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I know,
You know,
We know,
People know,
God knows.....

It is always great to celebrate another year, another fate and another battle.
2010, would be another battle for us, Filipinos. In challenges, politics, hunger,poverty, another catastrophes, another killings,and  bad exposures. We had been wrapped up so well, last 2009 (too bad) i need to use last, though it's just a day ago.

A battle for us to watch out. Another time for us to shine, another opportunities,  another best and another worst. More surprises and chances of getting better. Another tears, another fear, and another smile. To pursue in this game of life, is the most scarriest thing to do. But facing it, is fulfilling. There is no easy thing to do, all takes an effort, sacrifices, sweat and blood to get it.  But it is amazing to achieve things this year with the sacrifices and knowing that you have it, not because it is easy, but because you work hard for it.

This year, would be exciting for us. For people who have waited for the long time to have a new baby, though there are those people who mourn because of losing someone. But that is the true face of life.

Let us not be weary, nor be dismayed. But be excited because a new day has come. A new  year of celebration, a new year of triumph and success! Let the faith stays inside.

Have faith in God-



It is always wonderful to reminisced those memories that we have in this year 2009. It was a great fight and a tough competition for us. Challenges and triumph. But the most amazing thing was we succeed and learned from those ways that we had been through.

It is always wonderful to remember those people, who shared smile with us. Those time that we are down, and those time that we won the game, they shared us with joyfullness in their heart. Our love ones, friends, relatives, boyfriend and girl friend, and most important is our God.

We kept the faith, for that is necessary in this life, though we stumble and fall, but  united we stand. Because being a Filipino is a gift, and being alive is a treasure. May this coming year 2010, let us remove all our grudges and say something good to the person that you met everyday. Because life is worth living!

Dry your tears, for 2010 is joyful year for us! God bless us all-


Oh my Gosh! We have been following this teleserye, knowing that we don't even saw the face of our God in this program. So now, we have the chance to glanced and see how gorgeous He is.

( mga bakla, hala tira na)

Welcome to the world of most influential people.

#1. Barack Obama- USA president, the first ever black american president.

How powerful is he? Let's count the ways: Presides over world's largest, most innovative, most dynamic economy; commander-in-chief of planet's richest, deadliest military; finger on button of nuclear arsenal containing more than 5,000 warheads; head-of-state of world's sole superpower; his Democrats have majorities in both U.S. House and Senate; recently awarded Nobel Peace Prize, apparently for general awesomeness.

#2. Hu Jintao-President Republic of China

Paramount political leader of more people than anyone else on the planet; 1.3 billion Chinese, some 70% in their prime working years of ages 15 to 64 powering world's low-cost workshop, transforming nation. Biggest buyer of U.S. debt avoided Chinese meltdown during financial crisis with massive stimulus package to encourage domestic spending. "Coming-out party" at 2008 Beijing Olympic Games showcased young, modern, harmonious society; reality often quite different—few political, religious, press freedoms; brutal suppression of Tibet; refusal to acknowledge Taiwanese independence. Still, credible estimates have China poised to overtake U.S. as world's largest economy in 25 years—although, crucially, not on a per-capita basis.

#3.Bladimir Putin- prime Minister Russia

Prime Minister might as well be known as Czar, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russians. Vastly more powerful than his handpicked head-of-state, President Dmitry Medvedev. Presides over one-ninth of Earth's land area, vast energy and mineral resources. Former KGB officer unafraid to wield his power; invading Georgia, cutting off natural gas supplies to Ukraine or Western Europe (again). Declared nuclear power has veto on U.N.'s Security Council. The anti-Obama: "I'm deeply convinced that constant change is not for the better."

#4.Ben S. Bernanke- chairman US federal Reserve

Former chairman of Princeton's economics department and noted Great Depression scholar now guiding world's largest economy through Great Recession; has overseen massive growth in Fed's balance sheet, from less than $900 billion in liabilities in August 2008 to more than $2.1 trillion today. With federal funds rate now effectively 0%, the so-called Bernanke Doctrine calls for using monetary policy to stave off deflation. "The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost."
#5. Sergey Bin and Larry Page- founder Google US

If knowledge is power, maybe information is too. Brainy duo met in Stanford computer science Ph.D. program, now trying to put all the world's information at your fingertips. Known for collecting best and brightest young tech talent at Mountain View, Calif., "Googleplex"; employees encouraged to spend one day a week on personal projects; company often named "Best Place To Work" in America. Google guys' combined net worth of $30.6 billion would place them third on the Forbes 400. Yet despite professed intentions to "do no evil," Google is blamed in some quarters for decimating traditional publishing, journalism. Brin: "Some say Google is God, others say Google is Satan."

