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Cannot focus on the things that I wish to do. Lots of stuff bothered my mind. Rubbish things were all in my list today. Whoah!! Wish it will stop..
I am writing this blog, in the middle of nowhere. My mind is now traveling so far away. Think it was really hard task to be alone. A hard task of being independent is my self. I just learned it. But never brag things and go away- never.

Just found my self so wasted and tired with the life style that I have. Craziest life! Gosh, this is really terrific.

Today, was one of the worst day that my life had. Happenings sucked me off the grave. Let me start with my Kuya, we had a fight because he back bite me to his friends, that accidentally make friends with me, and told me that my brother had told him how was my life going on. That was really unfair on my part. I don't want anybody to hold me, we are just friend,but I just called him as my brother. We are just friend,but the way he acted, he was trying to hold me on my neck so that I cannot move. It happened this morning.

I am thinking, that it would just gonna be okay- things will just be cool after that fight. I went to the station and talk,giving some piece of advices, not knowing that I got my loggage to carry too.
Then, I am done, oh! Friends invited me to go with them to the mall, sure why not, I think it would helped me to forget bad things that had happened. We all laughed and I think I was happy. But demons just really demons, they want your day stupid and wants you to be bastard. Hahai.. It is bad..

This night friend invted me to go to their house,because I don't wanna go home I did agree. Wow, that sucks off, it was really bad experienced. I just don't wanna tell all the details.. Super bad!!!!


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