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Well, i sacrificed my other precious  blog, just to changed it into Reactivism. This new blog will tackle about life of other people, their struggle and their battle against the world. Check the link here

I decided to do it that way, since i have lots of friends who inspires me and their story is just uplifting. It can change life, that is if we want their story to sink in and reflect on it. 

This blog will focus of HIV/AIDS campaign. Yes, i am an advocate, but that doesn't mean "I am Positive of this virus".  No i am not. It's been a long time since my friend had this issue. He faces life with gladness, more meaning and living life with the love of God. It's pretty inspiring to know these types of people.

Battling not against the virus, but against the vehement and cruel world. Having HIV is not the biggest problem, and probably not the most embarrassing thing in this world. Who would have thought, you will have this, you never planned to obtain this sort of deadly saliva of death.But they learned from their mistakes and they wanted to live life normal. Not being bash, nor scorned- but being cared and being loved is all what they wish. 

Committing suicide was their final choice! 

I asked my self why.  Does it because they have HIV? Does it because the virus isn't curable? Or does it because they we're maltreated and abused, bashed, scorned to death by people, society who thought that having this is the "most embarrassing" thing in this world. What a mind to think! Everybody tends to made mistakes so we can't judge them and kill them not by gun nor by hitting them, but we killed them by words which is million times venomous than the said virus. 

It's time to wake up. It's time to help them. It's not their fault why the number is plummeting, they never dreamed of wrecking someones' life by engaging into sex and so to speak they spread the virus. they are victims as well. So I encourage you to helped them. Be inspired my their experiences, let them be our mirror. Discipline is what they we're trying to impose here. They are all victim of today's cruelty. From LOVE and POVERTY. Let our eyes wide open to see new things and to have the right view on this issues. 

HIV is not poisonous, it is just thesame as cancer, the only wrong thing about it - is we took it shallowly. We thought that if we have this, life will never be meaningful. It will never be thesame. I bet you are right. Yes it will never be thesame again, "you will be more concern of making your life more colorful, put some meaning on it. And probably you will live life in a clean way." What's the difference with it? Did you see the  positivity .

 It's time to help them. Give them love. And be inspired. So my blog would be open for any contributions. starting from now we will be posting HIV related. Their activities and their lifestyle. 

If you wanted to share your story, we are open to received it and posts it on that blog. Send your story to this email Address : or text me through this mobile number : 09296776922 (smart). Your name will completely be hidden if you wished to.  

Thank you so much! 


A lot of riffraff loves adventure, aren't you? Well, i do a lot. I even dreamed  of traveling the whole world. Explored the most beautiful cities in the world, walking in great wall of China, fishing on south India, swimming in the falls of Venezuela, going to Moscow, to experience the snow and winter Christmas in West coast, whoa too much to do! Adventure is always a dream for everybody who is a wanderlust.

It's a fun thing to do. People who do this saves a lot of bucks, in a year they planned to visit new places and learned their cultures, bring their cameras and take some good photos for memories! What an astounding things!

They lived life one day at a time. If it's time to work then they do, if it's the time to go for an adventure ofcourse they grabbed their bags and see the whole world. Awesome! Have you ever imagined how it's gonna be like to be in Paris? How does it feels like wearing suits on winter season in west coast?  Things really amazing! Going to London is almost a dream for anybody. Quite well, it's one the amazing place to visit.

I watched new movies for 2011, then i found this great movie about adventure, well years back we'd  watched some adventure movies which Western culture does love so much.  Seeing the trailer is really eye popping, the facts, the plot and the cast is just freaking huge! Wow- It'll gonna be seen this February 2011,  Sanctum- the greatest adventure comes from within, you will also learned lesson on this movie. Do not ever give up no matter what happen. From the executive producer James Cameron.

Whoa looking forward for this movie.. For now here's the trailer.


