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Gem, it might be hard for us,  that this day, you are going to  leave. We as your friends were really in an emotional stage, trying to stop you from leaving, but the time says you have to, and we can do nothing about it. We shared together every happiness, tears and also the achievements that we have. It was a wonderful chance to shared it with you, your great ideas and your motivation to make as the best as we can be. Your great sense humor, that even in times that we thought we cannot do it, you always show that there is always a way, and thanks God we made it.

Your kindness will always be as sweet as chocolates, this will never fades in our heart and mind. Caring and loving. I thanked you for being a good friend to me, even though i sometimes had this stupid attitude,  but you remained my friend. I still remember the time, when i was sick and nobody cares about what happen to me, but you did. Showing me the essence of being a friend, and what friendship means. I am lucky that we've met.

Now that you are leaving, this might be one of the hardest part of our friendship, yes we still have the communication "i know about it" but it can never fills the feeling of longing, during the days that we had. I know it won't be easy for you to go, likewise too us. Truly friendship is the best thing to have in this world. It can never be bartered into money nor to any treasures to have in this wolrd. It is one of the few that GOD gave for us human to enjoy. The affection and the happiness that friendship brought us, it is awesome.

"Friendship is an epitome of God's loving kindness and faithfullness for us"

Thank you for the gift of friendship that you brought into our lives gem. You are truly a precious gem for us...

God Bless You in your new journey........


I choose to live, then it is compulsory to strive.
I choose to fight, then there would be no room for hiding...
I choose to speak, then i should say something.
I choose to dreamed the dreams, then i must achieve something..

Life is congested with traps and weaknesses.
Life is difficult to control, every area is full.
The world is rude,violent and barbaric.
There is no way to hide, instead facing it is the solution.

Until when are you going to hide?
Until when are you going to cry?
Until when are you going to be depressed?
Until when my friend?

Hope is not the question.
Freedom is here, but your gone.
Which way to go, your decision is needed.
Speak up, and live freely..

To die is a choice, but the harder the battle the sweeter the life.
After all, it is not what happens to you that will matters..
It is how you faced  and win it.
Live free, life is great if  you have it...


We have been declaring that if you have faith in God, it is enough. If you trust Him it is enough. We have been saying that it is not really necessary going to the churches and have fellowships with other believer who believed in Him. But what if i will be asking you some questions, such as this:

Does your faith can save you?
Does God hears your prayers?

Going to the church is a CHOICE. Having fellowship with people who believed in God is a CHOICE. But we should always remember that we need to sharpen our weapon so that when trouble comes, we can surely resists on it. Going to the church to tell you is necessary! It is required that every seventh day, we should rest and give time to God, giving time to your family. But as we see, people were busy going to malls,work, and outing,gimik etc. We don't even think who provides you money to have that gimik, who gives you blessings for you to know that He loves you.

We people used to think, "my money comes from the place where i am working, i work,i do my overtimes,persistent, and i earned it in the hardest way as i could imagine, so there is nothing for you to ask if i need to give time for my self. To unwind."

It is true that  we earned it in a hard way, but did you asked yourself about this:

Who gives you strength?
Who gives you energy to the task?
Who gives you the mind to think well, and achieved that great job?

Did you ever asked yourself about these? You can take it as worthless, but i just wanted to tell you, " What you have right now, is just a dust from God's one foot." It is  about thinking and being so thankful to God that He gives you life and we all know this is the most precious gift we could ever received from Him. Nobody could give this to you. You can have all of those gadgets in this world,money,clothes,anything that your mind could think you owned it, but the true happiness never comes in this material things, but it is having faith with God.

