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Advices-makes the world bright

Think about people who never had any experience in life, the people who just let things happen with out any effort to make each day fruitful. People who just depend their lives to somebody-

And what about those people?

Well I am not the type of the person that just wanted to look for anybody as a main topic each day.
I just notice most of us being so conservative have lots of secrets they kept. My brutal mind never let people to treat me this way. I guess, it is not other people's faults that lead us to comment them, it is our own attitude who loves to judged.

One lady tell me about her life,about her fate in her elder sister' s house. I was confused why she needs to suffer those kind of rubbish things just to let her sister notice how much she cared for her. Every day of her life was so lonely, her siblings wants her to suffer, and that suffering is not just the usual ones,but a challenge for her on how she will gonna let her siblings know how much she cared for them. She had been through so many trials in her brother's hand,they used to back bite her,telling all neighbor how crazy was their sister. A back bite that would loosen up her world. It is really terrible. THAT WAS BEFORE-

But now, they were living together happily- I just wonder why she never ever thrown back all those bad words and stupid stuffs that her sibling used to do to her? hmmmm?
She shared me the secret- and that was every time that her siblings got a trouble or a problem in life, she used to help them to solved it. A piece of advice that would helped them to make things easier and thanks God it is way better- that helps her to win and gain respect from her family. Now she is happy and contented with her life.!!!


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