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Faces 2010...

                                                    Act like other kids do, but stunning when the camera is on,
                                                               Let's give it up for NOAH....

                                                   We just need to hear great words, that would help us
                                                     boost our confidence. So look at the outcome..
                                                     STUNNING LIAM...
                                     If you have time to hop on my other Blog you can find my post
                                      about this lass. Ladies and Gentlemen Hailed the Queen...
                                             Your Honor LEAH ........

It was one lonely afternoon  of all souls day when we decided to have this shoot. Leah just told me to took some simple photos for her, so that she could send it to Illustrado magazine for their data base. As we look at their simple yet stunning photos, we came up doing a lot of poses and  invited Liam and Noah to join. At first i am afraid, hello, take note Leah got this camera, and she already know what to do with it she is professional,  how about me, who is just an aspirant photographer. But nobody would took a photo for her, she first arranged everything then gave it to me. Bang! Bang! Bang! there you go, i got this stunning photos.. It was uncomfortable at first, but as the shoot goes on, i find it amazing.

Then  its Liam's time. Wow, she likes to smile in front of the camera, but i told her i wanted to have this high fashion photo shoot, i told her the techniques and wow, "she nailed it"... So was Noah!

I am happy to see this photos, I am glad that i see my self in a different way. I  also thank Leah for being so patient telling me everything, though i sometimes hit it wrong, but still she gave me her sweetest smile. "Thank You" Ley!


  1. ang galing mo palang kumuha ng mga pictures kuya ^^

  2. ayu: thanks ay, hehehe.. practice pa...

  3. Wow! You're like a pro man! Love it! :) Picturan mo rin ako na may bilog bilog na ilaw hehehe...

  4. jag: sure man, pag uuwi ka sa Davao.. hehehe

  5. I'm Happy you enjoyed being with Leah,Liam,and her daughter.
    Knowing Leah is worthy...
    Thanks for me I introduce her to you. ^_^


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