I cannot imagine what would be my life if i never believed in God.According to the dictionary: atheist means 
 a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. But i just wanted to ask you, until when you are going to be a stupid person who would never believed in God. I would love to agree of what your principles been implying, " we want peace, by not depending on someone, a true freedom in mind in faith,and in our own beliefs." Okay, the you justify your self with this principles? But that doesn't mean you win, it only mean that you are drowning your self more and more into the pit of darkness, into the pit of death. 
I don't have any intentions to hurt you,by writing this post. But a true believer of God, are those people who obey his laws, and  and the true believer of God has the fear in the heart. Do we have that?
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.." Let us not claim that we are born again, you might be shocked if  God will tell you this, " you never became a truely born again,instead you become born against."
Let us consider that we are living in a crucial time, as we all know in the second coming of Jesus, there would be a great sound of trumpet. Now i want you to think, " what if you are reading this post then that trumpet sounds, and the world is shaking? And you know that you never ever ask forgiveness to God, what would you do? My friends who will going to read this post " it is our time to ask forgiveness to God, and live according to His will. Because sooner or later he might come like a roaring lion, but it can be like a thief. are you going to sacrifice your life forever living in undying HELL
It is your time to pray and say sorry to what you have done. God is excited to hear you. Hurry up, the time is almost over. The heaven is at hand!  Try to click here, why did i wrote this post.. 


An elite, a man with one word, a strong foundation to be called. A mirror of youth. An inspirations of young men..And that is our father, their undying love and care for us. Their strength to protect us from danger.

Having a father , is the most amazing gift to have in this world. The person who will protect and care for you. They never tolerate any bad deeds that we have, but they also cannot resist on watching us striving, with their mighty hands, we are safe.

A strong but vulnerable at heart. Your thought is very deep, your direction never failed. Truly you are the man of valor. A man which my heavenly father gave to me. How lucky i am having you. Regardless of what i have done wrong, you are still the one that i knew before, your eyes that speaks love and your gestures that showed care, a man of principles.

Pang, i love you so much. I thanked God for having you.

Happy father's Day!


Your love fades like a morning mists
your smile blanch like a colorful rainbow,
A little facet of dream has  already gone;
Your vow was broken, a dull piece...

The world is quaking in pain
Every heart peered with blood in the eyes,
I can see the gripe, and I can feel the destitution;
I see no kingdom, nor your promised paradise...

I am shaking in this lonely room
In pain, injured and disabled,
Every eyes  chew over;
I am afraid, look at these tears...

Life vanished like an ocean wood
A crack starts to grow, and it is dreadful,
My heart numb, and  i can feel nothing;
Where are you, I am waiting...

Begging to dry my tears
Craving for your hug,
In this emptiness, fill me with your  love;
I will be waiting till this vision gone...


I  posted this kind of topic way back, telling you how awesome girls are. Gorgeous,sweet,sentimental,caring and loving. I was just stunned with so many ladies kept on passing by, everytime i walked, go to mall, in job, in television, internet and everywhere in this world.  Even in a dream they still conquer  and reign. Truly girls are exceptional...

Stunning with your brown eyes, your shiny hair, nice red lips, wearing your expensive channel all i can say i wish i can have you. You passed by and don't even care,that i am here staring  the way you move. Your vulnerability wrapped up the place. Your smile is like heaven's taste,beef steak,balbacua or an adobo one, yummy and delicious.

I wish to eat you everyday, to have you all day, to keep you safe  with my wings, acting like i am your protector. I am your light and shining armor. You are my Cleopatra and i will be your lord. I will served you like i am your servant. I will wipe your tears, and i will make you happy.

Saving you in my memory is the only way i can do. Your smile will always be the best smile for me. You might be petite but You are gorgeous and that justifies everything. I like you, but it seems i can do nothing to tell you, how i feel. I wanted to have you, to keep you as i said, but fear control me everytime i see you.

Your vulnerability seems registered in my memory. I can still hear your cackle. Your cute yellow dress, matching with this silver shoes that makes you a goddess of all goddesses.. But i know this is just a dream.
I just taste the sky, and feel that i am alive again staring your face. I swear i won't forget you, if only my voice could reach forth to the future, if i can still see you then it would be my happiest moment to share with you!

I don't know what this is, but all i can say: I like you just the way you are...
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