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I'm sick

It's been 2 days, I am so wasted and really sick. I have cough and cold, my fever was so terrible. At this time, I still have it. I am really worried if this is ah1n1, {patay ako}...

Last saturday, was my very disturbed night at all. I went home from my hosting, so tired my feet was aching, freaking out. Later that night, i felt cold, so I ask my Kuya, {my brother in the house} to do massage, so that all that i felt would be okay.
I guess it was okay, but I am wrong, It was really bad. My back was aching, whoah. Great pain!

Sunday morning, I felt my head will be broken, another freaking harsh thing happen to me.Can't do nothing, instead I kept on complaining, about my back. The worst was, I have on air sunday afternoon, I just imagine what would be is the room, that would be air conditioned. Whoah! bothered again. Well no choice, I need to work, I went to the station and go on board. The room, was really cold!
I kept on complaining to my partner, But if we go on air, nothing's wrong, at last the show had been done, thanks God.

Monday morning, yesterday- Feel better, I am sweating and feel very cool. The boss texted me, to go on board, from 2 pm til 9 pm, hahahahahaha such delirious what should I do? No choice I have to go on board, manager's choice and decision. The same thing, pretending I am well, but really weak. It was very long span of time going on board! Gush!

Now, still going to the station to go on board. I dont know, i still have this illness. Cannot move well.


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