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Timothy Jian Smithson

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My life in the city alone

Living alone if fulfilling,but living independent is necessary. To learn things of maturity,kindness,responsibility, and a survivor in this life. Something to dig in,for every problem that will come into our life is just a challenges wanted to mold us and make us strong.

In this life people said that it is better to be tough, for every thing that would come in your life, you have the capability to lose it, if it is a battle of knife, and the capability to get it, if it is a battle of chance.

This lesson helps me to make up my mind and learned to be strong. In every day life that i had, living in this big city I always think of what would be is the next. A life of a guy which dreamed to be somebody some day. A dreamed that is bursting on my heart, and wanted to be done. But due to some financial dis abundance, those dreams is now stuck up and kept on my own. Hard to think that nowadays I cannot make it into reality. Nowadays I cannot reached it. But the heart of an inspired guy always helped me to think that I can make it one day soon.

The confession of this heart was really deep. In mind and in the heart. So help me LORD.


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