#6.Carlos Slim Helu- chief executive TELMEX  Mexico

World's third-richest man is dominant economic force in Mexico, personal fortune equivalent to some 2% of Mexican GDP. Telecommunications monopolist: His Telemex owns 90% of Mexico's fixed telephone lines; his TelCel has 90% of wireless market. Also head of group dedicated to improving Mexico's roads, energy infrastructure, water supply. New focus, media: Last fall snapped up 7% stake in the New York Times Co., largest after Sulzberger owner-family. "I think it's perverse to believe there shouldn't be strong companies in poor countries."
#7. Rupert Murdoch- chairman News Corp. US

"The man who owns the news" still believes in print, not afraid to use vast media holdings to further personal political views. Media empire includes leading British (the Times), Australian (The Australian), American (The Wall Street Journal) newspapers, in addition to tabloids like the New York Post and The Sun (U.K.). Also movies (20th Century Fox), books (HarperCollins), television (Fox, BSkyB), online (MySpace). Weak ad-marketing hurting his News Corp.: net loss of $3.4 billion in fiscal 2009, stock off March lows, but still well below 2007 levels, when he made a $5.6 billion gamble on Dow Jones. Accused Google of stealing content; threatened to block search engine from indexing his Web sites. "Quality journalism isn't cheap."
#8. Michael T. Duke-  President, CEO and  Director of WAL- MART STORE US

Runs world's largest retailer, more country than company: $401 billion in annual sales, 2 million employees, 8,000 stores. Wal-Mart alone is China's eighth-largest trading partner. Largest private-sector employer in U.S.; favorite target of unions; blamed and praised for backing Obama health care proposals, shifting economic power from manufacturers to retailers, from mom-and-pop to big box. "I am competitive by nature and I want to win."

#9. Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud- king Saudi Arabia

Absolute ruler of desert kingdom that contains the world's largest crude oil reserves, two holiest sites in Islam. State-owned oil producer Saudi Aramco most profitable company on Earth, earns more than $200 billion a year, has reserves of 260 billion barrels or 25% of planet's known supply. Ultimate succession unclear: 85-year-old king's official heir is 81-year-old Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud. In 2006, established committee of senior princes to ensure smooth transition in the event both become incapacitated.

#10. William Gates III- Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation US

Richest man in the world monopolized, transformed software business. More than 85% of world's hundreds of millions of computer users stare at, struggle with, Microsoft products on daily basis. Second act: Saving the world. Still Microsoft chairman, but now devotes day-to-day to his Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, the largest charity on Earth with $34 billion endowment. Foundation devoted to reducing hunger, improving education and fighting diseases like malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS.

#11. Pope Benedict XVI- Roman Catholic Church Vatican City

Spiritual leader is highest earthly authority for 1 billion souls, or about one-sixth of planet's population; runs Catholic Church, world's oldest, largest multinational. A staunch traditionalist, unbending on reproductive matters, yet conservatism comforting to many.
These and more. I just noticed, no Filipino. hehehehehe. Where are we?


It's been a while, i am trying to make my self  happy and delete every bad memories that makes me sad this year. For the past months, it's been a hard task. A task of making my self happy, beyond the fact that i am not.

I am sad, longing for someone who impossibly cannot be mine.  I felt crazy, i felt i am damn stupid guy who wished for the stars to shine, beyond the fact that it is rainy night.I am looking for a place, to make myself suitable, I am standing on a bridge, thinking about you each day. I wanna shout and let the   world know  how badly needed you now. I am waiting in the dark, wide open eyes. Dreaming that you will knock the door and i will be excited to open it for you. Then, you will smile at me, hug and cuddle me in bed. Oh, how i wished it will happen again.

