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Take responsibility for yourself....

Many deserving young people wished to go to school and fulfilled their dreams, wanting to make it into reality. They shed tears and blood to find scholarships for them to finish their studies, and see to it that they will passed. It is the reality, that once you are poor, you need to exert effort so that you can have what you were dreaming.

You are determined, patient and confident that everything has its own time. Believing your self is the only weapon that you have. Because you know that at the end of this journey the word success will be yours. How wonderful to think.

Yet, in this life we found no way to people who rely too much on what their family got, money and everything will be yours. Just finish your studies, and get a good job. This is one pervasive problem that we  Filipino's were facing everyday of our life.

Most of the students who had given a great chance to go to school by their parents had just took their studies for granted, the worst thing was, they were really contented with 75, or as equal as 4.5. Heck,is this grades huh, i am not trying to imposed that i have my 100 excellent grades but it is just that i cannot imagine this kind of situation and having this delirious grades. With their big smile, and some kinda weird look when they have their report cards, the same thing, they will asked "hey did you passed?". yeah of course!

But to glanced back at his card, it is really a great OMG,  would be the conclusion. 75,76,75,78,75- wow good grades, then the worst thing, he nods at me saying " yeah". Jesus! but hello, he got a good car,ipod touch,expensive gadgets and all.  His parents kept on reminding him to get a higher grades for him to have good job. Hey mom, your son here is doing good! He has his good grades and it starts in 7 and ended up 7 too. Wow, hilarious isn't it?

Many students decided to go to school to learned, and be responsible. But going to school because you just wanna hang out and wanted to escaped everything in your house, yet get those hell grades, what for? It is just really depressing to think, that is why our country is facing such discrimination because of you!

Take responsibilty for yourself!


  1. i like this post..i remember when i was college my classmate said in bisayan words "bisag hagbong basta maayo lang ang lawas"........kung sa tagalog ay "kahit bagsak basta ayos lang ang pangagatawan".....ang iba talaga kuntento na sa 75 grade kc pasado na iyon.....

  2. Arvin: thank you buddy, yeah but hope they will realized it is not just a grade.

  3. I am a third year college student taking up BS Accountancy in a certain institute here in Manila.

    But actually, I am from a not-so-affluent family living in a certain province miles away from here.

    My father is a policeman whose salary, if not enough, oftentimes falls short for our monthly expenses.

    I supposed not to engrossed living a college way had i just depend to my family's financial capacity, but thanks to a certain Aunt of mine, who volunteered to pay for my school expenses including my living here in Manila.

    This aunt I'm referring to has three children, two of which studied in London and New York, and even Italy for some time; and the other one, in a local university which they paid almost a hundred thousand bucks per semester.

    despite the opportunity they have, grabe, never did they perform well.

    their first child shifted courses yearly till the time he decided not to finish his studies in London,

    the other one, shifted from Medicine to Nursing after schooling for 7 years already.

    the youngest finished BS management in 6 years.

    a big shit!

    only if i have given much opportunity, i would be much more extreme in my studies.

    serious ako pagdating sa pag-aaral, mahirap kasi kami, we do not have something/someone we can lean on the rest of our lives.

    being poor then is our advantage, of course for them too.

    Kung wala rin siguro silang pera katulad din namin sila,

    sometimes i am hoping na sana maranasan nila yung feeling na naghihirap, pero naisip ko din, kung mahirap sila, di hindi rin ako nakapag-aral, wag na lang pala.


  4. Somnolent Dyarista: Whoah, that is an attitude huh. Terrific thing. but congrats to you that you are so eager in fninishing your studies. it is really good and inspiring to see people who struggle to make their dreams come true. That at the end it is fulfilling to see, that they succeed. god bless you!


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