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A man of Valor....


An elite, a man with one word, a strong foundation to be called. A mirror of youth. An inspirations of young men..And that is our father, their undying love and care for us. Their strength to protect us from danger.

Having a father , is the most amazing gift to have in this world. The person who will protect and care for you. They never tolerate any bad deeds that we have, but they also cannot resist on watching us striving, with their mighty hands, we are safe.

A strong but vulnerable at heart. Your thought is very deep, your direction never failed. Truly you are the man of valor. A man which my heavenly father gave to me. How lucky i am having you. Regardless of what i have done wrong, you are still the one that i knew before, your eyes that speaks love and your gestures that showed care, a man of principles.

Pang, i love you so much. I thanked God for having you.

Happy father's Day!


  1. wow! nice post ^^ happy father's day to your father as well :D

  2. Anonymous6/17/2010

    aw! happy fathers day kay tatay u ;)

  3. happy fathers day sa lahat..lalo na sa father mo..

  4. parekoy! happy father's day sa dad mo...nice vids btw...

  5. Happy Father's Day sa iyo parekoy!

    Waah, ang ganda nung videos.. specially yung sa pangalawa... Grabe, totoo lahat ang sinabi ng narrator, *sniff* really inspiring ^_^

  6. ayu: thankyou sa puri...

  7. jag,arvin: salamat sa pag bati sa tatay ko..

  8. kayedee: salamat din, likewise sa tatay mo..

  9. fiel-kun: salamat naman at nagustuhan mo, at may na learn ka.. happy father's day din sa papa mo..


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