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Democratic and Communist gays- what is the difference

In this days, gays were accepted on our community. Cross dresser,discreet,and even bisexual. They gained respect and even great power in our government, sometimes ruling our country. As of today, gay were being respected and treated well. Furthermore they even helped country to boost its tourism,by helping it to have more tourist destinations with a great outcome for our government.

Their contribution was good enough to help our country as one of the center for fashion and style. By helping to promote our own materials to be used as well in clothes and many more. In show business or the entertainment in our country today, they even ruled. The most known and powerful people in line with showbiz. They brought smiles for people,and bring knowledge to people. Their impact in our country was huge. Maybe because we are not living in a communist country. For they cannot show off their feelings.

Showing what they feel is necessary- in democratic country like Philippines gays were given a chance to show their emotion,wearing women clothes and expressing their emotion on the streets with people. The freedom is really good enough for them. Love and kindness was given for them.

The freedom for communist countries when we talked about gays it is really hard for them to gain. The discrimination and challenges for them to over come was huge.


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