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People love to promise-

Every time we met somebody else on the road of our journey we tend to do something that would impress them,and let them think that we an stand to the promises that we release. And sometimes we raise our right hand to prove how sincere we are to them, the words that would let them trust and lean on to the promises.
Well I guess it is good to think that sometimes we need to do so,but somehow if we think that a promise that we said is fragile we have to limit our mouth to said it so, because might be it is the reason for somebody to cry. A reason for somebody to mourn everyday of their lives. And s0metimes a reason for them to quit in the game of life.

It is good to promise,if we know that the boundary itself won't hinder us. If the time won't make a way to stop us, and letting us to realized that it is not all words you can make a promise. Because sometimes,those words that you used to promise would lead you to discover the truth in life.

As for me, I hate people promising me. The word PROMISE is such dangerous word to use.
A hurtful fact that a promise that people had told you won't cannot make it into reality. One reason of your failure.

The reasons of why people failed in everything that they do:

  • promise of good life
  • promise the he/she be faithful
  • promise to be a good friend
  • promise of true love
  • promise of not leaving you alone.
These are just a few reasons why people failed in their won field. The PROMISE!

P/S: now,would you promise to your love,family,friends, people around you?


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