All of us talked, all of us made some hilarious mistakes which we cannot bring that time back and make or say it again in  correct way. Such things we're really natural to us human being. Our  brains tend to give us the right answer and the right way to express it, but due to some feelings, the nervous problem,tense, which leads us to stutter. We become an aware of the words that we utter. Just example the "major major" trend that divulged last year. It wasn't really easy to talk and made a mistakes.

My mentor for hosting use to remind me that i should be in control of what am i saying, i do host a lot. Talk a lot. A huge blabber. And in my chosen career, i am more into talking, from wedding to events and my favorite is pageant. So before i go to that hot seat, i rehearsed some words that i specifically be needing during the final show. Phrases that most of us hosts, tends to forget and it becomes a trend. Knowing that most of the time, we Filipinos we're so meticulous in speech, and definitely we have lots of eagle eyes, when you made horrendous mistakes and "wrong grammar" in English.

I normally find a lot of Filipinos afraid to say a word, to justify themselves cause they we're hovered by this thread "wrong grammar". Which i find unfair to those who can utter the words such as "yes or no" and it's pretty obvious an English  words right? But then again, they remained mum.

I hear some conversation on my way home. They we're students and they talked about English subject- i don't know what comes in there mind when they just speak and say words out of this world. And a lot of boos they received from others who rode during the time. When they set off, i heard someone says, they look awful, came from known school yet they speak horrendous in English.  SEE- a lot of people thought that we should really speak well and it must be "PERFECT GRAMMAR AND PRONUNCIATION" I find it awful to know why do we really need to speak that well if we think we can't or we need to be developed and learned more. But that doesn't mean we should stop talking English if we can't speak in that way. It is unfair to those people who can say yes and no. Well at the end it is still English. But they we're threaten to speak when critic says awful against them.

 So what-we will never speak English if we are stuttering? Or if we can't utter it in a perfect way. Cm on guys, according to research, Philippines is one of the few countries who can speak English well. And we should be proud of that. But knowing we need to perfect it well, i guess it is impossible to do so. Even British and American made some mistakes, aren't we?

I believed that if you know how to speak English a little, you should be proud of it. Cause it is your privileged to speak.  And we should be proud of it, never be threaten. it's time to think back ward i guess.


It's freaking hard to fathom why in this world we exists with lots of things to discover. It starts from ourselves, family,wondering about our nature, how the flowers bloom, how did the sea creatures survived from the cruelty of nature. How did i grew  bigger and bigger, knowing that all i ate, was being digested and became waste. Still, i am here. Theories that taught me to wonder, to question if does this earth and universe made up with some "banging theory- that holds everything in the universe, the stars,galaxies,radiation, interstellar gas, everything was created in one huge explosion.Since that time all of the matter in the universe is hurtling outward at speeds that increase with the distance from the site of the explosion, and which approach the speed of light for the most distant objects.Wondering, why we need to choose one, instead of making it many. Knowing that "the more the merrier". But it can't be i lots of ways. In Love, in marriage, in jobs, in family- everything has it's own story to tell. So was other people like me wondering about the movement of the nature the earth, and the whole wide universe.

Am just full of crappy things, those imaginations that wrapped up this whole post. I was wondering a lot. Why's and what's keepin' coming on my mind. Is this the sign of getting older-or another weird Scientology beliefs. Lining up with this is my undying funny thoughts about my faith in God.

I was struggling to walked, when i met my friend from our church which we both did fellowship with. She asked me, why she's no longer been seeing me in the church, what's the reason. So i replied " I just need to gauge, what's good for now, God knows am not leaving Him though. And i will be going back i guess next year." So this was my statement. But abruptly she said : "What if you will die this year, what will you do?
I never had any  issues with my church mates and anybody there, just that, am having some battle that i cannot really take it with me on the ground. So i lied low and think-  took some breath. Then i freakingly answered : Well, i will probably going to hell i know, but before it will happened, am preparing my business to be with me in hell, you know selling some "Ice water".  Annoyingly - it is not the good answer. But am taking my battle away from the topic. I don't want to open up.

