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new vintage items

Not feeling good now- I felt so tired and sleepy. My eyes begging me to relax and close it. I guess need to do so,but I think later- I wanna go out and talk to somebody who could help me to release those bad residue that I have inside.

I think this is not my day and I just need to set an expectations that there will always a right time for my self. A time to win and a time to celebrate. This time was a time of letting to know that what I have is not enough to compete and make my name,that this is not a time for my star to shine.
It hurts on my part but the only way for me to win is to accept my self,that I am loser today. And keep the perseverance higher and be persistent.

And that is why, I went to a bazzaar(small market) this evening,trying to find vintage stuff for me to use someday. It is a cool place,crowded but with space. Peaceful, and people were enjoy eating and shopping. Every night most of people in our place loved to go there to eat and shop. Well it is not luxury brands,just vintage one. But if you just know how to find a great item for you, then you were lucky enough. The price is very cheap,you can also bid,if you feel you can do it. Then you can saved. Just like me, I love vintage stuffs, example: (shoes,shirt,jeans) this is just a few that people were selling. Not to mention the food as well. So I went there and find a good shoes and a nice jacket, wow cool! black shoes and a sky blue jacket. It is really awesome! Another collection of my vintage items..


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