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LOVE is all that matters after all...

 Time passes by, we grow up and we learned. We know how far we go, but we don't know how long will this journey takes. But our life is such a blessing. And therefore we love this so much.
I wanna wiped all your tears, and throw all your frustrations away, to make you calm each time that i saw you crying. And giving you a hand that the world never had before. I wish that everytime you saw my smile will helped you realized that I am happy to be with you.

My love for you will never fade, nor changed. Instead it will remain thesame and bigger and bigger, wider and wider. I remember the time that you are sad, nothing to do but to cry and show your hands to me. I know you need care,attention and  LOVE. There might be people besides you, but you are still empty. I am happy, the time that you smile, it helps me think  that you are still have the great chance of making your dreams come true. And that is, i am happy to share it with you. Listening to you, your plans and your goal is such wonderful to reminisced. Truly, you are getting better and better. I am happy for that, words that i shared with you, really manifests inside of you and making a huge part of  letting you slowly  recovered. How amazing to think.

You are happy and  that remarkable smile which always registered on my heart. Telling and convincing me that " i am happy tim", shuddered me. What if, i didn't spare time with you before, what will happen to me, to you and this world? Yeah, there might changes, but i know it is not really related to what we both need. Especially you.

We faced trials, I made a mistake. I hurt your feelings, you hurt mine. I touch your ego, you  hit mine. But hey, my love for you will never fade as what i've told you. It will remain thesame. I don't know what are you doing right now, but i know you are secured and happy  I  know you are slowly making a little step to realized that you are not frustrated nor distressed in making your dreams come true. Slowly, you will succeed. Believe me, and you will be like a huge star in heaven that shines every time you see that on heaven. Though tough time comes, but  i truly believe you are able to managed it. Til now, i don't know what are you doing, but i know you are a problem solver.

I will be leaving, and it will takes time for me to go back and see you. I will be going somewhere, where my heart never belongs to, but because of my dream that outburst everytime i think about it. I need to take it, and even the risk i will. i know, i will succeed, i cannot say i cannot make it, because once you will read it. It might turn you down. I have that vision, and you know who i am, I am a risk taker and an opportunity seeker. I think many times before i say "yes" to this journey that i will be facing. thinking about you, the people that will be left behind. though tears starts to fall, but it is better, than to pretend i am strong. That at the end i will quit. I can do it.

What you have, if you ain't got LOVE?  Nothing, so let this love stays inside  of us and manifest. For us to succeed.
LOVE, is all that matters after all. A problem that you feel so big, is just a grain of sand.


  1. ang saya/lungkot/galing nitong post na to.ü

  2. Is this the post you mean to me?
    So sorry if I was not able to reply with you.
    I have no load at yesterday...
    Where ever you going I know you can make it,Coz I believe in you.That you are very strong person.
    Take care always...
    Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR... ^_^

  3. Caloy: yeah, i just love to post this for the friend that i have. And she is Angie, also a blogger.

  4. Angie: yeah this is for you, and i did it dear with in my heart. i love you my friend.

  5. arvin: si angie ang best friend ko.

  6. Stay firm. Have a strong faith and God will do the rest.

    Stumbled here for the first time... : )

  7. Jag: thank you so much jag.


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