What's my battle though?

I never wished to be like this. To like men, to feel that they we're more attractive than my girl friend, that they exudes more than lasses out there. Every time i saw some cuties,hunks or whatever people call them up, i felt uneasy and seems like the bomb's going to explode. My heart beats like there's no tomorrow. I fantasize a lot. Gosh man. I know a lot of people we're getting into it. The way i talked just really manly, the way i moved, and well my clothes are freaking for men, just that i love fashion. It wasn't really cool to have this kind of "state of mind". Its boos creates annoyance. Everytime i see guys, i find them awesome to kiss. Admittedly, i got 15 boyfriends. Hahahaha.But am demure though. I don't know, i just feel like am happy having them with me. I mean am a typical gal,happy to be with. I hope so. Then suddenly they fell inlove with me. So what am i going to do with it- grab.

This is serious. I am in the state of mind where i need to choose. To heaven of hell. To God or to Satan. See, everything should be in order. But i know, to choose where i would really want, floats. It's now hard to determined. I am in jargon. Trying to figure out what's best for me. Today i could come up with a strong decision that i will choose God. But latter days, i broke it. It's pretty silly i know. Which is which. But what about the hot guys dude? Or my girl friend? My faith? Should think freakin' million times!

What will it be...


Trying to gauge who is "Aling Dionisia" in times that Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao bloody fighting for his money on Las Vegas and also for the pride of our country- and this so called "Mommy Dionisia" who dance like there's no tomorrow in her birthdays, or in any occasion which the Pacqiao's celebrating. I'm kind of confused.. "The Saint who loves dancing".

Well creating or making a name in this world it takes a lot of words like this- taking a risk. So just thesame with the "major major" issue of Maria Venus Raj- Miss Universe 2010-4th Runner Up. She takes a lot of medicine an antidote to resists on these matter. Well, scan the youtube, wikipedia, and any internet sites to look for some hilarious messages, comments or even an article that these kind of issues have been flourishing.

What comes in your mind when you think of an apple, a red apple. Ofcourse the object. The apple exactly. Mind is the most advance technology man ever have, with out this we cannot make i touch phones, flying video cameras or any newest gadgets that we have this days. It is a weapon which we can use to different way. In good and bad. North Korea can push the red button and let that missile fly and frighten the whole world for nuclear war. That is if their minds will blow their asses badly. See, it's all in the mind.

So the likes of Katrina Halili, knowing that she got this Sex video scandal with  Hayden Kho. I never understand why Miss Halili never noticed, that cam cording matter,if you watched the video, you wont ever find any reason why Miss Halili outbursts.  She never knew they we're cam cording it?
Other involved on that issue just take it like Undoy who flashed every viruses that Philippines have been hiding been a long time.

Anabelle Rama, royal beauty-indeed. Known being protective mom to Ruffa and her siblings "touched me, but never  my family". A motto for her attitude to protect her flocks.  A lot of drama- Bret Michaels says! And how about this freaking gossips that Piolo Pascual, the Papa of the Philippine Telivision is GAY. Is there's any substantial guts to proved that he is. If will only be confirmed once Papa P. will definitely admit that he is Gay- the likes of Bebe Gandanghari. Never before he got some issues about his sexuality. But i guess he can't take it anymore, and he crows, he was already hatched. A huge transformation have been going on from his/her life. A hunk that turned into hunk seeker. That's life.

The ever tactless Lolit Solis, who i believed once she doesn't like you, she will always hit you with her words that makes the whole world annoying. As far as i could remember she was the reason why Papa P. got involved in Gay issue, this over photoshop picture together with Hunk actor Sam Milby- holding hands. She insists they we're. At the end, she was sued for her malice and untruthful words. " A lot of people said, she earned her money in wrecking other people's life". Come on. That's freakin' hilarious.

See, everything that exists in this world is being controlled by our minds. It's just how we used it. In good or bad. Mind is more than the universe!


