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Adventure is fun....

A lot of riffraff loves adventure, aren't you? Well, i do a lot. I even dreamed  of traveling the whole world. Explored the most beautiful cities in the world, walking in great wall of China, fishing on south India, swimming in the falls of Venezuela, going to Moscow, to experience the snow and winter Christmas in West coast, whoa too much to do! Adventure is always a dream for everybody who is a wanderlust.

It's a fun thing to do. People who do this saves a lot of bucks, in a year they planned to visit new places and learned their cultures, bring their cameras and take some good photos for memories! What an astounding things!

They lived life one day at a time. If it's time to work then they do, if it's the time to go for an adventure ofcourse they grabbed their bags and see the whole world. Awesome! Have you ever imagined how it's gonna be like to be in Paris? How does it feels like wearing suits on winter season in west coast?  Things really amazing! Going to London is almost a dream for anybody. Quite well, it's one the amazing place to visit.

I watched new movies for 2011, then i found this great movie about adventure, well years back we'd  watched some adventure movies which Western culture does love so much.  Seeing the trailer is really eye popping, the facts, the plot and the cast is just freaking huge! Wow- It'll gonna be seen this February 2011,  Sanctum- the greatest adventure comes from within, you will also learned lesson on this movie. Do not ever give up no matter what happen. From the executive producer James Cameron.

Whoa looking forward for this movie.. For now here's the trailer.


  1. Anonymous1/27/2011

    hmmm ill try to think pa.. wahehhee

  2. KikomaxXx: hehehehe, bakit naman?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. DEMIGOD WINZTON : cool :)


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