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Beauty and Perfection...

I hopped on someone's blog and found some nasty comments about one celebrity who never have this glamorous look which showbiz life requires. A pretty annoying issues about beauty and perfection.  How to stay young and putting a lot of beauty treatment to make you look good. And oh, don't forget to include the surgeries that both men and women we're crazily under gone such. I am not against with this trend on the market of today. The main objective is stay young. And it's good to hear that from someone, at the age of 50 he/she remains aware of what is beauty and know how to prevent wrinkles.

I solemnly pledge, I won't bash!

Staying young is a choice. It is a command of nature, it's a must to everyone of us to look good and feel good about ourselves. So seeing wrinkles up there, is a huge issue, most women has this delimma. It's pretty normal though.

Way back in 2009, i blogged about "botox people"  and how did they react on things, how did they carry their selves and pretend that everything is cool. Note- the gesture  "beso-beso" effect. Well, i said it's normal  again. Since we are living in the world of gold digger and pretender. Let's ride from the wind of change.

The issue never flow on these types of personalities- nor on how to look good and be beautiful. The main target, why am i posting this is "Making you believe that every human being has the right to feel and be beautiful no matter what kind of face he or she has." So dreaming to be beautiful is such an awesome thing to do. To imagine your self in the likes of Anne Curtis that photographed really well. And so Angel Locsin, whose eyes sparks when she yawn as Lobo in Imortal teleserye. It is cool man. Thinking to do such gestures soon. Just don't have time for now, sure thing, can do it.

Painstakingly a lot of people in this world, let say in our country suffered from lack of self esteem, confidence that we need in life, from degrading situation which they deserved not. Alarming- it's growing in numbers. 
Admittedly, in our country's showbusiness, if you have the looks then you will be in. It would be a miracle if you could get in and shine really well, having ugg face. Filipinos' mind about beauty is centered in one major aspect. Having a perfect  face. What is this perfection means: It is either you have  long nose, pouty lips, long hair, porcelain skin and a tone body (mix blood). In this case, if your asset never written on these qualification, hell no " you are not gorgeously made".

Have you watched some interviews of Charice, which she dealt with people whose main goal is to look for Adonis and Dyosa to be paired. I have my single opinion from that issue. Surely Charice has a talent, knowingly she emerged in international arena, making our country proud for her victories. But talking about "beauty and perfection" I begged to disagree, people would really tell her go and get some major major surgeries,  let your round face be removed. It was pretty horrendous, a morbid comments about her, not being beautiful. The value of beauty outweighed talent.  To enter showbusiness, you have to have these great qualities, talents? Well, managers and workshops can honed it though. You will see an actress who don't know how to sing but sang really well. Oh man, am talking about honing talents. It is not a gift, it is being earned!

Well as we can see, the trend is bringing your wholesome personality into this sexy vixen, thesame with guys into Machete look. That for women, every DOM and Grannies craved for you. So to those hot guys, Gays would parked them in a wonderful condo's and be their boytoy. Are you getting the gist? Aren't you?

It is a sad reality, that beauty is a main thing in this world. And secondly talent. But what about reverse? Whoa a hell NO. I'm glad Pokwang and Chocoleit had carried themselves well in front of the camera, regardless of those bashers telling them "ugly faggot".. Admittedly, for pokwang, i never see her as this ugly ugg, she is the empitome of an "empowered woman, with real beauty and talent". So the perfection follows. What i've noticed was they ride on it. What people say, they hopped and play the role of being "pangit" beyond the fact it is harsh. It makes someone's heart bleed. Words has the power to destroy oneself, has the ability to make you commit suicide. It's a given fact. Showbiz is such a glamorous world of entertainment. A lot kids, youth even old ones, dreamed to be a star. Earnings is highly hitting the home run! Easy to buy clothes, or got freebies, fame and fortune in total package. What more could you asked for?

But how long will you stay in this eyepopping limelight, knowing that if you have this average face but got this giant talent that can shake the whole world- and having this odd whose lashes determined to kick you out and lock you in the bush.

But the time runs faster as we glanced. We can now see some little bit of change. Giant networks we're now eagerly looking for real talents, since most of their chicken crows even without egg. So the new hen and roaster we're highly favored this days.. Thanks to the evolution of beauty and perfection. Atleast at this time, talent can trapped beauty inside the net and be killed.

The truth is : "Beauty is being made, it is not inborn".

Happy reading :)


  1. Tim, we can choose to look good even without the affirmation of everyone. Looks will never define who we truly are.

    Amen to this post! :D

  2. Louie: Yeah man, i agree to that...

  3. Anonymous1/04/2011

    hahha paano kaya kung nung unang panahon pa naimbento ang belo medical group may pangit pa ba kaya ngayon? wahehhee

  4. Hi. Blog hopping led me here. Can you help me with my thesis by answering my survey about Filipino bloggers and blogging? I'm a graduating student from UP Manila. Everything will be kept confidential. Thanks! :)

  5. KikomaxXx: hahahaha, wala namang pangit kiks, it's all in the mind..

  6. melovesflying: sure man.. hope i could..

  7. Anonymous1/04/2011

    We are all unique and beautiful! Just that not everyone understands that because they are just ignorant!

    But you know better! And I'm glad!

  8. Maggie : yes, it must have been that way Mag, but people remain idiot..

  9. yeah marami nang winners ng contest na sumikat kahit di sila yung typical commercial look. jovit baldovino?

  10. Sean: yup.. but konti pa lang...


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