I was browsing the internet until I came across with one of the blogs about google translate... I would like to share this with you and just follow these simple instructions:

1.) Open a web browser and go to .com
2.) Once you're there, type the following one by one:

a.) Molecule Bag
b.) Big Molecule Mad
c.) No ugly in molecule angry
d.) No cousin to molecule sweating

Note: Make sure you will translate the words in Tagalog. To those people who cannot understand the language, better luck next time!!!

ENJOY!!!! hahahhaaa


I promised to my self that  i'll be good this year. Starting this 12 months travel with a positive thinking, beyond the fact that it's 8 years now, lurking in the face of the earth no parents have been guiding me. Well for some reason, i needed to tackle the topics without holding any arms which my parents has. Assistance, wasn't so surreal. I glanced back and wondering how did i survived in  a pitch black way, but thanks God i made it, and as am getting older 21 this year i felt so mature. Having a vibrant spirit.

The debut of 2011 waked me up with the fact that i can make things really possible. I remember what 13thWITCH says : "Tim, the only avenue you have is friends, so you better take good care of them and everything will be okay. They will helped you,  and will give you the right to live according to what you wanted it to be."

The reality was there! I grasped it with the diligence to make real good friends, to help and remain true to my old peers.

Internet world help us find a lot of things, news, opportunities and even friends. I was browsing the net and found some profile which catches my attention. I sent message and oh i got a reply from that  profile. Happy enough to received it, but i was so shocked when i read the message and there's a lot of foul words which hit my boggled mind. It was horrendous. It was morbid.

But i promised that i won't bashed anybody over the net since we don't know who they are, what they have. I stay calm, send a reply. Minutes passed, when boom! a message again. I shudder to open it, trying to make my self ready, i know it is another bad words. Yes admittedly, it was. It try to be cool. Maintain my composure.

As we we're trading words, everything changed, slowly tracing back the foul word i said to him, if he was offended by that then i have to say sorry. So he was abruptly aware that i am serious and am not making anything to ruined his night, if thinks i am. Everything was serious. All of a sudden, he sent this word "sorry" to me, he apologized and became a good listener to all of my blare  in life and vice versa.

So now, we  are good friends! He is one of the genuine person that i long to be friend with. He invited me to visit him and have some movie marathon, well we did it this last nght. 'twas  great. We watched this :

And also this:

The night was full of fun and great conversation. It was his birthday. I stayed with them for like 6 hours. Their couple for 3 years now. Their both man though. A new friendship is being build..


I hopped on someone's blog and found some nasty comments about one celebrity who never have this glamorous look which showbiz life requires. A pretty annoying issues about beauty and perfection.  How to stay young and putting a lot of beauty treatment to make you look good. And oh, don't forget to include the surgeries that both men and women we're crazily under gone such. I am not against with this trend on the market of today. The main objective is stay young. And it's good to hear that from someone, at the age of 50 he/she remains aware of what is beauty and know how to prevent wrinkles.

I solemnly pledge, I won't bash!

Staying young is a choice. It is a command of nature, it's a must to everyone of us to look good and feel good about ourselves. So seeing wrinkles up there, is a huge issue, most women has this delimma. It's pretty normal though.

Way back in 2009, i blogged about "botox people"  and how did they react on things, how did they carry their selves and pretend that everything is cool. Note- the gesture  "beso-beso" effect. Well, i said it's normal  again. Since we are living in the world of gold digger and pretender. Let's ride from the wind of change.

The issue never flow on these types of personalities- nor on how to look good and be beautiful. The main target, why am i posting this is "Making you believe that every human being has the right to feel and be beautiful no matter what kind of face he or she has." So dreaming to be beautiful is such an awesome thing to do. To imagine your self in the likes of Anne Curtis that photographed really well. And so Angel Locsin, whose eyes sparks when she yawn as Lobo in Imortal teleserye. It is cool man. Thinking to do such gestures soon. Just don't have time for now, sure thing, can do it.

