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it's all B- busy but bullshit

I think this day was one of the busiest day ever. Doing lots of things, things that bothers me so damn. I think I was so wasted today. Everything gone wrong, my head was tilting. hahai...
When the sun was raising up this morning, the stupid thing happen to me, first when my kuya woke me up and i shout at him, because he wanted me to bought viand for him, but my eyes wanted to sleep still. so he got upset and leave me alone. Well, he cannot even bothered me, or got mad because it's his fault why i shouted him-
Next was this evening, I went to my friends house, then checked him, if he was okay that time, well thanks God, he was okay. in fact he will be hosting one event. He told me to go with him, and be a spinner of the night- then he will be giving money to me. so i agreed to go with him, feeling so good today, i just assume that it would be okay. So bad, we had a problem the disc and everything that we need for our spinning was not yet complete and we need to do it,hahai.. a long process, i helped him to gathered all necessary materials for hosting- so far so good- So the party starts thinking it would be fine at this time- whoah! i am wrong, we ned to fix all song still because it was lacking and the celebrant wanted to add and changed song- terrific! i don't know what to do, the room were so crowded- thanks God, somebody knows how to do it. (the spinning) he helped me to make it through and do it well- by assisting me. At last the party was cool, then i thought we can finish it early- gosh we ned to wait for how many hours to receive our payment! what the heck was going on!!!! So that goes, they pay us, thanks God-
So now i am writing this, the bulshit never got tired of teasing me off, the internet was so slow, i was frustrated again! I don't like it- very slow- i stick minutes to access blogspot- so bad...
I just conclude this day- IS NOT MINE!!


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