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It was a tough competition for 84 young beautiful ladies who were eying for the title MISS UNIVERSE 2009. 84 hopefuls showed off their beauty and their charisma just to be one of the top 15 finalists, and hope so to be the Miss Universe 2009,not just eying for the title itself but for the the prizes that would possibly change the life of the lady who will emerge as Miss U.

A big chance to travel around the world,the fame,free stuffs, and the opportunity to meet wonderful and known people in this world. These were just among those extravagant package that the Miss Universe would be feasting.

In this competition, it is good to be tough,to be beautiful and of course good to have a good and sexy body. The smiles,poise and pose is necessary to be mastered.To get the judges attention. And attention, the judges as well were really chosen in a different fields, in their expertise to filtered the ladies who will gonna be following the foot step of those woman who had a great time and had changed their lives because of this pageant.

So for hopefuls who dreamed to win the title, and be the next Miss U, was really not that easy, diet,rehearsals is tough enough as well. A 3 hours of sleeping, taking a nap. Were disgusting to think. But the experience was cannot be paid. Communicating with other ladies,with a different languages,culture was such nicest thing to have. Bonding,and start building up a new friendship is amazing. And one reason, why Miss China won the (Miss Congeniality ) a lady who got a sense of humor, and knows how to deal and bond with the ladies. A friendly one.

But now, the time has end.Judgement day was over. Only one beauty will emerge and be crown as Miss Universe 2009. The beauty contest that viewed by billions of people around the world.
Hoping that their favorite contestant will be in to the final 5. Such fulfilling if they will see their favorite.

But the time was over, we witnessed how the ladies showed off their talent and the effort to make it to the top15-10 and final 5.

Here are the lists of the ladies who make it to top 5-

1. Australia
2.Puerto Rico
4.Dominican Republic
5. Venezuela

These young beautiful ladies had made it to the top 5. And look at the scenario, still the powerful beauties of Venezuela make it to the top 5. Such amusing.


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