But that is all my dream. My dream that sucks. My heart that cries for you. I wanna tore this world. I wanna break the silence that hits me everytime i am alone. The annoyance of this night makes me fool. I convinced my self sometimes, that " we can't be together", yes, somehow i find it okay, but i know most of the time, tears coats my eyes and wept. It is stupid to dream, that is is impossible. But it is more stupid if i will pretend that i am happy, and get over on things that i treasured the most but was gone. It sucks.

I am longning for someone, yes i am. I wish you will take me with you, it's a damn cold night. Take me by  your hands and take me with you! But these words will remain unspoken. Wish it will be.


hope you will like this..
It is been a wonderful journey for us. For the past 12 months that we struggles to survived in the challenges of life. It is such a great thing to remember  how lucky we are, to strive is not easy. But being hopeful that there can be miracle if we believed, and that makes us great. We are survivor in our own battle this year.

The 2009 is a memorable year and unforgettable. We faced so many things, challenges and triumph. As this years' will end, it  is another new beggining. A new life and a new change. A new battle, a new failure but i know there would be another new success. We just need to believe our selves that we can make it. And that makes us different.

To all people who became a good friends of mine, foes and those who wanted to be with them. I am happy to say that " thank you so much" It is an honor for me. Your criticism helped me to grow as a better person in life, your encouragements leave me inspired. So all in all, you made me happy.

To my blogger friends: free angie,eugene,caloy,arvin,bea trisha,kit2x,yj,greenman, kox,jag, and to all who diligently follow my blog, thank you. This is another experience for me to bkept. Another world who makes me happy. And another world that leads me to let my feelings out and let my voice be heard. Thank you for that wonderful exprience.

And to all of us: MERRY CHRISTMAS  and  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


 Time passes by, we grow up and we learned. We know how far we go, but we don't know how long will this journey takes. But our life is such a blessing. And therefore we love this so much.
I wanna wiped all your tears, and throw all your frustrations away, to make you calm each time that i saw you crying. And giving you a hand that the world never had before. I wish that everytime you saw my smile will helped you realized that I am happy to be with you.

My love for you will never fade, nor changed. Instead it will remain thesame and bigger and bigger, wider and wider. I remember the time that you are sad, nothing to do but to cry and show your hands to me. I know you need care,attention and  LOVE. There might be people besides you, but you are still empty. I am happy, the time that you smile, it helps me think  that you are still have the great chance of making your dreams come true. And that is, i am happy to share it with you. Listening to you, your plans and your goal is such wonderful to reminisced. Truly, you are getting better and better. I am happy for that, words that i shared with you, really manifests inside of you and making a huge part of  letting you slowly  recovered. How amazing to think.

You are happy and  that remarkable smile which always registered on my heart. Telling and convincing me that " i am happy tim", shuddered me. What if, i didn't spare time with you before, what will happen to me, to you and this world? Yeah, there might changes, but i know it is not really related to what we both need. Especially you.

We faced trials, I made a mistake. I hurt your feelings, you hurt mine. I touch your ego, you  hit mine. But hey, my love for you will never fade as what i've told you. It will remain thesame. I don't know what are you doing right now, but i know you are secured and happy  I  know you are slowly making a little step to realized that you are not frustrated nor distressed in making your dreams come true. Slowly, you will succeed. Believe me, and you will be like a huge star in heaven that shines every time you see that on heaven. Though tough time comes, but  i truly believe you are able to managed it. Til now, i don't know what are you doing, but i know you are a problem solver.

I will be leaving, and it will takes time for me to go back and see you. I will be going somewhere, where my heart never belongs to, but because of my dream that outburst everytime i think about it. I need to take it, and even the risk i will. i know, i will succeed, i cannot say i cannot make it, because once you will read it. It might turn you down. I have that vision, and you know who i am, I am a risk taker and an opportunity seeker. I think many times before i say "yes" to this journey that i will be facing. thinking about you, the people that will be left behind. though tears starts to fall, but it is better, than to pretend i am strong. That at the end i will quit. I can do it.

What you have, if you ain't got LOVE?  Nothing, so let this love stays inside  of us and manifest. For us to succeed.
LOVE, is all that matters after all. A problem that you feel so big, is just a grain of sand.


Many deserving young people wished to go to school and fulfilled their dreams, wanting to make it into reality. They shed tears and blood to find scholarships for them to finish their studies, and see to it that they will passed. It is the reality, that once you are poor, you need to exert effort so that you can have what you were dreaming.