Painstakingly a lot of people in this world, let say in our country suffered from lack of self esteem, confidence that we need in life, from degrading situation which they deserved not. Alarming- it's growing in numbers. 
Admittedly, in our country's showbusiness, if you have the looks then you will be in. It would be a miracle if you could get in and shine really well, having ugg face. Filipinos' mind about beauty is centered in one major aspect. Having a perfect  face. What is this perfection means: It is either you have  long nose, pouty lips, long hair, porcelain skin and a tone body (mix blood). In this case, if your asset never written on these qualification, hell no " you are not gorgeously made".

Have you watched some interviews of Charice, which she dealt with people whose main goal is to look for Adonis and Dyosa to be paired. I have my single opinion from that issue. Surely Charice has a talent, knowingly she emerged in international arena, making our country proud for her victories. But talking about "beauty and perfection" I begged to disagree, people would really tell her go and get some major major surgeries,  let your round face be removed. It was pretty horrendous, a morbid comments about her, not being beautiful. The value of beauty outweighed talent.  To enter showbusiness, you have to have these great qualities, talents? Well, managers and workshops can honed it though. You will see an actress who don't know how to sing but sang really well. Oh man, am talking about honing talents. It is not a gift, it is being earned!

Well as we can see, the trend is bringing your wholesome personality into this sexy vixen, thesame with guys into Machete look. That for women, every DOM and Grannies craved for you. So to those hot guys, Gays would parked them in a wonderful condo's and be their boytoy. Are you getting the gist? Aren't you?

It is a sad reality, that beauty is a main thing in this world. And secondly talent. But what about reverse? Whoa a hell NO. I'm glad Pokwang and Chocoleit had carried themselves well in front of the camera, regardless of those bashers telling them "ugly faggot".. Admittedly, for pokwang, i never see her as this ugly ugg, she is the empitome of an "empowered woman, with real beauty and talent". So the perfection follows. What i've noticed was they ride on it. What people say, they hopped and play the role of being "pangit" beyond the fact it is harsh. It makes someone's heart bleed. Words has the power to destroy oneself, has the ability to make you commit suicide. It's a given fact. Showbiz is such a glamorous world of entertainment. A lot kids, youth even old ones, dreamed to be a star. Earnings is highly hitting the home run! Easy to buy clothes, or got freebies, fame and fortune in total package. What more could you asked for?

But how long will you stay in this eyepopping limelight, knowing that if you have this average face but got this giant talent that can shake the whole world- and having this odd whose lashes determined to kick you out and lock you in the bush.

But the time runs faster as we glanced. We can now see some little bit of change. Giant networks we're now eagerly looking for real talents, since most of their chicken crows even without egg. So the new hen and roaster we're highly favored this days.. Thanks to the evolution of beauty and perfection. Atleast at this time, talent can trapped beauty inside the net and be killed.

The truth is : "Beauty is being made, it is not inborn".

Happy reading :)


I still have goosebumps from 2010. Events that maked us learned a lot of lessons to applied in life- from our daily living, our journey, and from our experienced in that year. Indeed it was remarkable! It is another year, which we don't know what's next. We don't know what will took place, every turn of the earth change happens. W don't have the power to forsee what will gonna happen. Better to be ready!

For this 2011- i made a lists on things, adventure, plans goals that i wanna achieved so that i won't be stagnant again and again.

1. Job- it is necessary for me to find a job, since last year was a mess for me. I didn't work, so it means no earning- wonder why i survived thought. God is great!

2. Education- this is the most awesome thing to do, going back to school. planning of getting the best list on     the University so that it would be cool to someone who sponsored my studies!

3. Dslr camera- this is my ultimate goal to buy this year. I am planning to work in a call center and saved just to buy this stuff, it really bothers me at all.

4. Moving in- I will be going back to our house by March, so it's goin' to be great! No more payments, no more rents..
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