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Love is love

Some says, LOVE  is one of the most wonderful gift that you can give and you can receive to one person. Either to your mom, dad, relatives, neighbor or even your special someone. Love heals the pain and wipe away all tears. It satisfy and nourished every human being who  needs it. Love is like  a magic, it works in both mortal and immortal side of life. Love is mysterious and too hard to understand. Every area of this must be filled, and every part of it must be used. Love is not selfish................

When loves hurts you, it has its meaning and reason why. Love cares and shows its real face and share moments to some one whom he enjoys to be with. Love is crazy...............

Love puts eagerness on heart of some one who loves you. And demands honesty. Though it is not selfish, but it needs time and effort  so that it will grow and become great.  Love is crazy but happy to have it........

Love never look you down, instead it lifts you up, and helps you to know you deserve every good things that will happen to you. It helps you to release the pain and filled every corner that needs  care and love. It shows you the real way. But suggest to try new things.... Love is hilarious, but enjoy....................

Love takes time, willing to wait. Love gives you the light, a good direction for life. Love helps you to make a change, and never forget the one you love. It reminds you, to be faithful and be determined. Love is a teacher.....

Love is everything. Love is greater than what we expected. Love heals the pain and helps you recover. Love gives you directions and show you the way...............

Love is God. And  God is love...

Let us share it everyday..


  1. of course, of course...its good to share it..

  2. Basta about love, the description just goes on and on. :)

    Thanks for using the Pens of Hope in Davao badge. Maraming maraming salamat! :)

  3. let us love one another..just for the sake of our country and for us the filipino people..

  4. it is still the greatest force that makes the world go round.....

  5. "…then perhaps that is love. Understanding how the relationship works, or not… whatever it may be. Understanding to move on with or without your better half. a relationship there will always be, beyond understanding… from lovers to friends, or from friends to lovers."

    just want to share the CRAFT of Love. :)

  6. the geek: thank you for your words always..

  7. chingoy: thank you ching..

  8. kitkit: i will be proud to be a davaeno, so i used it.. it is my honor..

  9. Arvin: yeah, i agree with you dude. thank you for that..

  10. Yj: sa mga bakla it is really good to feel that u are inlove.. wow! thank you Yj.

  11. taga-bundok: wow, you nailed it buddy.. thank you telling i8t and commenting as well. God bless you!


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