You are determined, patient and confident that everything has its own time. Believing your self is the only weapon that you have. Because you know that at the end of this journey the word success will be yours. How wonderful to think.

Yet, in this life we found no way to people who rely too much on what their family got, money and everything will be yours. Just finish your studies, and get a good job. This is one pervasive problem that we  Filipino's were facing everyday of our life.

Most of the students who had given a great chance to go to school by their parents had just took their studies for granted, the worst thing was, they were really contented with 75, or as equal as 4.5. Heck,is this grades huh, i am not trying to imposed that i have my 100 excellent grades but it is just that i cannot imagine this kind of situation and having this delirious grades. With their big smile, and some kinda weird look when they have their report cards, the same thing, they will asked "hey did you passed?". yeah of course!

But to glanced back at his card, it is really a great OMG,  would be the conclusion. 75,76,75,78,75- wow good grades, then the worst thing, he nods at me saying " yeah". Jesus! but hello, he got a good car,ipod touch,expensive gadgets and all.  His parents kept on reminding him to get a higher grades for him to have good job. Hey mom, your son here is doing good! He has his good grades and it starts in 7 and ended up 7 too. Wow, hilarious isn't it?

Many students decided to go to school to learned, and be responsible. But going to school because you just wanna hang out and wanted to escaped everything in your house, yet get those hell grades, what for? It is just really depressing to think, that is why our country is facing such discrimination because of you!

Take responsibilty for yourself!


What can you say about your life in this year 2009?

Did your wish was fulfilled?

Are you broken hearted this year?

Did you cursed this year?

Are you ready for the next battle?

This is the question that i wanna share for you all, a story of our survival in this year. Good and bad happened this year, some triumph and some failure. We lost our love ones, but receive another brood. We found new friends and we have new foes. It is a wheel of life. We had been hit, but we survived. We cry but stand after it. We fall but we climb because it is necessary  in life.

Some people failed in realizing their dreams, i hope you are not. Don't worry, there is always sunshine after the rain. Wrath wrapped up this country,  Mr. Ondoy and Mr. Peping, we moan, the pain of losing loveones is like the a wound that no chance to be healed. Tears and blood reunited. So we become more positive in life.

We celebrated the victory of pound for pound king MANNY PACQIAO, Filipino laughed and cry for this victory over Peurto Rican Miguel Cotto. We became excited when our Philippines representative for Miss Universe 09 Pamela Bianca Manalo, was in good timing while competing with other 85 beautiful ladies to win the crown. But we failed when she never made it. Well it is okay. Good news came, most of Filipino artist had been noticed in the international entertainment industry, in the name of CHARICE, who graces the world with her rendition of the world known songs, like "I will always love you, Listen and more." Singing with the big wigs. Yam Laranas, the first ever Filipino who luckily direct his own movie but internationally, he was noticed because of his excellent work. So "the echo" came. Hope, chance will come, Iza Calzado will be noticed. Congratulations to you...

We mourned  when our President Cory Aquino died because of colon cancer, it is bad to remember that Willie Revillame, criticized it- but we already forgive him, but became more proud when she was featured again in Time magazine, this is the 3rd time. Your love and faith helped the world to know that there is God. Thank you!

The people focuses on their own lives and wish that their dreams will be fulfilled. And that is Angel Locsin, when she  was nominated for "best actress" category in International Emmy Awards 09,in her teleserye LOBO { the wolf} though she never get it, but being nominated is already an honor. Congrats Angel.

If Good news happen, i know demons roamed around.  The terrifying MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE,  that made Philippines as the number one most dangerous place for journalist and media. Too awkward to think that even other countries were making us, as their headlines. Yuck! But of course, we condemned it. The gruesome killing that lasted for more than 7 hours was such demonic and satanism to be compared.

Thanks God, the people who did it it, is now facing his debt and i believe he will be punished according to what he did.

This year is good to remember for me, not because i succeed of i failed. but it is because i am happy dealing with everything that happens to me. It helps me to realized that life is wonderful. We face trials but it is a part of our journey towards success. Life is a process! If we only believe, God will bless Us..

THANK YOU 2009, you are so good to us! Hope we are ready next years' battle!


