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Timothy Jian Smithson

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every emotions draws from your eyes
from pain or to happiness i see
every details of life you had
from bondage life to free....

eyes is your mirror, red or white
lens that see through with in you
lashes that shows determination
in every deadly evil  obstruction....

sight that see visions
views that catches clear and wide
points to points, destiny to destiny
a battle of staring, you will see...

shows love, fear and depressions
tiredness and lonesome i feel
revealed in this eyes of giants,
from simple feeling to drastic ending...

clearer the more i grasped
visions of pain and gain
from winner to loser
to stronger and weaker....

my eye is a stumbling block
from every details i am hiding
you will find the answers
by just closely staring...

what am i gonna choose?
if i will be in distress you will see
or in happiness that i am free
sealed and unsealed you can be......


A sweet little talk of love
A conversation that is pure
A much awaited topic of life
To conquer the peaceful night in dreams...

Loud and clear my vision  for fate
A destiny with bounty lessons
To learned and apply in life
To gain, care and share.....

No more tears, no more sadness
Happiness is all i obtained
From the east which i blare
To west which i spare....

The lonely night no more
The sparks of smiles i wish for
The rhythm of love and adoration
My wonderful life's compilation...


I was asked, what if i will die today, this very hour, will i accept it dear within my heart? I was stunned by this simple yet nerve wracking question. It wasn't good enough to tell someone that "yes" or a "no". It was complicated to say anything regarding with death issues. It gives such thought that i should give my life an importance and love it.

My common friend and also a blogger, faced the reality that her best friend will no longer exists in this world, i know that they were so close, sharing their wonderful moments as friends and treasuring every moments which they loved the most. From writing to any escapades that will come up from their minds they do it. But all of a sudden, just a blink of an eye " he is gone"....

Teary eyes, she told me it was one of the horrible situation for her to accept. A person which understands her so much, is now gone, facing the reality that he never went to any vacation, because it would be forever, she will never see him again. It was a heartbreaking moment and a reality to accept. A friendship that is pure, lots of plans that were planned for a celebration of  their 7th year anniversary.. But the celebration will never happen, nor the celebration would took place next time or any days soon, but there would be no more celebrations in the friendship that is pure..

It was then for all of us a hard situation to faced, a life which is great for us, our beloved people that we treasure the most. We all know the feeling of losing someone that is so dear to us.  I realized that, there were people who lived life so damn bad, not loving life which is the best gift that we received from God. A life which any treasure in this world cannot replaced it. (Sayang na buhay, nawala nang hindi inaasahan) A great life that was gone, somehow  she is looking forward in life, the next page will soon took place..

Lesson to be learned:  To you who are now reading this post, " how did you handle and manage yourself" Do you still have time to make it awesome, not only in the eyes of your crush but in the eyes of God who gave this to you?".. Our selves is the second priority in this world.. Let us take good care of it, because there were those people who loved life but still they lose it, what about you who neglect this treasure which is so adorable to have.

"Life is too short, don't make it shorter..."


Love God. Love life...
Smile with joy. Live free..
Share blessings. Stay positive..
Seek and set your goal..
Be the best of what you can do...
Respect others. Be humble...
Be willing to loose a battle in order to win the war..
Confidence nopt fear...
Make people laugh. Share your smile..
Stay focus beyond obstruction..
Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the EARTH..
Write a love letter. Gladden the heart of a child..
Welcome a strangers..
Thank God for what you are  and what you have, wether it be great or small...
Mend a quarrel. Give  a soft answer...
Share some treasure. Seek out a forgotten friend...
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust...
Keep a promise. Find the time...
Apologize if you were wrong.
Listen. Try to understand...
Examine your demands on others...
Appreciate. Be kind; be gentle....
Laugh a little. Laugh a little more...
Love completely. Spread out your love...


All people had been through a lot of struggles in life, it is also normal if i am facing it. The same thing with other people, who remained silent beyond the fact that they cannot take it anymore and thinking that if they would outburst, would be the end of their lives,career, and might be would lead into brokenness of everything.

In this world, we find people that when we look at the outside appearance we can say they are strong enough, we are wrapped up with their huge smile, convincing us that they are able to resist in any challenges that life use to offer. A black mask that sometimes kill a lot of people. the people who thinks that confessing something, can ruined everything, so they decided to keep it inside.

The question now is, "how long will keep it inside" and how long will you pretend that you are okay.  As i grow up and learning everything in this world, i found out that it is good to be true to ourselves and we should love our life first for us to share it to anybody who also needs it.

Your struggle inside, is not easy to bear. To you who faced it now, who thinks you don't have any freedom to express, and who thinks if you will say something, millions of  people  will be hurt, why don't you check your self first, are you still capable to pretend, and able to let people believed you can do things with out any qualms that they will hear from you.

"You don't need to impress people, on things which you are struggling, on things which you can't take it anymore, learn to Love your self, because at the end you are the reaper of everything that you  have done in life. One day you will realise that you've lost alot by giving everything to people, who deserved not"...

You deserved to smile, and also deserving to make something  for YOURSELF.. Love and Live, because when you love that is the time that you are living...

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