazine, is now releasing its another big issue that people would be excited to read . I really pressume that it will be spectacular released to the market- why? because TIME is featuring CORY AQUINO- for the third time. So better watch out for that,out in the market, i think so.
The title itself will explain its content. "THE WOMAN WHO CHANGED ASIA" such awesome words! At least all her endeavor made people notice ( whole world) that Filipino can rise and make changed, for the better life!
i went home early last night. busy, and tired. but it's okay, as long i can still do it.Dressed up, and then prepare food for my self.. I had waited for 15 minutes to let the food cooked. At last it was okay, and gotta eat now! whoah..
Thanks God i am full, i gathered all messed that i made. I wonder why my kuya still not around, i texted him, where is he. I never find any reply from him. So i decided to sleep and let him open the door when he will be in.

4 am, i was awake, due to some personal necessity, i checked him, on his bed, but i never find him there. I was afraid, might be something wrong was happening to him,i tried to text him again, but so SAD, i don't have the load anymore. Till now, i don't know where is he going.. I am afraid, of what is happening to him, i never receive any text from him.. huhuhu..


whoah, such awesome to do, doing some quickie and juicy with partner.
a while back, i visit my love in his house, because it's been 5 days we haven't see each other.
so i decided to meet and go their house. maybe to relax and of course to see if hes okay.
well am happy, that he is, really cool still handsome and good
I said that because i am just proud of him.
while sitting on their living room, the house maid left us alone, oh.. and went to her room. so it's our chance to hug each other, because of course we missed each other. he hugged me so damned good!
feels like heaven....
oh, great thing happen, we kissed torridly! i think it lasted for 5 minutes. feels so good, plus factor!
whoah! the temptation comes along with us both. he touched my{you know}lol
so that goes! it lead us to a different dimension, and as what couple usually do.
so good, if you love somebody. and that's me. i love him..
the quickie thing happen, we make it fast, thinking that might be their maid would caught us in the act. {sayang naman} we shared, and blown up! needs to go out what is needed to.
at the end it is successful!


this profession that i have now, such crucial for me.
i need to use my voice to earn money and make a living.
but i am just happy for this is legal, that i am doing it right and happily.
radio world is what i am dreaming before. now that i have this, i am so happy,
for this is what my heart is shouting for!

  • to sing so loud
  • drinking beer or any liquor
  • shout
  • and sleeping late.
I am watching President Cory Aquino's wake, this morning. It was such especial for her family and relatives as well.
But millions of Filipinos shed tears when they remembered how braved this woman when she was fighting for our freedom.
This is the name that people gave to her, she saved Filipinos from slavery, from simple housewife to country leader.this is such amazing thing to think how did she made it well. Together with her rosary and faith in God he makes the world shocked with her spectacular power to saved everybody from a cruel dictator Ferdinand Marcos. No doubt how respected she was. Beyond that, she hailed as A woman of courage 2 times in Time magazine.
But she never thought to savour what Philippines has. Instead she encourages us to be sincere.
Today is the last day, that Filipinos can see her, tomorrow that would be on our memory.


always in my dream, buggling on my mind and bouncing on my heart- passion that out burst everytime I evaluate and think when would be the time that i can make it real.
things suddenly became clear, and make it bright as the sun.
confusion vanished away.
dreams become visible as i look, in the coldest night.
the moon that makes the peaceful night celebrate for its bountiful treasure, and undying love for life. the leaves savour the drops each time.
how can this confusion comes to life? how can this passion be real?
-heart talker-


Philippines, reunited again, not because of another EDSA revolution, but time for reminiscing the best things, our tita Cory had done to her country Philippines.

Tomorrow, will be the last time that we can see our love President, because after that we will never see her anymore, and she will just be on our memory- so sad to think, that we lost another hero...

Paalam tita Cory! I love you so much!!
It's been 2 days, I am so wasted and really sick. I have cough and cold, my fever was so terrible. At this time, I still have it. I am really worried if this is ah1n1, {patay ako}...

Last saturday, was my very disturbed night at all. I went home from my hosting, so tired my feet was aching, freaking out. Later that night, i felt cold, so I ask my Kuya, {my brother in the house} to do massage, so that all that i felt would be okay.
I guess it was okay, but I am wrong, It was really bad. My back was aching, whoah. Great pain!

Sunday morning, I felt my head will be broken, another freaking harsh thing happen to me.Can't do nothing, instead I kept on complaining, about my back. The worst was, I have on air sunday afternoon, I just imagine what would be is the room, that would be air conditioned. Whoah! bothered again. Well no choice, I need to work, I went to the station and go on board. The room, was really cold!
I kept on complaining to my partner, But if we go on air, nothing's wrong, at last the show had been done, thanks God.

Monday morning, yesterday- Feel better, I am sweating and feel very cool. The boss texted me, to go on board, from 2 pm til 9 pm, hahahahahaha such delirious what should I do? No choice I have to go on board, manager's choice and decision. The same thing, pretending I am well, but really weak. It was very long span of time going on board! Gush!

Now, still going to the station to go on board. I dont know, i still have this illness. Cannot move well.


Tomorrow would be the time that i will be starting to work as a disc jockey. Now i am afraid of what will gonna happen to my show. Hesitations and fear covers me all the way. I don't know if this show would worked.

Second would be the slot that they have given to me, it is really a big challenge for me on how to convince people to listen to my show. In fact,it's pressure at the same time, the dj who handles it before was really good and I think he does it better.

Now my challenge would be, how can I cope up all, the things that he had done to public. He is such a good DJ. As of me, i don't have any experience yet. I am afraid.
Things were having sex on my mind.

So I will gonna update you tomorrow, of what will gonna happen.
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