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Never afraid of leaving you

Things will just be better soon.
I don't care if we will gonna say bye bye, it is not our lost both.
But we missed a chance of letting our friendship to reached years or so.
I think I need to find a great space for my own as well.
I just met you, at this kind of life that I have today.At this stage where I know how to make life easy. And you cannot tell me that I cannot live with out you.
Heck! I can do better, and I can survived with out you. I did live and survive with out my parents. For how many years now, then you were trying to say that "i cannot live with out you?"
Hey, I am not the stupid one, who will gonna stick on your life that in fact we cannot make our friendship grow. Sorry, I guess this is the last time that you will gonna see me. I don't wanna pretend that i still wants you to be with me. Your stupid attitude that would suck you off!
Sorry, william- I have to go!


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