Some says, LOVE  is one of the most wonderful gift that you can give and you can receive to one person. Either to your mom, dad, relatives, neighbor or even your special someone. Love heals the pain and wipe away all tears. It satisfy and nourished every human being who  needs it. Love is like  a magic, it works in both mortal and immortal side of life. Love is mysterious and too hard to understand. Every area of this must be filled, and every part of it must be used. Love is not selfish................

When loves hurts you, it has its meaning and reason why. Love cares and shows its real face and share moments to some one whom he enjoys to be with. Love is crazy...............

Love puts eagerness on heart of some one who loves you. And demands honesty. Though it is not selfish, but it needs time and effort  so that it will grow and become great.  Love is crazy but happy to have it........

Love never look you down, instead it lifts you up, and helps you to know you deserve every good things that will happen to you. It helps you to release the pain and filled every corner that needs  care and love. It shows you the real way. But suggest to try new things.... Love is hilarious, but enjoy....................

Love takes time, willing to wait. Love gives you the light, a good direction for life. Love helps you to make a change, and never forget the one you love. It reminds you, to be faithful and be determined. Love is a teacher.....

Love is everything. Love is greater than what we expected. Love heals the pain and helps you recover. Love gives you directions and show you the way...............

Love is God. And  God is love...

Let us share it everyday..


I  am lurking alone, thinking about life. And trying to make my day cool. The sun is too hot, its rays can burn you down. Dividing my day into 2 ways. Going to a conference for morning, art exhibit for afternoon. Tiring day for me. I make my self busy so that things will not be going wrong. If i will be alone, i know all those bad memories and pain will be remembered. And that is hilarious.

I met this one guy, way back. He is tall and good looking. Thought he will never recognized me from a far, because i know he is busy doing something in the internet. I ignore every stare that he does, and trying to be okay, knowing that the heart beat is really intense and high speedy echoe. White skin complexion and semi blond hair, cute little eyes, everytime he look at me i make it a point, i turned my head down and making my self busy as my fingers were pressing the key board. Pretending that i am. I open my face book, then check all those spams who stays on my house 3 weeks and i need to let them out of the way, before it will be occupied. So i was done..

Whoah, time helps us realized and teaches us to wait. At this time, i am ready to go, when he make his first move of asking me a question. Intact mind, i answered him right and with out any stupid reactions that would happen to me. Thinking that it would be the first and the last question i fixed everything, but he asked me again, then stare that would melts me like an ice. It is an icy feelings, (hehehehe). Then he is trying to build his rapport, and interact with me, so that good conversation will happen. His eyes sparks like a precious gems that i wished to have, intesity 1 million is what i feel.  He told me to have a short conversation, and knowing each other, then be good friends. He is just a local tourist here in Davao. It was his first time visiting the city, so i need to let him know everything.

It is a good conversation- feeling easy and cool. I guess he is really good in convincing people, i was one of them. But lucky enough, if given a chance to touch his red lips! I am sorry i just feel horny that time.(hahaha).But anyway, he asks me evrything about my life, from childhood to date, job and all.Whoah, who is the Media man here i guess its me. Why you kept on asking me now, but i know i cannot deny the fact that i feel different and it is something strange again. Knowing that we just met, and nothing to ponder. Because i know everything is just temporary for us. He lives in Manila. I am here, it would be impossible for us to make it. The time comes that i need to go, an intimate bidding of goodbye, the love and the deisre of touching his lips is now dying. So no chance buddy.

But wait, the movie has its sequel, and it happens that time! I left him, and  he go to  the hotel where he and his friends' were staying. I myself, walked in an alley, passing the lively street with a bad feeling. The voice of the street never speaks on what i feel. Suddenly, the phone rang, oh, i found his number. And he asked me about my location, then ofcourse without any hesitations, i replied saying ( dito pa ako salikod ng hotle, ng lakad, bkit pla?). Then the text message came again, asking me to go back just for a minute. Oh, then i did. When i saw him, i asked him why? but no answer to be found, he hugged and kiss me torridly, the feeling is really wonderful! awesome and fantastic! I love it! The lips that i  wished to have a great kiss, is here now, and we are doing it. The feeling of being unwated had been filled with love and happiness. All thing becomes more visible, and great. The positive side is here and alive.

Now, is the time of realizing that i am happy. Though he went back home, i know i feel the real thing about love. Who are you love, that teaches me this way.

irwin, you makes me so inlove!
Who are you?
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